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Inspire Moment #40: Control and Responsibility

Do you ever feel responsible to ensure people in your life that you care about are enjoying their life or taking care of themselves like they should?  As an Achiever, I did in the past and I learned from it.  Inspire Moment #40 is titled Control and Responsibility and I want to share what I learned.

When I took responsibility to make sure that “so-and-so” was having a good time or that they were “alright” was that it only put more pressure on my shoulders that wasn’t mine to have to begin with.  No one asked me to take “that” responsibility.  Why was I doing it?  Probably because I cared too much about the person and maybe because I wanted to make sure everything was under control.  Now there is nothing wrong with caring too much, you just have to learn that people aren’t like you and they won’t respond the way you would like them to.  People may not care the way you care. You have to Cut the Rope and let it go!

Another way to look at taking responsiblity all the time is that it may be doing harm to the person you are trying to help.  Here is what I mean…if we always pick up the slack, step in for them, be the Achiever that we are and make sure everything is ok, when will they ever grow up to take that responsibility for themselves?  When will they ever learn to be independent?  They may never.  They may never grow up.  They may never ever care as much about themselves as you care about them BUT, do you know what?  That isn’t your problem and it is isn’t your responsibility.  Tough pill to swallow but it’s the truth.

Just For Today “test out” letting go of that control in feeling responsible for it all.  See what happens!


Inspire Moment #39: Turn Up the Volume

You know when you are in the car listening to the radio and your favorite song comes on?  What do you normally do when you hear it?  You probably do what Inspire Moment #39 is all about, you Turn Up the Volume!

If your life were the lyrics to your favorite song, would you turn up the volume?  Think about it.  I hope you would but if not that’s where I come in to inspire you to change.  Maybe it’s time to write some new lyrics in your life.  How could you do that?  Well, you could turn up the volume really loud in your own life that it starts to hurt your ears (and your head) so that you would have to make a change OR you can recognize right now that your life IS your favorite song and it is worth turning it up a few notches today!  Not tomorrow, TODAY!

You are the songwriter…do you want to hear and feel the harmony in your own life every single day?  You can today so Turn Up the Volume and start dancing!  It’s your life!!

Inspire Moment #38: Cut the Rope

It’s time to break free from old ways and old thoughts.  Inspire Moment #38 is Cut the Rope!

Imagine you walked around each day with a rope around your waist dragging around you past with you everywhere you went?  To work, to the bank, out with friends, dinner with family, etc.  Heck, maybe some of you are actually living like that now.  I bet it would be pretty difficult, mentally draining, and heavy to carry around all of that “stuff” around with you day in and day out.  Inspire Moment #38 is here to encourage you to let it go!  Change your thoughts.  Change your ways.  Start today!  YOU have the choice.

Your thoughts influence your mood. If you can change your thoughts you can change your mood. If you need a little help along the way, you know who to contact!

Inspire Moment # 37: And They’re Off…

How do you start your day?  Do you give it to the world as soon as you get up or do you take some time for you to ensure you are prepared mentally for the race?

Inspire Moment #37 is And They’re Off and it’s to encourage you to look a little deeper in how you are starting your day.  Are you giving yourself anytime?  Are you like a racehorse right out of the gate (out of bed) turning on the cell phone first, off for a run, checking email and Facebook, maybe skipping breakfast or eating in the car/train/bus because you haven’t made any time for JUST YOU in the morning?  If any of that sounds familiar it might be time to re-evaluate.

Listen to your heart closely each morning!  It might just be trying to tell you that it needs more time with YOU. 




Inspire Moment #36: Purpose in the Pain

Sometimes we don’t know WHY we are going through certain things in our life.  As painful as it may be sometimes, there is a purpose behind all of it.  Do you believe that?  See, the thing is you might not know WHAT that purpose is for you until weeks, months, or years down the road.

Inspire Moment #36 is about Purpose in the Pain.  IF you believe there is a purpose for any pain or hardship you are going through right now, the likelihood of getting through it faster and with less emotion is greater.  It’s about FLIPPING THE SWITCH…in your head to see things that way.  The purpose may not be right in front of you starring you in the face, BUT if you look at the pain or hardship you are going through differently, I bet you will see it.

