Inspire Moment #113: Socially Accepted or Self-Accepting

Most of this world seems to be more concerned with being Socially Accepted (fitting in, gaining the approval of others) than being Self-Accepting (embracing your true self with all of your unique imperfections).  Well, it doesn’t have to be this way for you.

Think about it this way…what if you re-frame how you look at your imperfections and choose to embrace all of you?  And really, why are we so concerned with what the average person out there thinks of us anyway?

You can make the choice each morning to be Self-Accepting by taking off the façade and just being you.  That might be scary, but the more you practice being you, the more natural and comfortable it will feel.

God created you just the way you are, perfectly imperfect.  What a gift!  Life is a gift and it’s what you make of it.  When I choose to let go and embrace my imperfections to make the choice to be Self-Accepting, I can tell you, it’s absolutely freeing!  You can “test it out” for yourself today and it starts with letting go of what other people think, letting go of trying to gain the approval of others, and letting go of trying to be someone you aren’t.

Below are four statements that can help you feel more Self-Accepting.  Speak these throughout the day and see how it feels…

  1. I am Perfect just the way I am.
  2. I am choosing to be Self-Accepting.
  3. I was designed this way for a reason.
  4. I really am Perfect just the way that I am!

You get to make a choice each morning and it’s up to you!

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Inspire Moment #109: No More Loose Change

Change is often scary for most people, even if it’s in a positive direction.  It’s uncertain.  It can sometimes throw you off course.  My motivation for you behind Inspire Moment #109 is to encourage you to re-frame your mindset to thinking of Change really being a Chance for you.  Get rid of the word Change from your vocabulary now (unless you’re breaking a dollar).  Replace it with the word Chance. A Chance, an opportunity, for things to shift in your life, a Chance for uncertainty (which breeds growth), a Chance to be thrown off course (could be better than where you thought you wanted to go).  The word Chance has a positive connotation.  If you think of any Change in your life as a Chance in your life, you will get through more challenges, temptations, curve balls, etc., much faster, stronger, and more positive that you ever have before.  Remember, everything you have done in your life started with a thought, and that’s one of the only things you have control over.  Let go, test it out, and take a Chance!

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Inspire Moment #101: Bird’s Eye View

Google Maps gives us a Bird’s Eye View of the location we type in on the website.  From the initial Google Map perspective we are given a zoomed out view of our location and are able to see so much more of the area.  We notice on the map major streets, local convenience stores or malls nearby, how close we are to highways, parks, water, etc.  It’s helpful to gain this perspective, because it provides a sense of direction on where you are traveling and where things are located when you journey there.

Welcome to Inspire Moment #101: Bird’s Eye View.  This woke me up at 6am and I figured it was worth sharing.  Now, what if you took some time this week and took a Bird’s Eye View of your life?  You can’t simply visit a website and put in your goal or destination, and tell it where to take you.  I’m sure you wish is was that easy!  However, you can take time to locate where you are in your life and zoom out to see a different perspective and learn any potential detours you need to take.

As the “Activator” I always say, action beats intention.  The first action step is to ask these questions this week.  Give yourself a deadline to write them down and answer them or at least to brainstorm for five minutes.  Are their local compassionate people nearby in your life?  Locate them.  Do you notice major intersections in your life right now and need help determining what turn you should make?  Need to seek counsel?  I know a good coach. 😉  Could taking the Bird’s Eye View help you to determine your next step?  How close are you to pursuing the things that really drive you in life?  Like a merging onto a major highway, is that next move a bit scary to some of you?  Are your goals even on the map anymore?  It may seem like a lot to think about, but it’s worth it.

Remember, not to get stuck on cruise control and miss the exit for the life you could be living.  Taking the Bird’s Eye View could be exactly what you need to do this week.  Give it a shot!

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Inspire Moment #100: Footprints

As I walked on the beach early this morning close to the ocean I noticed a long path of footprints in front of me.  They were going in a straight line.  There was only that one trail at first, but as I kept taking steps forward another path came into the picture and intersected with the original trail, and then took its own course into the ocean.  There weren’t any people in sight.  It was in the quietness of this morning staring at the two different paths that Inspire Moment #100 hit me, Footprints.

