Inspire Moment #81: Don’t Put the Flame Out

If there is a fire in your heart for something, don’t ever extinguish it.  If the flames are so hot like a wildfire that you don’t know how to control it, fan them.  Yes, fan them!  If you live with that fire every single day of your life, share it with the world because that is who God made you to be.

Inspire Moment #81 is Don’t Put the Flame Out.  There will be people in your life who want to throw a bucket of water on you to reduce and even put the fire out.  Best thing to do when those people enter your life is to walk the other way.  Don’t let them take that passion that is inside of you away from you.

If there is no fire in your heart and you’re cold inside, maybe it’s time to find the passion and heat things up.  Find a purpose.  Maybe it’s time to ignite a flame in your heart today.  First suggested step is doing something different in your life and I’m not talking about taking a different route to work. Sure, that’s good but what your Strength and Conditioning Coach is suggesting is to take an uncomfortable baby step and do something today that brings the courageous little kid inside of you out to play!  Heck, what do you have to lose?!  Nothing!  So just like Nike says, Just Do It!

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