Speaking PhotoAngie’s primary goal is to make an impact on the way you think about your life circumstances and leave you motivated, self-aware and eager to become the the change you seek. Be inspired and open-minded to welcome a new mindset and feel energized to embrace new possibilities. By sharing her survival story and asking thought provoking self-reflecting questions, Angie offers tools and techniques developed from the healing from the trauma and the system behind the Achiever Syndrome®.

The authenticity that surrounds the Achiever Syndrome® began in the spring of 2011 and resonates with professionals across the country.  Whether you relate to the Double Alpha or the Blissful face of the Achiever Syndrome, or you simply desire to make changes in your life, Angie wants to leave others with hope and awareness to believe that it is never to late to change your life. According to Angie, achieving balance starts from healing within.

Whether to shift your perspective on work or something in your personal life, understand what it means to “Be the Lion” and act as if, challenge the current circumstance of your life experience, or figure out how test out a new method or approach to fulfill achievements, Angie has the ability to help.

Speaking Testimonials

“Angela spoke to a group of moms at one of our events. She shared her story and encouraged San Diego Moms to re-frame their thinking and rediscover their purpose.  Her talk made an impact and helped us all think about ways we can make ourselves a priority. She provided reminders, actionable tips and inspiration. Angela has such a positive energy. She’s extremely caring and professional at the same time. Angela not only cared about her talk and presence at the event, she cared about me as a person. She was determined to learn all she could (about our audience) so she could make an impact to the moms at our event. It was pretty special to have her with us.” -Angela Q., Founder SD Mom’s Night Out

“Angela offered the San Marcos Chamber and our Networking group wonderful inspiration and insights, and brought a wealth of information on successful marketing and network success.  We really appreciated her time and expertise.” -S.Kildo, Interim CEO San Marcos Chamber of Commerce, California

“Had SUCH a great night with my Rodan + Fields team and motivational speaker Angela!  This young woman is a true inspiration.  It is so easy to get stuck in the monotony of the day to day grind, but life is way too short.  If you are not doing something that makes you truly happy, I encourage you to have a conversation with her.”  -M.McCarthy, Rodan + Fields Dermatologists Level V Consultant

“Thank YOU!  Your presentation was very inspiring and I am so happy we have been part of your journey.  I am going to start following your blog so I can keep in touch as it progresses.” – E.Scholes, Chair of the Spring Fantasy Luncheon, The Parent Connection

“Thank you Angela!  Your insight & story inspired us all RealFit Studios. We each walked away with a little different perspective & a small, doable action list. So happy you could stop in to speak with us during your east coast visit! What a treat!”  -D.Chapman, RealFit Studios in NJ