We are all moving in a direction.  Sometimes we don’t know where we are headed and other times we know exactly where we are going.  A couple questions for you to ponder are 1) What is leading you in your life?  2) What is tugging at your heart for you to go one way or the other?  We are all on a different path and my last question for you is this, when your journey isn’t turning out the way that you envisioned it to be, would you trust something or someone to lead you along a different way?  A way, a path, that just feels like it fits for you.

The inspiration behind Inspire Moment #100 is to encourage you to take some rest this week and to think about what is leading you.  Think about what is important to you on this journey.  You are making Footprints every day so if you aren’t going in the direction that you planned, trying opening up and intersecting with a new path to help get you on your way.

Know that along your journey people will come into your path, your life, for a just a couple steps or maybe for a couple seasons.  They bring something to your journey.  They could bring comfort.  They could bring support.  They may bring hardship.  They could bring negativity.  They should bring love.   They might just bring you joy.

The key is to make a strong Footprint in your life every day because the journey that you’re on does have a direction, you just have to trust it and be a good passenger.

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Inspire Moment #99: Sunny-Side Up

How do you want your eggs?  I’m sure we have all been asked that question before at breakfast.  Maybe you like them scrambled, over-hard, sunny-side up, or over-easy.

Now ask yourself that same question but replace the word eggs, with life.  How you do want your life?  Scrambled, over-hard, over-easy, or sunny-side up?

Inspire Moment #99 is to help bring happiness to you today and suggest the Sunny-Side Up way for life.  If life is over-hard or scrambled for you right now, Sunny-Side Up could just be the approach to take.  If life seems way over-easy and you need more motivation or balance in your life, Sunny-Side Up could be just the answer for you.

Here a few suggestions on how to begin living Sunny-Side Up…

Try different things in life.  Example- Maybe the scrambled eggs you got at that diner weren’t that good, so instead of ordering the same dish the next time you go do something different and order Sunny-Side Up.  Try something different in your life today.  It could be very simple.

Be open to life and don’t be afraid to ask. Example-Maybe you already like Sunny-Side Up eggs but you don’t feel full when you are done and it doesn’t taste as flavorful of a dish anymore.  Usually there are some potatoes or bread on your dish to dip into the yolk, but lately it’s just been the eggs at the diner.  Next time you’re there be open to ask for a side of bread or more potatoes.  Don’t be afraid to ask!  You never know unless you ask.  You could even be open to spicing it up by putting some hot sauce on those eggs.  Test out something new and see how it sits with you.  Try to be open to life and all the different results you will feel when you try new ways.  Remember, you can’t experience what you don’t know.

Just like you have a choice on how you want your eggs cooked, you also can make a choice on how you want to live your life.  Ready.  Set.  Go…for Sunny-Side-Up!

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Inspire Moment #90: Stuck in Comfort

Let’s think of the “comfort zone” as always driving around in the neighborhood and never getting on the highway to venture out to experience new things in life.  The comfort zone is a place that many like to hang out.   Things are familiar.  You know people in town.  It feels safe.  You know best the route to get around town.   It’s a good place to be and it’s easy to stay put when everything is comfortable, right?

Hopefully I ignite something inside of you by introducing you to Inspire Moment #90, Stuck in Comfort.  Sure it’s comfortable to stay in that “zone” but isn’t it also a place where you can get complacent?  And isn’t being complacent a place that gets comfortable too?  My motivation today is to get you “un-stuck” and onto your highway of life!    Not someone else’s!  The highway you get on might be five or six lanes like the expressways in Southern California or could be two lanes, and just that small lane change is intense enough for you now.  And you know what? That’s okay!

My suggested action step is to get you onto your highway on-ramp today, tomorrow, or this week!  Ok, so how do we do that?  Maybe that means venturing on your highway without a specific destination in mind.  Just go! Maybe it means traveling on a different highway that has a construction zone to help you slow down your life.  Just go!

Sometimes the first step is the hardest, but please know that this step outside of your “comfort zone” and into your new “venture zone” is one of the best steps you can make for balance in life.  Take from me, Coach Angela!

Inspire Moment #87: Embrace the Unexpected

Unexpected events can occur in our life at anytime.  Some can be wonderful and other can be very traumatic and damaging.  Often times when the unexpected occurs in our life we don’t understand why it happened to us, and not the other guy.  Sometimes we can try and understand it and others time we cannot.

