In the Zone

Inspire Moment #45: Trapeze Act

Inspire Moment #45 Trapeze Act is to get you to take a look at your daily life.  The day to day operations of your life.  From the minute you get out of bed to the time you rest your head on the pillow at night.  Are you swinging from one event to the next, back and forth, like a trapeze act with little or no time to pause or take a break?  Think about it!

As Achievers we are usually on the go trying to accomplish tasks and goals, and often times feeling discontent during the act. Whether it’s getting all the work done at the office or making sure everything is clean before the kids get home from school, we are always moving.  We want to try and get everything else done, but usually that doesn’t mean time for ourselves.

Your life is a circus and sometimes you need to get off the swing and take a break for intermission to re-group and re-energize.  When will you take intermission today?  Even if it’s J.F.T…just for today!

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