Test It Out

Inspire Moment #106: Get Anchored

Do you realize HOW you start your day can make a huge impact on the WAY your day will go? Take Inspire Moment #106 and grant yourself some time today to Get Anchored before going out into the world.  When you take time each morning to get centered with your thoughts and focus on the positive, the seas will be much calmer and the waves won’t set you adrift.

Coach Angie’s suggestions below will help you get anchored before heading out to sea…

*Turn your Cell Phone on at 8am (That’s right, shut it off at night!)

*Stay in bed until you speak out loud “5 things I’m grateful for in my life right now are…”

*Take 10 deep breaths and sing out loud “Today is gonna be a great day!”

*Read a Devotional

*Expose any unhealthy thoughts by writing them out in your journal

WHEN you Get Anchored in WHO you are and WHAT you are living for before you head out, the day will go much smoother and you will have more peace!


Inspire Moment #94: Construction Zone

I am sure we have all passed or driven through a construction zone on the road once or twice.  Orange signs that tell us the area is under construction and to slow down. We probably even look more closely at the road and our surroundings to see what the construction is all about and what is being developed, no?

Inspire Moment #94 is about your Construction Zone and this summer I want to encourage you all to tear down, re-develop, and re-build your life in an area that needs focus just for this season.  Maybe there needs to be a Construction Zone in your personal life.  What that could mean is quitting some bad habits that don’t make you feel right inside.  Get rid of them!  It could also mean doing a cleanse of some sort…your body, your mind and emotions, your closet, whatever is not making the foundation (you) stronger, healthier, and exactly the way it feels inside.  There must be a balance!  Or maybe the job site for this summer for construction is in your professional life and not your personal life.  That could mean that the foundation is poured but your framework isn’t sturdy.  You may have to re-frame your thoughts in the professional Construction Zone by getting out of your own head.  Maybe it means looking at different blue prints, exploring different job sites, or working longer hours to see what steps to take in the development stage.

Being in the Construction Zone is a time to slow down and look closer into what is going on in that area of your life.  Please take some time this short summer season to tear down, re-develop, and re-build any areas that need construction because it’s all about have a solid foundation!

Inspire Moment #46: Stop All the “Shoulding”

It’s in our inner dialogue.  Sometimes we don’t even notice that we are doing it.  It’s often embarassing when we do it in front of others and when we don’t follow through on our actions.  Yes, that’s right, “shoulding!”  How many times a today have you “should” on yourself or even on someone else?

Inspire Moment #46 is to encourage you to Stop All the “Shoulding.”  “I should be doing…”  “I shouldn’t have said…”  It’s a tough habit to break, but you can.  Ok, so how do you stop it?  First you have to be aware that you are doing it to begin with.  Start to notice your “inner thoughts” and be mindful of what you are saying to yourself and how you are making others feel by “shoulding” on them.

It’s not very nice to should on someone else, so why are you going to should on yourself?  Remember Inspire Moment #46 and live it out.  Take action and start TODAY to Stop All the “Shoulding!” 

Inspire Moment #40: Control and Responsibility

Do you ever feel responsible to ensure people in your life that you care about are enjoying their life or taking care of themselves like they should?  As an Achiever, I did in the past and I learned from it.  Inspire Moment #40 is titled Control and Responsibility and I want to share what I learned.

When I took responsibility to make sure that “so-and-so” was having a good time or that they were “alright” was that it only put more pressure on my shoulders that wasn’t mine to have to begin with.  No one asked me to take “that” responsibility.  Why was I doing it?  Probably because I cared too much about the person and maybe because I wanted to make sure everything was under control.  Now there is nothing wrong with caring too much, you just have to learn that people aren’t like you and they won’t respond the way you would like them to.  People may not care the way you care. You have to Cut the Rope and let it go!

Another way to look at taking responsiblity all the time is that it may be doing harm to the person you are trying to help.  Here is what I mean…if we always pick up the slack, step in for them, be the Achiever that we are and make sure everything is ok, when will they ever grow up to take that responsibility for themselves?  When will they ever learn to be independent?  They may never.  They may never grow up.  They may never ever care as much about themselves as you care about them BUT, do you know what?  That isn’t your problem and it is isn’t your responsibility.  Tough pill to swallow but it’s the truth.

Just For Today “test out” letting go of that control in feeling responsible for it all.  See what happens!


Inspire Moment #28: Chance for Happiness

It’s everywhere you look!  I’m talking about the opportunity for happiness.  Inspire Moment #28 is a Chance for Happiness.  Did you know that you have been given chance after chance to feel happiness constantly throughout your day?  I bet you didn’t know that.  See the key is to look at those “things”, events, appointments, meetings, etc. that way!

Here is what I mean…whether you are driving to work in the morning, in the office, at a cafe doing your work thing, going on a lunch break, heading out to the gym for exercise, picking up stuff at the grocery store, bringing the kids to practice, etc. there is an opportunity for happiness in your life…if you look for it.  It doesn’t have to involve someone else so there is no excuse that you need something or someone to experience it.  In order to get the chance for it in life, you HAVE TO look at those task/chores/jobs as an opportunity for it…and the cool thing is you GET TO to do those things every single day.  You don’t HAVE TO….you GET TO find a chance for happiness every new day.

Starting thinking and speaking differently and your world will change.  Don’t believe me…test it out!


Inspire Moment #15: Put YOU on the List

“My to-do list keeps getting longer and longer with all the things that I need to get done.  I wonder if I will ever be finished with it all?”  Ever find yourself asking yourself those questions and thinking those thoughts?  So much to do achieve and get done, so little time.  My next question for you is this, are YOU on that list?

As Achievers I’m sure there are always tasks and goals that are set.  It keeps us busy and productive checking things off the list as we complete them.  My (IN)spire Moment for you this morning is to encourage YOU to be on that list as well.  Put your name on it too!  Perhaps seeing YOU written out as one of the priorities just like paying the bills, or running those errands are, will help you Achievers to take a break and to get back to center, who you really are.  The closer you are to center, the more balance and calmness you will feel in your life.  Go ahead, try it out today…just make sure YOU gets checked off!  YOU-Clean-Bank-Laundry, etc.

Inspire Moment #12: High Five

As I ran past joggers on my run this morning I put up my hand up indicating that I wanted to give that person a “high five” as we passed each other.  It was something different but why not give it a try to see what happens,right?  Well, two different times people responded and put their hand up to slap mine as we kept running.  It brought a smile to the other runner’s face and it could have brought even more on the (in)side. You never know!  I know it did for me. Just a little ounce of joy to start the day.

My (IN)spire Moment is for all of you Achievers out there is to give someone a “high five” today.  Watch to see how they respond AND how it makes you feel on the (in)side when you do.  The key is to check the (in)side, your heart and head, and how you react when you do it today because that will help you get back to being you and being balanced, and getting back to being you is just who you were made to be.  Simple as that. Enjoy today!