Inspire Moment #20: Down Shift

Sometimes in life you may need to take a step back and slow down before you can proceed to your final destination or goal.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t get there…wherever “there” is.  What I mean is this…

Inspire Moment #20 is to Down Shift.  Down shifting this week while you are in the driver seat might just be the best thing for you to reach your goal safely and emotionally in the right mindset.  Switch the gears and take it back a notch.  It’s okay to slow down.  You WILL get to a destination, don’t worry about that…it may even end up being a different one than what you orginally wanted.  All you are doing is down shifting, slowing it down, changing the pace, taking a step back, etc.  Please don’t worry about people in your life that CHOOSE to run their engine to the ground and run on overdrive.  That’s the world for you.  Please don’t concern yourself about keeping up with them.  All I am suggesting for you is to think about down shifting this week and/or weekend because it could be the best thing for you.  Heck, you never know unless you try.

We’re all going to get to our “there” in life…and you can choose to down shift starting today for some time.  It just might be the best thing for you in the race.

Enjoy the ride because it’s your journey!

Inspire Moment #19: Schedule a “Me”eting

You schedule a meeting with your boss to talk about projects/goals in your professional life.  You schedule doctor’s appointments to do a check up on your physical health.  You schedule time to meet up with your family and friends.  You may even schedule a meeting with the personal trainer to get your body back in shape.  My question for you is this…when was the last time you you scheduled a “me”eting to discuss what is going on (in)side you heart and head?

(IN)spire Moment #19 is to encourage you to take a moment, whether it’s one minute or one hour today, to think about YOU and how YOU are doing.  Inspire Moment #18 was to encourage you to re-define your “me” time and my latest Inspire Moment is to make sure you schedule that “me”eting.  Put in on the calendar, set up an appointment on your smart phone, please just make sure you schedule it for later, tomorrow, or this weekend.

Without making the quality time, their truly isn’t a real “me”eting.

Inspire Moment #18: Re-define your “Me” Time

We all have heard about “me” time and how important it is that we take it every day.  My question is this, do we really feel the benefits of it like we should?  Do you even take it every day?  Maybe your “me” time is exercising, going shopping, reading, etc.  And while all that is fine and dandy because it’s something you are doing for you and it helps us feel more balanced when we do those things, it’s also a thing that someone else could be doing for their “me” time.  You may be asking me where am I going with this, so, here it is….

Inspire Moment #18 is to encourage you to re-define your “me” time.  Don’t make your “me” time about a task or hobby that you have to get done or enjoy doing this week, make it about YOU and only YOU.  Look with(in) this week to find the “me” in the time you take.  Maybe its going for a walk without the cell phone, no ipod, no companion.  Maybe it’s going into your bedroom five minutes before it’s lights out to lay on the floor and be still to let your mind go.  Maybe it’s sitting in the shower to mentally cleanse and let the water hit you to wash away any negative thoughts, when you don’t even need to take a shower because you are clean.

It’s about taking TIME for YOU and the only way to find the YOU is to invest the TI(ME). 



Inspire Moment #17: Say No to Doubt

It creeps up on you like a cheap pair of underwear.  Yes, you know what I’m talking about, doubt!  We begin to doubt our abilities and our strengths, we doubt our feelings and then we begin to doubt everything in our life. “Am I making the right decision?” comes into your head.  And just like that underwear gets stuck, so do you!  You get stuck in that rut of thinking you can’t do anything, you aren’t good enough, etc.  Well, today’s Inspire Moment is to get you to say NO to doubt when those “lack of confidence” moments begin to take over in your mind.  When that time comes when you begin to lack trust in YOU, I want to encourage you to take a moment and pinch yourself on the arm.  That pinch will soon become a reminder that you are strong enough to get through those times where you are hesitant to believe that you can.  You are capable.  You are strong enough.  You may just have to dig deep to find the courage.  So, say no to doubt and say yes to having confidence in you today!

Inspire Moment #16: Chip Away

Today’s (IN)spire Moment is to encourage you to chip away at the nonsense that builds up in life.  Try to poke through all of that “stuff” so you can get back to the root of you.  The root is your center and it often times hold the WHY.  The reason WHY you are feeling a certain way, the reason WHY things aren’t working out the way you had thought, or the reason WHY you are stuck in a funk.  When you take time to chip away at all the stuff that takes your focus off of the root center (your mind and heart), you usually get back to a place that feels right.  Exactly where you are supposed to be.



