From the Inside Out

Inspire Moment #82: Hope & Happiness

Hope – where do you find? In things? Other people?  Is it always found in the same place or does that change? Is it consistent?

Then once you find your hope, what are you looking for?  Once you find your hope, what are you seeking?  Are you seeking relief?  Are you seeking forgiveness?  Are you seeking acceptance?  Are you seeking love?  Are you seeking purpose?  Are you seeking help?  Are you seeking guidance?  Are you seeking strength?  Do you wish you had more hope? Can you ever have enough hope?

Happiness – where do you find it? In things? Other  people? Where you live? Career?

Then once you find your happiness, do you find it in one place all the time or does that change?  Where do you find it all the time never ending or is that impossible?  How often do you find happiness?  Is it consistent that you can feel it every day or does happiness depend on your circumstance?  Do you wish that you had more of it?  Can you ever have enough?

Inspire Moment #82 is asking you a lot questions to get your wheels spinning to the answer.  They might be spinning already.  Well now I just have one more question if they are spinning, have you found your direction now where to find your Hope and Happiness?

Suggested action step…check out Psalm 62.

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