Achiever Syndrome mentoring services in the field of life coaching and professional speaking will give you skills you can use throughout your life.

The Achiever Syndrome began in the Spring of 2011 when Coach Angie put a name to her experience and then trademarked the name through the USPTO.  It personifies people like her, a former Double Alpha.  The Double Alpha defines a person who is focused on achieving goals and success, personally and/or professionally, that other areas of life suffer. The believe that their value is determined by their successes and that is how they think they get unconditional love, that it comes from achieving. The Double Alpha’s often find themselves feeling unfulfilled and unsettled until everything on their ”to do” list is accomplished and complete.  However, the time of “everything is finally done and I can relax” will never really come for the Double Alpha because they are always reaching to do something.  They are Achievers. They often find themselves living a list conscious lifestyle where it can become a daily struggle for Achievers to loosen up on their drive to succeed to reach any level of balance.  The Double Alpha is driven by the feeling of success, and are task-oriented and focused on making things happen in their life.  Their personal and/or professional goals and commitments may feel like fulfillment, but a level of joy and happiness does truly exist yet.  The fire to achieve is alive and well with all the outer achievements in life of the Double Alpha, but any level of true self-balance, awareness, and deepest level of inner contentment has not been reached.

If you do not identify with the Double Alpha, then perhaps you relate to the other face of the Achiever Syndrome, called the Blissful type.  This is someone who is content and somewhat comfortable with where they are in life, but lack ability to get to the next level and truly feel the achievement-contentment balance that is missing from their life.  That missing achievement could be financial security, a significant other, or emotional health and well-being.  If you ask the Blissful, if where they are at in their life is really where they want to be, they would probably respond with a yes.  However, a daily struggle for the Blissful is a lack of motivation to strive for any accomplishment because life seems to be alright.  A challenge for the Blissful type is to keep the inner peace they have living well on the inside, while trying to gather ambition to step outside of a comfort zone to achieve their goals and make things happen in their life.  The peacefulness inside remains present, but the ability to take the next step forward to achieve more that they desire on the outside, is not quite there yet.

We all can relate to a face of the Achiever Syndrome at some point in our life.  Angie describes other types of the Double Alpha and Blissful types of the Achiever Syndrome as the Go-Getter, Activator, Pleaser, Burn Out, Competitor, Tunnel Vision, Bubble, Blurry.

Over several months to further brainstorm the concept, and “digging in” as Angie calls it, the Achiever Syndrome has evolved into a comprehensive and dynamic system to help all the different faces of the Achievers and Blissful, find or attain outer success by completing their goals and at the same time maintain or find genuine harmony and a true balance in their lives.

Achiever Syndrome mentoring services in the field of life coaching and professional speaking will give you skills you can use throughout your life.