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“My 15 minute coaching session with Angela was incredible. I’m two year real estate agent and professional photographer. Running two business is intense. Angela keeps me motivated, focused, and empowered! Our mini coaching sessions allows me stay focus on my goals. We trouble shoot and role play my current objectives. Her calls are inspirational. Angela definitely has the passion to motivate others. I am blessed to have found her and proud to say she’s my success coach. With her coaching my production in my first quarter of 2019, beat out a year’s worth of sales in 2018. I could not have done this without her, and her accountability, and coaching. I highly recommend Angela’s coaching in any progress!” -Tiffany I., Real Estate Agent & Professional Photographer

“I had a brief coaching session with Angela in which we worked through a couple of road blocks I had been running into and it has made a huge difference. She helped me pin point the hangup and come up with a plan to prevent it from happening again. It’s helped me tremendously with my mindset and energy level throughout the day. If you’re working through something I encourage you to see what Angela can do to help!” -Peter M., Real Estate Agent

“Angela has been a tremendous help to me over the past two years.  She is a great listener and is able to offer practical solutions that keep me focused and moving forward.  Her creativity and humor are of great help in our sessions and I always look forward to meeting with her.  She truly cares about her clients and works hard to deliver quality results.  We did a great deal of work related to assertiveness and her ideas were both challenging and insightful.  I would be pleased to recommend her!”  -Becky K., Homemaker


“Angela provided me a clarity beyond anything I could have accomplished on my own.  Her insight and guidance unlocked my inner Rockstar and gave me a clearer direction in life.”  -Manual A., Information Technology Consultant

“I enjoyed the session very much.  The biggest help for me was your suggestion to use the “SMART” method to come up with my life goals.  I use that at work all the time, but never thought to use it in my personal life!  Many thanks!” – Ruthann R., Chief of Staff for a Navy Engineering Organization

“Angela spoke to a group of moms at one of our events. She shared her story and encouraged San Diego Moms to re-frame their thinking and rediscover their purpose.  Her talk made an impact and helped us all think about ways we can make ourselves a priority. She provided reminders, actionable tips and inspiration. Angela has such a positive energy. She’s extremely caring and professional at the same time. Angela not only cared about her talk and presence at the event, she cared about me as a person. She was determined to learn all she could (about our audience) so she could make an impact to the moms at our event. It was pretty special to have her with us.” -Angela Q., Founder SD Mom’s Night Out

“Angela has some unique insight to motivational issues. Well worth taking some
time to explore.” -Robert N., 67 year old Attorney

“Working with Angela helped me feel prepared and confident to take on any competition.” -Khy K., 17 year old High School Student-Athlete (basketball)

“Thank you Coach Angie for helping me to work my way through some unexpected life challenges and relationship issues with the assistance of a simple but constructive and methodical plan of action, as well as encouragement and accountability. You rock Angie!” -Larry M., Attorney

“It was fate that brought us together and I was very happy that I was able to connect with Angela.  She was able to help me focus on what is important and that is exactly what I needed at the time.  Her ability to reframe my thoughts so I can consider other ways of looking at things was very empowering.  Angela has the ability to use visual techniques in her sessions that enabled me to hold onto the ideas that we talked about in our sessions to this day.  Spending a few sessions with Angela helped me get back on the track and find a purpose and a plan for my life ahead.  I am forever grateful to have met and worked with Angela and can recommend her for someone who might have lost there way!” -Steve H., Teacher

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Angela for a few sessions. Being a private jet attendant affords me many opportunities, however time is not one of them. Due to my heavy travel schedule Angela and I worked on time management and scheduling. Between Skype, phone calls, and face to face meetings, I felt like my needs were met and the coaching sessions took place literally all over the country. Thank you for all the advice!!!! ” -Jason C., Private Jet Attendant

“Angela is direct at peeling back the layers that we all hide behind when our comfort zone is threatened. She is an awesome individual who cares about making a difference for your success no matter what area you need challenging in be it professional or personal. She truly is a coach seeking to inspire you to achieve your goals with your own talents rather than dictating a set of rules from a “how-to” manual. Her honesty, positivity and shared life experience generates her infectious enthusiasm that will definitely improve your outlook on life.” -Michael M., IT Project Manager

“Angela helped me understand the ‘story in my head’ about why I thought didn’t have time and helped reframe my thinking. She’s helping me get better clarity around my career and create actionable goals to help me achieve my career goals. It’s all very practical and, importantly, it’s working.  I would strongly recommend that you give life coaching and Angela a try. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made in myself.” -Tim S., Business Development Executive

“Angela’s story shocked, moved, and inspired our event audience.  She successfully translated a life-altering experience into a captivating talk and valuable messages about priorities and balance.”  -Renee Z., Board Chair,  The Parent Connection

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with Angela as my life coach. Stuck in the cycle of perfectionism, I found myself over the years eventually unable to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. I was experiencing crippling anxiety because I was afraid I might not make the best decision for my life, whether it be family related, work related or even as simple as making a meal. I was paralyzed. Perfectionism. Talking to Angela was a huge help. She helped me think about my personal goals and values, and guided me to a better way to organize myself. Now I live with a better sense of self-acceptance and also a confidence that I can make a decision that if turns out not be the best decision, I can choose a different direction and that’s OK. Angela is someone I would love to have as a neighbor, a friend, a confidant, and a life coach.” – Peggy S., Homemaker

“If you’re looking for a life coach or motivational speaker, Angela is it.  She took the necessary time at the beginning of our relationship to develop a complete understanding of the issues most important to me, which has helped positively shape our dialogue around the most salient aspects of my life. Choosing your best path is not easy, and trying to do it alone or with numerous friends chiming in can become overwhelming. Get a coach. Get Angela.”  – Logan F., Lawyer

“Angela, I hope that you have been well. I’ve been meaning to tell you that your YouTube messages on ‘Angie’s Journey’ have been terrific.  I was actually inspired by one of your messages recently in my daily run– I previously thought ‘I have to run this morning’ and now think ‘I get to run this morning.’  It really makes a difference. Great work.  Thank you for the inspiration.”  – Steven B., Attorney

“Angela never ceases to inspire me. This weekend I am going to focus on the things that make me and my family happy rather than stressing about all of the to do’s on my list.”   -Danessa W., Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. and Mother

“Hi Ang! You always help to lift my spirits and shed light on what’s most important in life. I am definitely going to start giving myself ‘time-outs’ to just sit and do nothing!  No TV, no iPhone, no computer… just to relax before the morning rush. Much different than Joey’s ‘time-outs’ where there are tears and yelling.”  – Kristen F., Stay at Home Mom

“I struggle every day but I think of what you have gone through and I have nothing to complain about. God kept you here for a reason and I believe you have found it. Good luck and keep on going — you have a lot to offer!”  – Janis N., Homemaker