Inspire Moment #87 is advice from me, Coach Angie, suggesting that when those events occur today, tomorrow, etc., to Embrace the Unexpected.   I have a lot of experience in this area of life and I want you to trust me in knowing that no matter how difficult the circumstances are in your life right now, how hopeless you may feel, how easier life would be if you just threw in the towel and gave up, how lonely, how disappointed, how different, how lost, how threatened, how dark, how low, etc. (I hope you are getting the point) to NEVER lose the ability to embrace it and see it as a bigger part in your life journey.  Hope is something you always have and the level of how much you have stored in your heart is controlled in your mind.

Rather than ask why when the unexpected happens, ask what.  Flip the Switch example – instead of why did this happen to me, ask yourself what can I do about this now?  Instead of why me, ask what can I learn from this?  Instead of why me, ask what is God trying to teach me here?  Instead of why me, state that what an opportunity it is for you to Embrace the Unexpected no matter how hard it is.

You have a choice today and I want you to choose to Embrace the Unexpected.  The journey will be probably be bumpy when the unexpected comes into your life, but it doesn’t have to damage your mind during that season because the hope that you need is always with you, you may just have to let go and let God.

Inspire Moment #74: Bold as a Lion

We all have it inside of us.  Some of you haven’t used it in awhile.  It’s like that old shirt in the corner of the closet that is half way off the hanger that you haven’t worn in awhile because you don’t know what people would think or say about you if you wore it.  It’s just there, collecting dust.  You want to wear it, you’re just a little timid.  It’s the same for your courage. It’s in there, it just hasn’t been used in awhile.

Inspire Moment # is to be Bold as a Lion.  In order to do that you need to find your courage.  Yes, courage!  I have blogged about this before but I need to mention it again because there are too many people going through life just sinking into what the world thinks they need to be instead of sinking in to WHO YOU WERE MADE TO BE!

I need to inspire each and every one of you to find your courage today and use it!  OK, so here is the how-to really start using it.  Step 1-prep yourself in your head before the act.  Almost like a run through of what you will say/do, etc.  Step 2-remember your confidence.  You are one of a kind and no one has what you have to offer so when you get to the place/point where you are nervous, tell yourself “I’m confident and I know I can do this.”  Step 3-take an action step.  Whether that means giving someone your contact information, inviting them to join your group of friends, stating you enjoyed their time and asking if they want to do it again, the key is ACTION.

Be bold as a Lion this week.  Find your courage and use it today!

Inspire Moment #59: Hamster Wheel

You’re running round and round in a hamster wheel and it seems like life never slows down for you to to get out.  Well, I have a surprise for you!  The world your living in is never going to slow down for you.  Nope, never.  Here is the deal…YOU have to make the choice to slow it down.  YOU have to make a change.  YOU have to throw a wrench in your wheel to take a step of faith and get out.  YOU can step out one foot at a time AND things will then begin to slow down.  YOU are the only one who can slow it down.

Inspire Moment #59 is about your Hamster Wheel.  Your circumstances may change day to day but one thing can remain the same and that is a healthy and balanced mindset.  I’m the strength and conditioning coach for your mind and that’s what I know.  Trust me on this!  If you feel the need to get out of your Hamster Wheel today, tomorrow, on Friday, whenever, the first step is to recognize that your in a wheel.  Become aware and address it!  Say to yourself “enough of this. I need a change and today I’m going to do x, y, and z to slow my wheel and step out.”  Even if you only do “x” and forget the “y and z” that is progress!

Take one step closer to the edge of the wheel to see all the peace and freedom that is resting outside waiting for you once you are ready step off.  Tell yourself you are ready and start today!  Make the choice and slow it down!

Inspire Moment #56: Find Your Courage

We all have it.  You just may not have used it in awhile, but it’s in there.  I’m talking about courage.  Inspire Moment #56 is Find Your Courage.  Dust it off.  Get it out from the pit of your stomach and use it!  Stop making excuses for NOT moving forward and be courageous!

When the hard times come and you feel like caving in.  You feel like giving up or you feel like giving in, Find Your Courage.  (sounds like a verse in song. lol) We ALL have it.  Some of us just use it more than others.  So let me ask you, when are you going to use it?? Huh?

Instead of blaming someone or something why you can’t do something, instead of worrying about how people will perceive you or what will happen, take a leap of faith and Find Your Courage!  Be bold and be courageous today!