From the Inside Out

Inspire Moment #79: The Root of You

The Root of You is your heart and since that root of who you are lies in your heart (why you do what you do every day, what you are living for, etc) are you watering your roots enough so that you will grow into your full potential?  Do you need to pick any weeds that are popping up around your root?  Does it need landscaping or a completely new design?  It’s okay if it does!  My inspiration for your today is to bring awareness to Inspire Moment #79 The Root of You.

My roots bring inspiration into the lives of others and offer a different perspective on looking at things in life.  With that being said, I need to encourage you today to take a really close look inside of your heart to get in touch with your roots.  Evaluate the “what” and question the “how.”  Example – What is the benefit of your root?  What makes your root special?  What does your root bring to this world?  What are your roots living for?  How can your root impact or influence someone else to water their root?  How does the root of you play a role in this world?

Lots to think about but that is the point…to get you thinking, to help you experience an Inspire Moment today because when you get to the root of things, everything will begin to grow!

Inspire Moment #67: Don’t Harbor Who You Are

You share the last cookie in the cookie jar.  You share your seat with a stranger on the bus.  You share your business card with others to build your professional network.  Do you share who you really are with the world?

Inspire Moment #67 is Don’t Harbor Who You Are.  You are a gift.  You are different.  You are one of a kind!  In order to have a healthy balance in your life you can’t just keep all of YOU to yourself.  Don’t lose yourself by keeping it all on the inside!  I’m sure there is a lot to give and in order to balance the beam in your heart and in your mind you must step outside of your comfort zone to be free to just be you.  Simple as that.  Life is much simpler when you just be you.

Don’t Harbor Who You Are because there might just be someone in your life needing to see that gem that is inside of you.






Inspire Moment #64: The Flying Turtle

Sometimes you just have to let the little kid inside of you come out to feel balanced!  Please watch Inspire Moment #64 about The Flying Turtle.

Inspire Moment #49: Make the Time Today

You have a choice in how you use your time.  You have a choice in what you think about.  You have a choice in your attitude.  You have a choice in a lot of things throughout the day.

Inspire Moment #49 is Make the Time Today.  Make better use of your time today. Make the time to listen more intently today.  Make the time to care more today.  Make the time to choose your attitude.  Make the time to love more today.  Make the time to call people instead of text today.  Make the time to shut out the world when you need to today.  Make the time to be alone today.  Make the time to cry today.  Make the time to laugh out loud today.  Make the time to just be you today.

Once you Make the Time Today you will learn you have more of it.

Inspire Moment #42: Share It More

This world is an dark place with very little genuine love floating around in it.  I think the world needs more of our love.  I’m sure you have some love in your heart, maybe love in relationships with others, and love in your home, etc.  All of that love that you have, whether it’s a teaspoon amount or gallons, needs to be shared in the world.  Inspire Moment #42 to encourage you to Share It More in the world!  Share more of it and then do it again.  Share it with others.  Don’t keep it all in your heart.  Don’t keep it all with the relationships that you already have.  Don’t just keep it all in the home.  Let your heart overflow with love and share it, even if it’s an ounce.

Sharing love in this world can come in all ways.  It can be in the form of waving hello to a stranger, letting the person merge in front of you on the highway even though you have the right of way, or holding the door for the stranger behind you and/or let them go before you, and even calling the person checking you out at the grocery store by their first name and then asking them how they are doing and meaning it!  Those are just some ways to share your love in the world today.

The more love floating around in the world the happier we will all be.  Happiness can lead to more balance in your life and it can all start today by opening your heart a little more to share it with or for someone else.  Someone you don’t know.  It’s up to you to open your heart and be vulnerable, only you.  Make the right choice today! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Are you up for it?

Please stop pretending that you have given it your all and give more.

Inspire Moment #38: Cut the Rope

It’s time to break free from old ways and old thoughts.  Inspire Moment #38 is Cut the Rope!

Imagine you walked around each day with a rope around your waist dragging around you past with you everywhere you went?  To work, to the bank, out with friends, dinner with family, etc.  Heck, maybe some of you are actually living like that now.  I bet it would be pretty difficult, mentally draining, and heavy to carry around all of that “stuff” around with you day in and day out.  Inspire Moment #38 is here to encourage you to let it go!  Change your thoughts.  Change your ways.  Start today!  YOU have the choice.

Your thoughts influence your mood. If you can change your thoughts you can change your mood. If you need a little help along the way, you know who to contact!

Inspire Moment #36: Purpose in the Pain

Sometimes we don’t know WHY we are going through certain things in our life.  As painful as it may be sometimes, there is a purpose behind all of it.  Do you believe that?  See, the thing is you might not know WHAT that purpose is for you until weeks, months, or years down the road.

Inspire Moment #36 is about Purpose in the Pain.  IF you believe there is a purpose for any pain or hardship you are going through right now, the likelihood of getting through it faster and with less emotion is greater.  It’s about FLIPPING THE SWITCH…in your head to see things that way.  The purpose may not be right in front of you starring you in the face, BUT if you look at the pain or hardship you are going through differently, I bet you will see it.

Contact the expert Coach Angela to help you re-frame your thinking, because it all starts in your head!



One thing to remember is that you have a choice in how you look at what has happened to you.  Is it really “pain” or

Inspire Moment #35: It’s ALL In Your Head

It all starts with what’s going on upstairs…and not I’m talking about what’s in the attic.  What I am talking about today is what is going on between your ears.  What are those thoughts sounding like upstairs in your head?  Are they old and dusty like the stuff in the attic or are they new and fresh…just for today?

Inspire Moment #35 is to tell you that It’s ALL In Your Head.  If your day isn’t going as well as you would like it to be, do a check up from the neck up and think about what you are thinking about.  If they are negative, FLIP THE SWITCH.  You can change your thoughts, did you know that?  It’s one of the few things in life you have control over.  It’s not always easy to change them, but you can.   If you need a coach to help you along the way, you know who to call…me, Coach Angela.

Make sure that whatever is in your head is as healthy and positive as it can be…just for today!


Inspire Moment #34: How Are You REALLY Doing?

Are you sick of trying to keep up with everyone?  Are you tired of going after it day after day and not see any change in your life?  Are you truly living like the person inside you wants to live?  I mean, let’s get it ALL OUT ON THE TABLE!

Inspire Moment #34 is How Are You REALLY Doing?  I mean, enough is enough.  We all put on the facade that we are “doing good” but what I would like to know is that really the truth all the time?  Is there anything inside that needs to come out so you can move forward in your life?  A lot of us just swallow our emotions when we are upset, angry, disappointed, etc. and they are never digested.  It would be like eating and never digesting the food.  It would just be stuck inside of us.  Same for your emotions.  They are inside, stuck, floating around inside of you.  So, back to how I want to inspire you….get out a piece of paper, grab a pen or pencil, and at the top of the page write out Inspire Moment #34 How Are You REALLY doing?  Then start writing…try and touch the surface and get some of it out because…

Once you take some time to ask yourself how you are REALLY doing, the REAL you starts to show. 

Inspire Moment #31: Time to Re-Focus

In life we get so busy achieving our goals, our dreams, our mission, that we forget how to stay balanced.  Well, I have just the inspiration to help you with that.  Keep reading…

Inspire Moment #31 is Time to Re-Focus.  Take the attention of off you and Re-Focus on someone else or something else that has nothing to do with you today.  Offer help to a stranger, volunteer your time to a good cause, bake cookies and give them out to the homeless, etc.

The minute you take the attention off of you and give it to someone else, the minute the balance scale begins to re-align and peace comes into your heart.