Courage Out of Left Field

Inspire Moment #59: Hamster Wheel

You’re running round and round in a hamster wheel and it seems like life never slows down for you to to get out.  Well, I have a surprise for you!  The world your living in is never going to slow down for you.  Nope, never.  Here is the deal…YOU have to make the choice to slow it down.  YOU have to make a change.  YOU have to throw a wrench in your wheel to take a step of faith and get out.  YOU can step out one foot at a time AND things will then begin to slow down.  YOU are the only one who can slow it down.

Inspire Moment #59 is about your Hamster Wheel.  Your circumstances may change day to day but one thing can remain the same and that is a healthy and balanced mindset.  I’m the strength and conditioning coach for your mind and that’s what I know.  Trust me on this!  If you feel the need to get out of your Hamster Wheel today, tomorrow, on Friday, whenever, the first step is to recognize that your in a wheel.  Become aware and address it!  Say to yourself “enough of this. I need a change and today I’m going to do x, y, and z to slow my wheel and step out.”  Even if you only do “x” and forget the “y and z” that is progress!

Take one step closer to the edge of the wheel to see all the peace and freedom that is resting outside waiting for you once you are ready step off.  Tell yourself you are ready and start today!  Make the choice and slow it down!

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Inspire Moment #58: The Congested Mind

Many people have been coming down with a cold this allergy season.  Lots of sneezing, watery eyes, and head congestion.  Many symptoms!  What most people would do when they aren’t physically feeling well is probably take some cold medicine, get some rest, maybe even go see the doctor.

So let me ask you this, what you do you when aren’t feeling mentally healthy?  Do you get some rest?  Do you go talk to someone about it?  Do you do anything or do you ignore it?  Inspire Moment #58 is about The Congested Mind.  When you have the symptoms of being mentally drained and congested what are you doing about it?  That’s it…WHAT are you doing about it?!  If the answer is nothing then something needs to change.  Something must be done if you have The Congested Mind.  Your mental health is just as important, if not more, than you physical health.  I want to encourage all of you at 12pm today, wherever you live, to go take the first step and become aware of your mind.  What is it congested with?  What kind of thoughts?  Please take a moment and listen to your inner thoughts.  You can get some of it our by writing it down, crying it out, or telling a loved one what’s all the congestion is about.

First step is to figure out today your state of awareness because The Congested Mind leaves no room for a joyful soul.





Out of Left Field

Inspire Moment #57: We All Take the Garbage Out

Check out Inspire Moment #57 video We All Take the Garbage Out!


Inspire Moment #56: Find Your Courage

We all have it.  You just may not have used it in awhile, but it’s in there.  I’m talking about courage.  Inspire Moment #56 is Find Your Courage.  Dust it off.  Get it out from the pit of your stomach and use it!  Stop making excuses for NOT moving forward and be courageous!

When the hard times come and you feel like caving in.  You feel like giving up or you feel like giving in, Find Your Courage.  (sounds like a verse in song. lol) We ALL have it.  Some of us just use it more than others.  So let me ask you, when are you going to use it?? Huh?

Instead of blaming someone or something why you can’t do something, instead of worrying about how people will perceive you or what will happen, take a leap of faith and Find Your Courage!  Be bold and be courageous today!


Inspire Moment #55: Take that Chance

Inspire Moment #55 is Take that Chance.  Go for it!  What is the worst that could happen if you just trusted your gut and took that chance?  Nothing!

Whether it is an opportunity to present your business idea to a bigger company, or ask the guy or girl out for coffee that you met at the supermarket, or ask for the promotion you have been working so hard for at work, trust yourself and move forward with the confidence that you are ready and Take that Chance.  Surround yourself with people that will lift you up and cheer you on to boost your confidence and take that step.  Again, what’s the worst thing that could happen?  You learn from your mistake?!  That’s awesome!  Now you will be more prepared next time.

Take that Chance today!  I dare you!!

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Inspire Moment #54: When it’s a Blizzard Outside

When it’s blizzard-like conditions outside of the home often times when you come back inside the home things can become a little messy.  Snow gets inside.  You bring the cold in with you.  The floor can get wet.  Maybe even can get a little dirty too.  The conditions inside can change because of the conditions outside.

Inspire Moment #54 is When’s It’s a Blizzard Outside.  What I would like you to do is think of the blizzard as the world you live in and think of inside where it’s nice and warm, as your heart and head.  The inspiration I want to encourage you with is to leave the blizzard conditions outside.  Leave it at the door!  No need to bring them into your home.  Try not to let the rough conditions of a blizzard (the world and all the things in it) sneak inside your home, that being your heart and your head.

If that means leaving your briefcase in the car, shutting your cell phone off at 7pm every night, shutting down your computer before dinner, whatever it takes to keep the blizzard outside, then do it.  Even if it’s J.F.T…just for today!


In the Zone

Inspire Moment #53: Knockout Punch

A knockout punch can finish a fight in the boxing ring.  It can end things in your favor and it can end things quickly.  The knockout punch is a tool that every fighter has in their bag.

So let me ask all you contenders in this ring of life, do you have the knockout punch in your bag?  This is the first round of the fight this week and I want to introduce to you Inspire Moment #53 Knockout Punch.  Are you prepared when you go into the ring to handle your competition?  If your competition is the negative thoughts floating around in your head, are you going to throw a jab or a KNOCKOUT punch to win the fight?

The competition will throw jabs at you left and right, round after round to bring your confidence down, deplete your self-esteem, etc.  Your competition will do everything it can to bring you to a place that is dark and lonely.

Recognize that TODAY.  As I have blogged about before, it’s all in your head.  I AM your strength and conditioning coach for your mind and I’m encouraging all of you fighters out there to throw the Knockout Punch.  If it’s been awhile since you’ve used it to knock out the negative thoughts, practice it this week, punch after punch until it’s second nature.  See it visually in your head and move forward to take the title today!



Inspire Moment #50: Stop Judging

Check out Inspire Moment #50 called Stop Judging!


Inspire Moment #52: I think I can, I think I can…

The little engine that could didn’t tell himself he wasn’t strong enough to get to get over that mountain.  He didn’t think to himself that he’ll never reach the top.  He was willing to try and with the right mindset, he succeeded!

Inspire Moment #52 is I think I can, I think I can.  So, let me ask you something…which mindset do you have?  Are you like the blue little engine who was willing to try or are you like one of the large engines in the roundhouse that thinks the job is too much to handle?  Think about it!  Your engine is your mind.  Are you willing to try and achieve balance in your life by stepping into something new or are you just going to tell yourself it’s too much work and pass by living to your full potential?  Is the check engine light on?

It starts in your head and it starts today.  If you need a little motivation, just start thinking like the little engine that DID, “I think I can, I think I can…”  And if you need a coach, you know just who to contact!

Change is Coming Opportunity Knocks

Inspire Moment #51: Reevaluate Your Time

Inspire Moment #51 is to encourage you to Reevaluate Your Time.  Is it time to reevaluate how you are spending your time?  Do you need to take a closer look and assess your time spending?  We assess our financial spending, or we should…but what about our time spending? How do we allocate that?  Is WHAT you are doing everyday HOW you want to be spending your time?  Why are you spending time on doing the things you are doing everyday?  Please THINK about that.  Can you answer that question?  What does spending time on doing those things bring you?  If you are unable to answer those questions, it’s probably the first indicator that you might be wasting you time on something.

Take the time to Reevaluate Your Time.  Even it’s if it’s JFT…Just for Today!