Inspire Moment #59: Hamster Wheel

You’re running round and round in a hamster wheel and it seems like life never slows down for you to to get out.  Well, I have a surprise for you!  The world your living in is never going to slow down for you.  Nope, never.  Here is the deal…YOU have to make the choice to slow it down.  YOU have to make a change.  YOU have to throw a wrench in your wheel to take a step of faith and get out.  YOU can step out one foot at a time AND things will then begin to slow down.  YOU are the only one who can slow it down.

Inspire Moment #59 is about your Hamster Wheel.  Your circumstances may change day to day but one thing can remain the same and that is a healthy and balanced mindset.  I’m the strength and conditioning coach for your mind and that’s what I know.  Trust me on this!  If you feel the need to get out of your Hamster Wheel today, tomorrow, on Friday, whenever, the first step is to recognize that your in a wheel.  Become aware and address it!  Say to yourself “enough of this. I need a change and today I’m going to do x, y, and z to slow my wheel and step out.”  Even if you only do “x” and forget the “y and z” that is progress!

Take one step closer to the edge of the wheel to see all the peace and freedom that is resting outside waiting for you once you are ready step off.  Tell yourself you are ready and start today!  Make the choice and slow it down!

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