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Inspire Moment #71: Indulge in Life

Inspire Moment #71 is to Indulge in Life.  Ok, so imagine your mind is going to a buffet.  You are ready to take it all in.  Take in as much as you want.  Over-induldge.  Embrace each opportunity to try something new that you haven’t had before.  Along the way, you might learn as you open your mind to different flavors aka experiences in life, that you learn something new about yourself that you didn’t know.  You might actually like the green beans aka a new experience you once thought you hated.

I might be going a little far with this one but think about it…if your mind is at the buffet it wouldn’t just indulge in the buttered rolls would it?  It would probably try the eggplant, some fish, probably pasta, and save room for swirls of ice cream with toppings.  You would probably go back for seconds!

So let me ask you, can you “flip the switch” in your head to imagine that your mind is at the buffet every day?  Could you?  Could you be even more open to the different experiences and opportunities that present themselves?  Could you feel safe in knowing that having an open-mind into try new experiences can bring more balance into your life?  Could you feel confident in knowing that indulging in life is okay and that it helps you get to know who you truly are?

If you have to put on an elastic waistband to remember to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your mind, then do it today and Indulge in Life.  Remember, you’re at the buffet!

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