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Inspire Moment #53: Knockout Punch

A knockout punch can finish a fight in the boxing ring.  It can end things in your favor and it can end things quickly.  The knockout punch is a tool that every fighter has in their bag.

So let me ask all you contenders in this ring of life, do you have the knockout punch in your bag?  This is the first round of the fight this week and I want to introduce to you Inspire Moment #53 Knockout Punch.  Are you prepared when you go into the ring to handle your competition?  If your competition is the negative thoughts floating around in your head, are you going to throw a jab or a KNOCKOUT punch to win the fight?

The competition will throw jabs at you left and right, round after round to bring your confidence down, deplete your self-esteem, etc.  Your competition will do everything it can to bring you to a place that is dark and lonely.

Recognize that TODAY.  As I have blogged about before, it’s all in your head.  I AM your strength and conditioning coach for your mind and I’m encouraging all of you fighters out there to throw the Knockout Punch.  If it’s been awhile since you’ve used it to knock out the negative thoughts, practice it this week, punch after punch until it’s second nature.  See it visually in your head and move forward to take the title today!


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