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Inspire Moment #94: Construction Zone

I am sure we have all passed or driven through a construction zone on the road once or twice.  Orange signs that tell us the area is under construction and to slow down. We probably even look more closely at the road and our surroundings to see what the construction is all about and what is being developed, no?

Inspire Moment #94 is about your Construction Zone and this summer I want to encourage you all to tear down, re-develop, and re-build your life in an area that needs focus just for this season.  Maybe there needs to be a Construction Zone in your personal life.  What that could mean is quitting some bad habits that don’t make you feel right inside.  Get rid of them!  It could also mean doing a cleanse of some sort…your body, your mind and emotions, your closet, whatever is not making the foundation (you) stronger, healthier, and exactly the way it feels inside.  There must be a balance!  Or maybe the job site for this summer for construction is in your professional life and not your personal life.  That could mean that the foundation is poured but your framework isn’t sturdy.  You may have to re-frame your thoughts in the professional Construction Zone by getting out of your own head.  Maybe it means looking at different blue prints, exploring different job sites, or working longer hours to see what steps to take in the development stage.

Being in the Construction Zone is a time to slow down and look closer into what is going on in that area of your life.  Please take some time this short summer season to tear down, re-develop, and re-build any areas that need construction because it’s all about have a solid foundation!

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