Change is Coming

Inspire Moment #109: No More Loose Change

Change is often scary for most people, even if it’s in a positive direction.  It’s uncertain.  It can sometimes throw you off course.  My motivation for you behind Inspire Moment #109 is to encourage you to re-frame your mindset to thinking of Change really being a Chance for you.  Get rid of the word Change from your vocabulary now (unless you’re breaking a dollar).  Replace it with the word Chance. A Chance, an opportunity, for things to shift in your life, a Chance for uncertainty (which breeds growth), a Chance to be thrown off course (could be better than where you thought you wanted to go).  The word Chance has a positive connotation.  If you think of any Change in your life as a Chance in your life, you will get through more challenges, temptations, curve balls, etc., much faster, stronger, and more positive that you ever have before.  Remember, everything you have done in your life started with a thought, and that’s one of the only things you have control over.  Let go, test it out, and take a Chance!

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Inspire Moment #93: Different Ways for Change

There are 293 different ways to make change for a dollar.  Did you know that?  Did you also know that there are hundreds of different ways to make change in your life?  Inspire Moment #93 is about Different Ways for Change and I want to plant some seeds in your mind on where to start.

The first step is to notice that you need or desire the change.  Know the goal!  It’s like being in your car knowing that you need to park it somewhere close.  There is only metered parking in the close area and all you have are dollar bills, no coins.  You are aware that you need some quarters, dimes, etc.  The goal is to make change for that dollar and get coins so you can park.  Now, if you can’t find a place to make change for that dollar then maybe that isn’t the right spot for you to park close.  Maybe that isn’t the right goal to set.  Maybe the goal isn’t to get coins but rather go to the parking garage where you can pay with dollar bills in your pocket.  Coach’s point – know the goal AND know that if one way doesn’t work then there are hundreds of other Different Ways for Change.

Step 2 is to see what you have to do accomplish that goal.  It’s one thing to know the goal.  It’s another to know what you have to do to get to the goal and steps to take.  So if you are able to get change for the dollar, now it’s figuring out what coins you are going to use.  Do you have all quarters?  Did you need any dimes?  Are there enough nickels if just want to park for thirty five minutes?  Coach’s point – acknowledge what you have now to meet the goal.  Do you have enough of….?  Courage?  Enough confidence?  Do you have enough support emotionally, mentally, and physically if you don’t?

Lastly, it’s important to acknowledge that you may need to make change to get change in your life.  Understand that you can make the change you desire but it might take you four steps or one hundred steps, and just like the quarters and pennies to make change for one dollar, there are Different Ways for Change!


Inspire Moment #85: How Does the Green Grass Grow?

They say the grass isn’t always greener.  You may have even stepped over to the “other side” and learned/saw that yourself recently that it is not as good/green as you thought it would be.  Yes?  No?  So if the grass isn’t greener, what is it about “it” that makes us want to go there and why do we think it is greener to begin with?   That brings me to the moment I had this morning, your Inspire Moment for today #85…How Does the Green Grass Grow?

As your Mental Strength & Conditioning Coach, my thinking is this…we think it is greener because we want something to grow in our own life.  We seek change in our life.  We desire something different in our life and we desire it now.  We need growth to happen.

So if you are someone who needs the green grass to grow in their life, here are some suggestions on how to start.  It’s all about your attitude and thinking!  We’re not going to the “other side” and heading over to someones else’s lawn. Rather, we are taking care of the green we have in our own life already.  1. Hydration – are you watering it? (are you taking care of yourself the best way you know how?)   2. Landscaping – are their too many weeds and dry spots with no grass at all. (is it time to eliminate the toxins in your life?) 3. Maintenance – do you fertilize it?  (do you work on the root of you?)  4. Enjoyment – do you take time to enjoy the beauty of it? (have you made time to enjoy the present?)

Just a little insight this morning to get the wheels spinning because we all need is an Inspire Moment every day.  Make it a great way and grow away!

Inspire Moment #84: Keep Your Head Up

On my drive home today I saw a guy on his bicycle pedaling on the side of the road with his head down.  So I thought to myself, “he should pick his head up and watch where he is going.”  Then Inspire Moment #84 hit me to pay it forward to you…Keep Your Head Up!

Keep your head up on your journey through life.  If you look down you won’t be able to see what’s coming your way, good or bad.  Isn’t it better to keep your head up no matter how heavy it feels some days?  See, the key is to keep it up to anticipate if you need to slow down, stop, or change direction in life.  It sure beats looking down and never having any hope or idea of where you are going in your life.  It’s better to anticipate when to slow down or stop then to run right into something you want nothing to do with, right?

I hope the wheels are spinning in your head because that is the point of these Inspire Moment posts.  If you have been feeling down lately, a way to remember to Keep Your Head Up is to put a uplifting reminder in your cell phone or just keep reading my Inspire Moment posts.  If your head is already up and you’re feeling pretty good, increase you awareness and take notice of ways on how to grow deeper into that feeling.  That could be as simple as jotting down those ideas and letting them come to life.  See what happens!

