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Inspire Moment #112: Mental Baggage: Carry-On or Check it?

When we travel we have the option of checking our bags at the airport or carrying them on the airplane with us.  Upon arrival at the airport if our carry-on is oversized, we’re forced to check our bag.  Like a suitcase overfilled with clothes and shoes, our mind can be overfilled with thoughts.  Our lives are packed with appointments, activities, obligations, etc. and all of these generate thoughts.   Just as we can leave our baggage with an Attendant, wouldn’t it be great if you had an Attendant you could leave your mental baggage with? (worry, troubles, concerns, resentment, anger, etc.)

001The Attendant I trust in is God.  You may have a different Attendant, but if you don’t consider the benefits of having one.   Imagine being able to leave your cares, worries, anxieties, troubles, at the feet of an Attendant who will care for them on your behalf?

When my mental baggage begins to overflow I turn to Matthew 6:25.  “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you will wear.  Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?”

Regardless of where you find your inspiration, letting go of the mental baggage can help lighten the load, bring you peace and comfort, and allow you to fly care-free.






Inspire Moment #107: The Onion

Life is like an Onion…

Like the layers of an Onion, in Life you never know what chapters or layers might cause you to cry and tear up.  Some layers are thin while others are really thick.  Heck, that’s what happens when you peel an Onion, you cry!

So let me ask you this, if it’s OK to cry through the different layers of an Onion, how can you allow yourself to cry through different chapters in your Life?  Some chapters are much easier than others, while some seem like they take forever and get much harder as the days go by.  Other layers of life are a breeze, almost like the first layer you peel back of the Onion.  No sweat, that was easy!

Inspire Moment #107 is to help you give yourself a break and cry if you have to!  No matter how many layers you have to peel or tears you cry, I promise it’s all worth it.  Because when it’s all said and done, the more layers you experience the more flavorful your life will be!





Change is Coming Emotion Your Mentality

Inspire Moment #84: Keep Your Head Up

On my drive home today I saw a guy on his bicycle pedaling on the side of the road with his head down.  So I thought to myself, “he should pick his head up and watch where he is going.”  Then Inspire Moment #84 hit me to pay it forward to you…Keep Your Head Up!

Keep your head up on your journey through life.  If you look down you won’t be able to see what’s coming your way, good or bad.  Isn’t it better to keep your head up no matter how heavy it feels some days?  See, the key is to keep it up to anticipate if you need to slow down, stop, or change direction in life.  It sure beats looking down and never having any hope or idea of where you are going in your life.  It’s better to anticipate when to slow down or stop then to run right into something you want nothing to do with, right?

I hope the wheels are spinning in your head because that is the point of these Inspire Moment posts.  If you have been feeling down lately, a way to remember to Keep Your Head Up is to put a uplifting reminder in your cell phone or just keep reading my Inspire Moment posts.  If your head is already up and you’re feeling pretty good, increase you awareness and take notice of ways on how to grow deeper into that feeling.  That could be as simple as jotting down those ideas and letting them come to life.  See what happens!


Inspire Moment #61: Remember Your Smile

Inspire Moment #61 is about one of the most important things you can remember to put on in the morning.  Start your day right and watch the inspiration!


Inspire Moment #50: Stop Judging

Check out Inspire Moment #50 called Stop Judging!

Change is Coming Emotion

Inspire Moment #33: Just for Today…

Inspire Moment #33 is to encourage you to focus only on what’s on your daily agenda just for today.  That’s it.  Just today!  No sense in worrying about what you have to do tomorrow, today, when you will have plenty of time to think about those things tomorrow.

Repeat at the beginning or the end of your sentence “just for today” and see how it changes how you feel.  Maybe you will feel like you are putting less pressure on yourself?  Examples…I’m going to do try to do my best to get everything done…just for today.  Just for today…I’m not going to complain about x,y,z.  I’m going to focus 100% on that specific project…just for today.  Just for today…I’m not going to indulge in any unhealthy foods.  Are you getting the point?  Catching my drift?  Hope so! 

Now, just for today go try it out.  Good luck!

