Inspire Moment #109: No More Loose Change

Change is often scary for most people, even if it’s in a positive direction.  It’s uncertain.  It can sometimes throw you off course.  My motivation for you behind Inspire Moment #109 is to encourage you to re-frame your mindset to thinking of Change really being a Chance for you.  Get rid of the word Change from your vocabulary now (unless you’re breaking a dollar).  Replace it with the word Chance. A Chance, an opportunity, for things to shift in your life, a Chance for uncertainty (which breeds growth), a Chance to be thrown off course (could be better than where you thought you wanted to go).  The word Chance has a positive connotation.  If you think of any Change in your life as a Chance in your life, you will get through more challenges, temptations, curve balls, etc., much faster, stronger, and more positive that you ever have before.  Remember, everything you have done in your life started with a thought, and that’s one of the only things you have control over.  Let go, test it out, and take a Chance!

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Inspire Moment #101: Bird’s Eye View

Google Maps gives us a Bird’s Eye View of the location we type in on the website.  From the initial Google Map perspective we are given a zoomed out view of our location and are able to see so much more of the area.  We notice on the map major streets, local convenience stores or malls nearby, how close we are to highways, parks, water, etc.  It’s helpful to gain this perspective, because it provides a sense of direction on where you are traveling and where things are located when you journey there.

Welcome to Inspire Moment #101: Bird’s Eye View.  This woke me up at 6am and I figured it was worth sharing.  Now, what if you took some time this week and took a Bird’s Eye View of your life?  You can’t simply visit a website and put in your goal or destination, and tell it where to take you.  I’m sure you wish is was that easy!  However, you can take time to locate where you are in your life and zoom out to see a different perspective and learn any potential detours you need to take.

As the “Activator” I always say, action beats intention.  The first action step is to ask these questions this week.  Give yourself a deadline to write them down and answer them or at least to brainstorm for five minutes.  Are their local compassionate people nearby in your life?  Locate them.  Do you notice major intersections in your life right now and need help determining what turn you should make?  Need to seek counsel?  I know a good coach. 😉  Could taking the Bird’s Eye View help you to determine your next step?  How close are you to pursuing the things that really drive you in life?  Like a merging onto a major highway, is that next move a bit scary to some of you?  Are your goals even on the map anymore?  It may seem like a lot to think about, but it’s worth it.

Remember, not to get stuck on cruise control and miss the exit for the life you could be living.  Taking the Bird’s Eye View could be exactly what you need to do this week.  Give it a shot!

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Inspire Moment #99: Sunny-Side Up

How do you want your eggs?  I’m sure we have all been asked that question before at breakfast.  Maybe you like them scrambled, over-hard, sunny-side up, or over-easy.

Now ask yourself that same question but replace the word eggs, with life.  How you do want your life?  Scrambled, over-hard, over-easy, or sunny-side up?

Inspire Moment #99 is to help bring happiness to you today and suggest the Sunny-Side Up way for life.  If life is over-hard or scrambled for you right now, Sunny-Side Up could just be the approach to take.  If life seems way over-easy and you need more motivation or balance in your life, Sunny-Side Up could be just the answer for you.

Here a few suggestions on how to begin living Sunny-Side Up…

Try different things in life.  Example- Maybe the scrambled eggs you got at that diner weren’t that good, so instead of ordering the same dish the next time you go do something different and order Sunny-Side Up.  Try something different in your life today.  It could be very simple.

Be open to life and don’t be afraid to ask. Example-Maybe you already like Sunny-Side Up eggs but you don’t feel full when you are done and it doesn’t taste as flavorful of a dish anymore.  Usually there are some potatoes or bread on your dish to dip into the yolk, but lately it’s just been the eggs at the diner.  Next time you’re there be open to ask for a side of bread or more potatoes.  Don’t be afraid to ask!  You never know unless you ask.  You could even be open to spicing it up by putting some hot sauce on those eggs.  Test out something new and see how it sits with you.  Try to be open to life and all the different results you will feel when you try new ways.  Remember, you can’t experience what you don’t know.