Inspire Moment #51: Reevaluate Your Time

Inspire Moment #51 is to encourage you to Reevaluate Your Time.  Is it time to reevaluate how you are spending your time?  Do you need to take a closer look and assess your time spending?  We assess our financial spending, or we should…but what about our time spending? How do we allocate that?  Is WHAT you are doing everyday HOW you want to be spending your time?  Why are you spending time on doing the things you are doing everyday?  Please THINK about that.  Can you answer that question?  What does spending time on doing those things bring you?  If you are unable to answer those questions, it’s probably the first indicator that you might be wasting you time on something.

Take the time to Reevaluate Your Time.  Even it’s if it’s JFT…Just for Today!


Inspire Moment #46: Stop All the “Shoulding”

It’s in our inner dialogue.  Sometimes we don’t even notice that we are doing it.  It’s often embarassing when we do it in front of others and when we don’t follow through on our actions.  Yes, that’s right, “shoulding!”  How many times a today have you “should” on yourself or even on someone else?

Inspire Moment #46 is to encourage you to Stop All the “Shoulding.”  “I should be doing…”  “I shouldn’t have said…”  It’s a tough habit to break, but you can.  Ok, so how do you stop it?  First you have to be aware that you are doing it to begin with.  Start to notice your “inner thoughts” and be mindful of what you are saying to yourself and how you are making others feel by “shoulding” on them.

It’s not very nice to should on someone else, so why are you going to should on yourself?  Remember Inspire Moment #46 and live it out.  Take action and start TODAY to Stop All the “Shoulding!” 

Inspire Moment #39: Turn Up the Volume

You know when you are in the car listening to the radio and your favorite song comes on?  What do you normally do when you hear it?  You probably do what Inspire Moment #39 is all about, you Turn Up the Volume!

If your life were the lyrics to your favorite song, would you turn up the volume?  Think about it.  I hope you would but if not that’s where I come in to inspire you to change.  Maybe it’s time to write some new lyrics in your life.  How could you do that?  Well, you could turn up the volume really loud in your own life that it starts to hurt your ears (and your head) so that you would have to make a change OR you can recognize right now that your life IS your favorite song and it is worth turning it up a few notches today!  Not tomorrow, TODAY!

You are the songwriter…do you want to hear and feel the harmony in your own life every single day?  You can today so Turn Up the Volume and start dancing!  It’s your life!!

Inspire Moment #33: Just for Today…

Inspire Moment #33 is to encourage you to focus only on what’s on your daily agenda just for today.  That’s it.  Just today!  No sense in worrying about what you have to do tomorrow, today, when you will have plenty of time to think about those things tomorrow.

Repeat at the beginning or the end of your sentence “just for today” and see how it changes how you feel.  Maybe you will feel like you are putting less pressure on yourself?  Examples…I’m going to do try to do my best to get everything done…just for today.  Just for today…I’m not going to complain about x,y,z.  I’m going to focus 100% on that specific project…just for today.  Just for today…I’m not going to indulge in any unhealthy foods.  Are you getting the point?  Catching my drift?  Hope so! 

Now, just for today go try it out.  Good luck!

Inspire Moment #21: Baby Step for Change

Inspire Moment #21 is about taking a Baby Step for Change.

The clients I coach tell me that staying in their comfort zone is so much easier than stepping outside of it and adapting to change in their life.    I tell my clients staying in my comfort zone is so limiting because you risk staying the same for the rest of you life. Who wants that?!  I sure hope you don’t because you know what?  You only have one chance to live your life.  This isn’t a dress rehearsal people. Carpe Diem!

You don’t have to take a HUGE step to see change, simply start with a baby step today and see how you do.  You may fall, but get back up and keep trying!

Inspire Moment #11: Out with the Old

Your (IN)spire Moment for today is to encourage you to let go off your old thoughts, old ways, and old habits.  Throw them out.  Get rid of them.  It may feel uncomfortable because it’s change in your daily patterns and routine, but just go with it and…SEE WHAT HAPPENS!   We know change isn’t always fun, but it definitely is needed to experience growth in our life.  Who doesn’t want to  personal growth in their life?  It’s scary sometimes because growth is often difficult to deal with WHEN YOU CHANGE as a person but everything around you remains the same.  The dynamics in your life will change when you let go of the old.  I’m here to encourage you to not let that fear of change keep you from forming new thoughts, new ways, and new habits in your life.

So toss that oldness in the garbage on your way out the door.  It certainly isn’t helping you have a true level of balance in your life with all of that old stuff, sticking around…so it’s time to let go of the old and replenish with the new.  New thoughts, new ways, new habits starting today!