Inspire Moment #15: Put YOU on the List

“My to-do list keeps getting longer and longer with all the things that I need to get done.  I wonder if I will ever be finished with it all?”  Ever find yourself asking yourself those questions and thinking those thoughts?  So much to do achieve and get done, so little time.  My next question for you is this, are YOU on that list?

As Achievers I’m sure there are always tasks and goals that are set.  It keeps us busy and productive checking things off the list as we complete them.  My (IN)spire Moment for you this morning is to encourage YOU to be on that list as well.  Put your name on it too!  Perhaps seeing YOU written out as one of the priorities just like paying the bills, or running those errands are, will help you Achievers to take a break and to get back to center, who you really are.  The closer you are to center, the more balance and calmness you will feel in your life.  Go ahead, try it out today…just make sure YOU gets checked off!  YOU-Clean-Bank-Laundry, etc.

Inspire Moment #14: It Might Be a Sign

That feeling that gets your heart fluttering could just be the sign you need telling you it is time to take a step forward into the “uncomfortable” zone.  Today’s (IN)spire Moment is to encourage you to begin to notice when you start feeling anxious or nervous.  You are probably feeling that way because you are on the fence of your “comfort zone.”  I’m here to help you see that those feelings may just be a sign that it is time to grow.  Take some time today to recognize those signs and take a step forward.  See what happens next!

Inspire Moment #13: Let It Out

Today’s (IN)spire Moment is to let out the emotion from the weekend that is keeping you from feeling a healthy balance (in)side this morning.    Start your week off right by releasing any of that junk (in)side that needs to come out.    I’m sure things happened over this past weekend that may have caused you Achievers to feel like you didn’t meet all your goa or tasks, disappointed in your progress with a project at home, or maybe upset that your expectations were not met, etc.       I’m your mindset strength and conditioning coach to (IN)spire you to look (in)side today and take time this morning on the drive to work, this afternoon during a much needed lunch break, whenever you get alone time, to talk it out, write it out, or simply lift up your hands to LET IT OUT.  Maybe it is talking to a close friend at work or writing out your feelings in a journal or on a word document in the office, let it out!  It all starts with looking (in)side your heart and your head to get back to balance and back on your feet.  So why not start the week of right on a lighter, happier, and balanced note?  Take the first step today!

Inspire Moment #12: High Five

As I ran past joggers on my run this morning I put up my hand up indicating that I wanted to give that person a “high five” as we passed each other.  It was something different but why not give it a try to see what happens,right?  Well, two different times people responded and put their hand up to slap mine as we kept running.  It brought a smile to the other runner’s face and it could have brought even more on the (in)side. You never know!  I know it did for me. Just a little ounce of joy to start the day.

My (IN)spire Moment is for all of you Achievers out there is to give someone a “high five” today.  Watch to see how they respond AND how it makes you feel on the (in)side when you do.  The key is to check the (in)side, your heart and head, and how you react when you do it today because that will help you get back to being you and being balanced, and getting back to being you is just who you were made to be.  Simple as that. Enjoy today!


Inspire Moment #11: Out with the Old

Your (IN)spire Moment for today is to encourage you to let go off your old thoughts, old ways, and old habits.  Throw them out.  Get rid of them.  It may feel uncomfortable because it’s change in your daily patterns and routine, but just go with it and…SEE WHAT HAPPENS!   We know change isn’t always fun, but it definitely is needed to experience growth in our life.  Who doesn’t want to  personal growth in their life?  It’s scary sometimes because growth is often difficult to deal with WHEN YOU CHANGE as a person but everything around you remains the same.  The dynamics in your life will change when you let go of the old.  I’m here to encourage you to not let that fear of change keep you from forming new thoughts, new ways, and new habits in your life.

So toss that oldness in the garbage on your way out the door.  It certainly isn’t helping you have a true level of balance in your life with all of that old stuff, sticking around…so it’s time to let go of the old and replenish with the new.  New thoughts, new ways, new habits starting today!