Just like you have a choice on how you want your eggs cooked, you also can make a choice on how you want to live your life.  Ready.  Set.  Go…for Sunny-Side-Up!

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Inspire Moment #97: Jogging in Place

There will be times in our journey that we will feel unsure of what the next step is to help us reach our goals in life.  Whether it in our career, our personal life, the steps to pursue our dreams, etc., it can feel overwhelming and often times we don’t take a step at all and get stuck in one spot…and for a long time.  I have been there before!  Are you familiar with that feeling?  Well, Inspire Moment #97 is about Jogging in Place and I want to motivate you today to keep moving, even if it’s jogging in one spot for a long time, instead of completely stopping in your tracks.

So let me paint this picture…imagine you are off on a run or a brisk walk this afternoon.  You have a great pace going, heart rate is up and you’re feeling good.  You see up ahead a crossroad and so you start to think about which way you want to turn before you get there.  You know your options are that you can step and turn left or you can step and turn right.  Simple.  Maybe you realize as you get closer that you are unfamiliar with the area and so your pace begins to slow down.  You feel that you want to stop in your tracks because you don’t know what decision to make.  At that moment is where I want to motivate you to “Flip the Switch™” in your head and use Inspire Moment #97 to keep Jogging In Place instead of stopping in your tracks.  Did you know that Jogging in Place is also an option?  You know you don’t always have to make the decision right then and now.  Maybe you aren’t ready!  And you know what?  That’s okay!  Maybe you need to jog in place for awhile and think things through until you feel confident to take your next step in the run, in life, at work, etc.

Whether you are on a run/brisk walk, in your professional life or personal life the goal is to keep moving, even if it’s in the same spot.  Don’t let your mental pace stop because you don’t know the right decision, the next move, the perfect plan, etc.  The goal is to keep your pace.  Get it, YOUR pace!  That could mean on that run that you jog in one spot to keep your heart rate up.  It could mean at work that you assess all the options (keep moving) instead of just throwing in the towel and giving up on leading the project.  It could mean in your personal life to test out that new thing, idea, location you want to move to, etc (keep moving) instead of throwing your idea in the garbage and forgetting about it.  It could mean continuing to strengthen and condition your mindset (keep moving) even though life is great and no curve balls have come your way.

It’s better to keep Jogging in Place without a clear sense of when your next step will be taken, than to stop in your tracks and then have no clue where you are going.  Keep your head up and keep up your pace!

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Inspire Moment #87: Embrace the Unexpected

Unexpected events can occur in our life at anytime.  Some can be wonderful and other can be very traumatic and damaging.  Often times when the unexpected occurs in our life we don’t understand why it happened to us, and not the other guy.  Sometimes we can try and understand it and others time we cannot.

Inspire Moment #87 is advice from me, Coach Angie, suggesting that when those events occur today, tomorrow, etc., to Embrace the Unexpected.   I have a lot of experience in this area of life and I want you to trust me in knowing that no matter how difficult the circumstances are in your life right now, how hopeless you may feel, how easier life would be if you just threw in the towel and gave up, how lonely, how disappointed, how different, how lost, how threatened, how dark, how low, etc. (I hope you are getting the point) to NEVER lose the ability to embrace it and see it as a bigger part in your life journey.  Hope is something you always have and the level of how much you have stored in your heart is controlled in your mind.

Rather than ask why when the unexpected happens, ask what.  Flip the Switch example – instead of why did this happen to me, ask yourself what can I do about this now?  Instead of why me, ask what can I learn from this?  Instead of why me, ask what is God trying to teach me here?  Instead of why me, state that what an opportunity it is for you to Embrace the Unexpected no matter how hard it is.

You have a choice today and I want you to choose to Embrace the Unexpected.  The journey will be probably be bumpy when the unexpected comes into your life, but it doesn’t have to damage your mind during that season because the hope that you need is always with you, you may just have to let go and let God.