Emotion From the Inside Out

Inspire Moment #29: Make Your Moment Count

I love to journal every morning if I get the chance.  Get all that “stuff” that’s in my head out, whether it’s inspiring and positive or not!  It’s therapeutic for me to do it and when I go a couple days without writing I feel like I’m overflowing.  So, as I was writing this morning I came to Inspire Moment #28 Make Your Moment Count.

Life gets so busy.  We rush around from one task to the next, one appointment to the next.  You may feel in a rush to get stuff done before you can take a break or relax to feel better.  We won’t every be able to get everything done that we want to get done throughout the day BUT what we can do is put forth the best effort we can with the time we have and MAKE the MOMENT COUNT.  The moment you have may only be ten minutes or it could be an entire day.  What I need to inspire you to feel and LIVE is to MAKE YOUR MOMENT COUNT in your life.  Really think about being present in whatever you are doing for that moment.  Whether it’s doing the dishes, driving to work, folding laundry, hugging a loved one, giving someone a compliment, buying lunch, whatever.  MAKE YOUR MOMENT COUNT because your heart is beating and time is passing by, tick-tock-tick-tock, so why not be as present as you can be on that specific task you are doing just for that moment? 

It’s your life.  They are your moments.  Make them count today!


Emotion Test It Out

Inspire Moment #28: Chance for Happiness

It’s everywhere you look!  I’m talking about the opportunity for happiness.  Inspire Moment #28 is a Chance for Happiness.  Did you know that you have been given chance after chance to feel happiness constantly throughout your day?  I bet you didn’t know that.  See the key is to look at those “things”, events, appointments, meetings, etc. that way!

Here is what I mean…whether you are driving to work in the morning, in the office, at a cafe doing your work thing, going on a lunch break, heading out to the gym for exercise, picking up stuff at the grocery store, bringing the kids to practice, etc. there is an opportunity for happiness in your life…if you look for it.  It doesn’t have to involve someone else so there is no excuse that you need something or someone to experience it.  In order to get the chance for it in life, you HAVE TO look at those task/chores/jobs as an opportunity for it…and the cool thing is you GET TO to do those things every single day.  You don’t HAVE TO….you GET TO find a chance for happiness every new day.

Starting thinking and speaking differently and your world will change.  Don’t believe me…test it out!



Inspire Moment #25: Keep In Touch

Life gets busy and before you know it another week or month has gone by.  Time flies by and it becomes difficult to keep in touch with family and friends.  I want you to know that you have a choice in how you use your time.  Did you know that?  YOU decide how YOU use YOUR time.  In fact, you may have already made the decision that “life is too busy and I don’t have time now” to call that someone back.  You already created that negative mindset, so the likelihood of keeping in touch now is very slim because you are already thinking you don’t have time.  It goes back to you.  You have a choice.  CHANGE your thinking!

Inspire Moment #25 is to Keep In Touch.  It takes effort AND you have to.  Are you going to let your relationships suffer because you are too busy with work and doing other stuff?  When the credits role at the end of your movie, are you going to think…”I wish I spent more time working.”  Probably not!  You will probably think “I wish I spent more time getting to know so & so….or I never knew how important x,y,z is to Mom because I never made time to ask her about it.”  Take the time.  Make the time.  Keep in touch!  Maybe you are waiting for that person to return your call before you call again.  I say, call them again.  Who cares!  If it’s on your heart to reach out…again, then follow your heart.  Eventually that person will call you back and when they do, share how you feel about the disconnect.  It could touch their heart and help them get better at reaching out more.  A little goes a looooooong way.

When you begin to Keep In Touch, the touch that you have on someone else’s heart is incredible.  Make a difference.  Make the time! 


Inspire Moment #14: It Might Be a Sign

That feeling that gets your heart fluttering could just be the sign you need telling you it is time to take a step forward into the “uncomfortable” zone.  Today’s (IN)spire Moment is to encourage you to begin to notice when you start feeling anxious or nervous.  You are probably feeling that way because you are on the fence of your “comfort zone.”  I’m here to help you see that those feelings may just be a sign that it is time to grow.  Take some time today to recognize those signs and take a step forward.  See what happens next!