Contact the expert Coach Angela to help you re-frame your thinking, because it all starts in your head!



One thing to remember is that you have a choice in how you look at what has happened to you.  Is it really “pain” or

Inspire Moment #35: It’s ALL In Your Head

It all starts with what’s going on upstairs…and not I’m talking about what’s in the attic.  What I am talking about today is what is going on between your ears.  What are those thoughts sounding like upstairs in your head?  Are they old and dusty like the stuff in the attic or are they new and fresh…just for today?

Inspire Moment #35 is to tell you that It’s ALL In Your Head.  If your day isn’t going as well as you would like it to be, do a check up from the neck up and think about what you are thinking about.  If they are negative, FLIP THE SWITCH.  You can change your thoughts, did you know that?  It’s one of the few things in life you have control over.  It’s not always easy to change them, but you can.   If you need a coach to help you along the way, you know who to call…me, Coach Angela.

Make sure that whatever is in your head is as healthy and positive as it can be…just for today!


Inspire Moment #34: How Are You REALLY Doing?

Are you sick of trying to keep up with everyone?  Are you tired of going after it day after day and not see any change in your life?  Are you truly living like the person inside you wants to live?  I mean, let’s get it ALL OUT ON THE TABLE!

Inspire Moment #34 is How Are You REALLY Doing?  I mean, enough is enough.  We all put on the facade that we are “doing good” but what I would like to know is that really the truth all the time?  Is there anything inside that needs to come out so you can move forward in your life?  A lot of us just swallow our emotions when we are upset, angry, disappointed, etc. and they are never digested.  It would be like eating and never digesting the food.  It would just be stuck inside of us.  Same for your emotions.  They are inside, stuck, floating around inside of you.  So, back to how I want to inspire you….get out a piece of paper, grab a pen or pencil, and at the top of the page write out Inspire Moment #34 How Are You REALLY doing?  Then start writing…try and touch the surface and get some of it out because…

Once you take some time to ask yourself how you are REALLY doing, the REAL you starts to show. 

Inspire Moment #33: Just for Today…

Inspire Moment #33 is to encourage you to focus only on what’s on your daily agenda just for today.  That’s it.  Just today!  No sense in worrying about what you have to do tomorrow, today, when you will have plenty of time to think about those things tomorrow.

Repeat at the beginning or the end of your sentence “just for today” and see how it changes how you feel.  Maybe you will feel like you are putting less pressure on yourself?  Examples…I’m going to do try to do my best to get everything done…just for today.  Just for today…I’m not going to complain about x,y,z.  I’m going to focus 100% on that specific project…just for today.  Just for today…I’m not going to indulge in any unhealthy foods.  Are you getting the point?  Catching my drift?  Hope so! 

Now, just for today go try it out.  Good luck!

Inspire Moment #32: Change Your “Feeling” Filter

A filter can help catch the “inner voice” impurities that are harmful to your mental health that keep you from feeling and living a balanced life.  Inspire Moment #31 suggests to Change Your “Feeling” Filter today.  Earlier this year I blogged about doing a maintenance check and if you didn’t get around to that, maybe today you can take this action step. Has it been the same negative tone inside in your head for the past couple weeks?  Maybe not ALL your thoughts but a big portion of them?  Complaining about the same things.  Stuck in the same spot.  Well, maybe it’s time to change it and get all the stuff cleaned out of our head by taking an action step today to Change Your “Feeling” Filter.

A clean “Feeling” Filter can lead to a cleaner attitude and improved energy!

Inspire Moment #31: Time to Re-Focus

In life we get so busy achieving our goals, our dreams, our mission, that we forget how to stay balanced.  Well, I have just the inspiration to help you with that.  Keep reading…

Inspire Moment #31 is Time to Re-Focus.  Take the attention of off you and Re-Focus on someone else or something else that has nothing to do with you today.  Offer help to a stranger, volunteer your time to a good cause, bake cookies and give them out to the homeless, etc.

The minute you take the attention off of you and give it to someone else, the minute the balance scale begins to re-align and peace comes into your heart.