Inspire Moment #81: Don’t Put the Flame Out

If there is a fire in your heart for something, don’t ever extinguish it.  If the flames are so hot like a wildfire that you don’t know how to control it, fan them.  Yes, fan them!  If you live with that fire every single day of your life, share it with the world because that is who God made you to be.

Inspire Moment #81 is Don’t Put the Flame Out.  There will be people in your life who want to throw a bucket of water on you to reduce and even put the fire out.  Best thing to do when those people enter your life is to walk the other way.  Don’t let them take that passion that is inside of you away from you.

If there is no fire in your heart and you’re cold inside, maybe it’s time to find the passion and heat things up.  Find a purpose.  Maybe it’s time to ignite a flame in your heart today.  First suggested step is doing something different in your life and I’m not talking about taking a different route to work. Sure, that’s good but what your Strength and Conditioning Coach is suggesting is to take an uncomfortable baby step and do something today that brings the courageous little kid inside of you out to play!  Heck, what do you have to lose?!  Nothing!  So just like Nike says, Just Do It!

Inspire Moment #62: Life is Simple

Inspire Moment #62 is easy…Life is Simple.  Repeat after me, Life is Simple.

Now, we all have stress in our life.  That is a given.  It’s a fact of life.  However, the way we handle stress is something we can manage. What do you think about that?  Maybe you aren’t sure what the best way is to manage your levels of stress but here is one thing I want you to think about…maybe what is causing the stress on you is you, your mind, and what’s in your head?

What if you began saying and thinking “Life is Simple?”  Even with all the deadlines, errands to run, obligations, list of things to do, etc., what if you just told yourself that?  I have “tested it out” and when I begin to feel overwhelmed I just double the dose.  Because you know what?  It’s all in your head!  The circumstances that are bringing the stress to your mind and body sometimes cannot be changed.  You might be stuck in a situation that you cannot control.  What can change and control is how you manage the way you think about the circumstances, deadlines, errands, obligations, lists, etc.  Are you catching my drift?!  Try it out!

Life is Simple.  Life is Simple.  Life is Simple.  Don’t let another day go by in your life, in your head, telling you otherwise.

Inspire Moment #55: Take that Chance

Inspire Moment #55 is Take that Chance.  Go for it!  What is the worst that could happen if you just trusted your gut and took that chance?  Nothing!

Whether it is an opportunity to present your business idea to a bigger company, or ask the guy or girl out for coffee that you met at the supermarket, or ask for the promotion you have been working so hard for at work, trust yourself and move forward with the confidence that you are ready and Take that Chance.  Surround yourself with people that will lift you up and cheer you on to boost your confidence and take that step.  Again, what’s the worst thing that could happen?  You learn from your mistake?!  That’s awesome!  Now you will be more prepared next time.

Take that Chance today!  I dare you!!

Inspire Moment #47: You Have to Start Somewhere

Check out Inspire Moment #47 You Have to Start Somewhere!

Inspire Moment #44: You Never Know

Inspire Moment #44 is You Never Know.  You Never Know what can happen when you step outside of your comfort zone.  You just Never Know!

The comfort zone is what is familiar. The comfort zone is safe.  I mean, the comfort zone is comfy, right?!  BUT if you want to grow and achieve your full potential of inner contentment and balance in your lifetime , you are going to have to step outside of that comfort zone.  It’s not that hard if you take one step, or one day, at a time.

Ok, so how do you do that?  You take the next step even if you aren’t sure if it’s right…or left.  Make that move without all the information.  Go up to him or her that you are attracted to and ask how they are doing.  Talk about the promotion you have worked hard for with your superior.  Introduce yourself to the person at the table next to you at the cafe.  Smile at a that cute stranger you keep noticing.  Go to the event by yourself. You Never Know where it will all lead.  You Never Know what and who it will lead you to.

So, be confident in knowing that the next moment you step outside of your comfort zone today could very well be one of the best moments of your life, You Never Know!