From the Inside Out

Inspire Moment #29: Make Your Moment Count

I love to journal every morning if I get the chance.  Get all that “stuff” that’s in my head out, whether it’s inspiring and positive or not!  It’s therapeutic for me to do it and when I go a couple days without writing I feel like I’m overflowing.  So, as I was writing this morning I came to Inspire Moment #28 Make Your Moment Count.

Life gets so busy.  We rush around from one task to the next, one appointment to the next.  You may feel in a rush to get stuff done before you can take a break or relax to feel better.  We won’t every be able to get everything done that we want to get done throughout the day BUT what we can do is put forth the best effort we can with the time we have and MAKE the MOMENT COUNT.  The moment you have may only be ten minutes or it could be an entire day.  What I need to inspire you to feel and LIVE is to MAKE YOUR MOMENT COUNT in your life.  Really think about being present in whatever you are doing for that moment.  Whether it’s doing the dishes, driving to work, folding laundry, hugging a loved one, giving someone a compliment, buying lunch, whatever.  MAKE YOUR MOMENT COUNT because your heart is beating and time is passing by, tick-tock-tick-tock, so why not be as present as you can be on that specific task you are doing just for that moment? 

It’s your life.  They are your moments.  Make them count today!


Inspire Moment #19: Schedule a “Me”eting

You schedule a meeting with your boss to talk about projects/goals in your professional life.  You schedule doctor’s appointments to do a check up on your physical health.  You schedule time to meet up with your family and friends.  You may even schedule a meeting with the personal trainer to get your body back in shape.  My question for you is this…when was the last time you you scheduled a “me”eting to discuss what is going on (in)side you heart and head?

(IN)spire Moment #19 is to encourage you to take a moment, whether it’s one minute or one hour today, to think about YOU and how YOU are doing.  Inspire Moment #18 was to encourage you to re-define your “me” time and my latest Inspire Moment is to make sure you schedule that “me”eting.  Put in on the calendar, set up an appointment on your smart phone, please just make sure you schedule it for later, tomorrow, or this weekend.

Without making the quality time, their truly isn’t a real “me”eting.

Inspire Moment #18: Re-define your “Me” Time

We all have heard about “me” time and how important it is that we take it every day.  My question is this, do we really feel the benefits of it like we should?  Do you even take it every day?  Maybe your “me” time is exercising, going shopping, reading, etc.  And while all that is fine and dandy because it’s something you are doing for you and it helps us feel more balanced when we do those things, it’s also a thing that someone else could be doing for their “me” time.  You may be asking me where am I going with this, so, here it is….

Inspire Moment #18 is to encourage you to re-define your “me” time.  Don’t make your “me” time about a task or hobby that you have to get done or enjoy doing this week, make it about YOU and only YOU.  Look with(in) this week to find the “me” in the time you take.  Maybe its going for a walk without the cell phone, no ipod, no companion.  Maybe it’s going into your bedroom five minutes before it’s lights out to lay on the floor and be still to let your mind go.  Maybe it’s sitting in the shower to mentally cleanse and let the water hit you to wash away any negative thoughts, when you don’t even need to take a shower because you are clean.

It’s about taking TIME for YOU and the only way to find the YOU is to invest the TI(ME). 



Inspire Moment #13: Let It Out

Today’s (IN)spire Moment is to let out the emotion from the weekend that is keeping you from feeling a healthy balance (in)side this morning.    Start your week off right by releasing any of that junk (in)side that needs to come out.    I’m sure things happened over this past weekend that may have caused you Achievers to feel like you didn’t meet all your goa or tasks, disappointed in your progress with a project at home, or maybe upset that your expectations were not met, etc.       I’m your mindset strength and conditioning coach to (IN)spire you to look (in)side today and take time this morning on the drive to work, this afternoon during a much needed lunch break, whenever you get alone time, to talk it out, write it out, or simply lift up your hands to LET IT OUT.  Maybe it is talking to a close friend at work or writing out your feelings in a journal or on a word document in the office, let it out!  It all starts with looking (in)side your heart and your head to get back to balance and back on your feet.  So why not start the week of right on a lighter, happier, and balanced note?  Take the first step today!

Inspire Moment #6: The Happy Face

Today I would like to motivate you to wear your Happy Face. Let’s begin…

What makes YOU happy (in)side?  I mean, do you REALLY know what makes you happy? Have you thought about it deep inside?  Is it shopping, playing golf, etc. Those are great things that give you fulfillment, but are they YOU?  How about thinking about it this way…what about YOU, what about those “things” makes YOU happy (in)side?  What are the sensations (in)side when you smile and feel happiness?  When you know that, you have found your Happy Face.

So, maybe you’re asking yourself…”do I need to BE happy everyday?”  No, but why not?  You can CHOOSE TO be and wear The Happy Face out there in the world every day.  Some questions on getting you to CHOOSE TO wear The Happy Face are below…

How often do you wear it now?

Do you let your circumstances determine if you are going to wear it or not?

Does it depend on your mood, how you slept, the weather, etc., if you are going to wear it today?

Does the environment and the people around you determine what “face” you are going to wear?

If you answered yes to those questions then it’s time to look in the back of your closet to find your Happy Face and dust it off.  I’m wearing mine! How come you aren’t wearing yours?  Your ALIVE!

As your coach for the Achiever Syndrome, I am here to share my (IN)spire Moment to you so you know that The Happy Face is accepted where all major credit cards are accepted and THAT IS ALL OVER THE WORLD.  🙂 So smile and put it on. No sense it saving it for tomorrow when we aren’t guaranteed that. Wear it today!


Inspire Moment #4: Look (IN)side

The Achiever Syndrome is a pattern of behavior that is solely focused on achieving (anything) and any presence of a healthy balance in the mindset and actions, is non-existent.  It may affect you daily, it could be for weeks on end when things are stressful at work, it could be for months on end because of projects at home that there is no time for you, or it could just be WHO YOU ARE.  Heck, I created it because that’s who I was…and sometimes still struggle with.  Stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, lawyers, college students, etc. can all suffer.  If you have your eye on a prize/goal (achieving something/anything) then there is great potential for the syndrome to affect your livelihood.

My (IN)spire Moment for all of you Achievers out there is to encourage you to stay healthy…mentally! Take that time in the morning to see how you are feeling on the (in)side.  Look IN!  We take time to look good on the outside before we head out, my question is…how are you feeling on the (in)side before you step out into the world?  Check-up from the neck-up!  Start today!

Inspire Moment #3: Maintenance Check

We are told to bring our automobile in for an oil change and maintenance every 3,000-5,000 miles to keep our automobile running smoothly.  When we neglect to keep up with proper maintenance, we are more likely for problems to arise.  When problems arise, we usually aren’t happy and it often means we have to pay more for issues to be resolved and parts to be replaced.

My (IN)spire Moment for today is to encourage you to set an appointment with yourself for a maintenance check.  When was the last time you checked (IN)side your engine (otherwise known as your head & heart) to see how it’s operating?  Are you due for a maintenance check?  Is there too much pressure weighing on you?  Is there congestion in some of the gauges?  Do you have anymore brake fluid left or are you in overdrive?  How is your engine filter?

NOW is the time to do a check-up from the neck up and to look (IN)side your heart and what’s going on in your head to get your engine ready for 2013!  Ready…set…go!