Lost Identity in Your Achievements? 

Challenges in Life?

If you answer YES to 3 or more Questions, Coach Angie can help!

  • Need help with goal setting/identifying your next steps?
  • Seeking change or facing a challenging transition?
  • Desire more balance between your work & personal life?
  • Work too much or know someone who does?
  • Need help motivating yourself/family/team/staff?
  • Has life become all about work/kids/sports/hobbies?
  • Focused on pleasing/taking care of others and not yourself?

We can help if you identify with any of the these challenges.  Coach Angie is a Strength Coach for the Mind (Certified Life Coach) who offers the following services:


  • Phone Sessions (20/30/60/90 minutes)
  • Coaching via E-mail
  • In-Person Coaching
  • Speaking (Groups/Events/Companies)
  • E-Books
  • Referral Rewards Program (Help Someone You Know/Help Yourself)
  • Inspire Moments (Blog)

Achiever Syndrome mentoring services in the field of life coaching and professional speaking will give you skills you can use throughout your life.


“Angela shared her story and encouraged San Diego Moms to re-frame their thinking and rediscover their purpose.  Her talk made an impact and helped us all think about ways we can make ourselves a priority. She provided reminders, actionable tips and inspiration. Angela has such a positive energy. She’s extremely caring and professional at the same time. Angela not only cared about her talk and presence at the event, she cared about me as a person. She was determined to learn all she could (about our audience) so she could make an impact to the moms at our event. It was pretty special to have her with us.” -Angela Q., Founder SD Mom’s Night Out