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Inspire Moment #110: Pre-Game Warm-Up

Whether you’re playing in a local pick-up game, the next World Cup Final, or giving a listing presentation to a new client that wants to sell their home, a Pre-Game Warm-Up can make all the difference.  When your shot gets blocked or your presentation isn’t going well and you have lost focus, having pre-set mentality can ensure you stay focused when the going gets tough and you feel frazzled.

Being in the right frame of mind is essential in any circumstance. To prepare yourself mentally, visualize yourself performing at an optimum level, think through all and every possible challenge and those scenarios, prepare yourself for objections that will come your way, and having a Pre-Game Warm-Up will help you focus and win.  Don’t just trust me, try it for yourself and see what happens!

In the Zone Inspiration

Inspire Moment #108: Twenty-Second Time Out

They have them in NBA and NCAA basketball games, the Twenty-Second Time Out.  It is a halt in the game that is called at a strategically important point.  Inspire Moment #108 is about the Twenty-Second Time Out in your game, Your Life.  The questions I want you to ask yourself today is this…

1) When do you take a halt in the game (of life) your playing in to think strategy? 

If you’re in it to win it, what’s going to be different about today?  Dwell upon having a more peaceful and joyful strategy.  Because, you know what?  It’s not just another day! (that’s the way I think at least)…It’s a NEW DAY to try a NEW strategy of doing, of acting, of serving, and all you need is a Twenty Second Time Out to start thinking that way.  

2) When is the best time(s) for you to take your Twenty Second Time Out(s)? 

Find the time.  The worst time of the day could very well be the best time of day for you to take twenty seconds.  If you don’t have a stop watch handy, I have a suggestion!  Put your hand on your heart for twenty beats and rest in YOU and your strategy for today because before you know it you will be back to the game of life…and life can change in Twenty Seconds!

So let’s take some action!  Why not take a Twenty Second Time Out right now?  Start by taking a big deep breath in, and then release.  You have plenty of time and when you are done, return for more Inspire Moments.

In the Zone Test It Out

Inspire Moment #94: Construction Zone

I am sure we have all passed or driven through a construction zone on the road once or twice.  Orange signs that tell us the area is under construction and to slow down. We probably even look more closely at the road and our surroundings to see what the construction is all about and what is being developed, no?

Inspire Moment #94 is about your Construction Zone and this summer I want to encourage you all to tear down, re-develop, and re-build your life in an area that needs focus just for this season.  Maybe there needs to be a Construction Zone in your personal life.  What that could mean is quitting some bad habits that don’t make you feel right inside.  Get rid of them!  It could also mean doing a cleanse of some sort…your body, your mind and emotions, your closet, whatever is not making the foundation (you) stronger, healthier, and exactly the way it feels inside.  There must be a balance!  Or maybe the job site for this summer for construction is in your professional life and not your personal life.  That could mean that the foundation is poured but your framework isn’t sturdy.  You may have to re-frame your thoughts in the professional Construction Zone by getting out of your own head.  Maybe it means looking at different blue prints, exploring different job sites, or working longer hours to see what steps to take in the development stage.

Being in the Construction Zone is a time to slow down and look closer into what is going on in that area of your life.  Please take some time this short summer season to tear down, re-develop, and re-build any areas that need construction because it’s all about have a solid foundation!

In the Zone Your Mentality

Inspire Moment #92: Get In-Focus

You know when you quickly snap a photo on your digital camera or push the button on your Smart Phone to take a photo that sometimes the image is not in focus?  It comes out blurry.  You probably then take time to adjust the lens or wait until the image is clear on the Smart Phone before you click the button again, right?  Well, sometimes in life we can get out of focus too. We may know the goal(s) we want to achieve, or the picture we want to shoot, but they may be a little blurry so we must take some time to Get In-Focus, like Inspire Moment #92 suggests.

Whether in your personal life to lose weight or professionally to get back in the saddle to get your business organized, we all need to Get In-Focus sometimes.  So how do we do it?  Here are a couple of Coach’s suggestions to start –

1. Think about your thoughts of what you want to accomplish and write them out as goals.  Get them out on paper.  It doesn’t matter how messy your handwriting is or even if you are jotting them down on a paper napkin, get them out!  You wouldn’t carry your camera around with you all day at the zoo just thinking about taking photos.  You would actually take photos so you can see and print them.  Again, get the goals out!

2. Let go of any noise or mental waste that will keep you from focusing on the goals.  If you don’t like the backdrop of the photo you are taking at the zoo, don’t take the photo there.  Move over to the right a little more or go to the Lion’s Den where you know you love to shoot photos and feel your best.  Example- Don’t ever say “I could never do that.  That’s way over my head.”  If the mental waste is in your head it will be harder to get through it.   Just get rid of all of it by changing what you are thinking about and Get In-Focus.  No need for extra noise in life!

3. Hydrate your mind with In-Focus thoughts and ideas.  If your camera is out of film, you have too many photos on the card, or your Smart Phone doesn’t have enough memory to take pictures of the Shark Tank at the Zoo, then delete old photos so you can take new shots to Get YOU In-Focus.  Sometimes goals that are in our head on the back burner need to be tossed out or they just still need to simmer on the back burner for some time.  The goal of step three is to hydrate your mind with current, right now, this is what I want to accomplish, goals and objectives.

Courage In the Zone

Inspire Moment #90: Stuck in Comfort

Let’s think of the “comfort zone” as always driving around in the neighborhood and never getting on the highway to venture out to experience new things in life.  The comfort zone is a place that many like to hang out.   Things are familiar.  You know people in town.  It feels safe.  You know best the route to get around town.   It’s a good place to be and it’s easy to stay put when everything is comfortable, right?

Hopefully I ignite something inside of you by introducing you to Inspire Moment #90, Stuck in Comfort.  Sure it’s comfortable to stay in that “zone” but isn’t it also a place where you can get complacent?  And isn’t being complacent a place that gets comfortable too?  My motivation today is to get you “un-stuck” and onto your highway of life!    Not someone else’s!  The highway you get on might be five or six lanes like the expressways in Southern California or could be two lanes, and just that small lane change is intense enough for you now.  And you know what? That’s okay!

My suggested action step is to get you onto your highway on-ramp today, tomorrow, or this week!  Ok, so how do we do that?  Maybe that means venturing on your highway without a specific destination in mind.  Just go! Maybe it means traveling on a different highway that has a construction zone to help you slow down your life.  Just go!

Sometimes the first step is the hardest, but please know that this step outside of your “comfort zone” and into your new “venture zone” is one of the best steps you can make for balance in life.  Take from me, Coach Angela!

In the Zone

Inspire Moment #72: Pivot Foot

For those of you that know anything about basketball, I’m sure you know what your pivot foot is.  For those of you who don’t, it’s when you stop your dribble you can move but only by using one foot, your pivot foot.  You can step with the other foot as long as the pivot foot is planted, you can spin on your pivot foot to see different parts of the court and to see what teammate is open to pass the ball to, etc.

Well, Inspire Moment #72 is Pivot Foot.  Imagine you are the one with the ball that has stopped the dribble.  You might be thinking you’re stuck and helpless, but I want you to “flip the switch” and change your mind-set.  You aren’t stuck.  You just have a new way of looking at your circumstance.  You now have your Pivot Foot and you can spin, step, etc. to see a new perspective in this game of life.  It may not be the way you are used to playing, but the game isn’t over.

The Pivot Foot is a great tool to have in your bag.  So whenever you feel stuck, just rely on and use your Pivot Foot to keep the ball moving in your game of life.

In the Zone

Inspire Moment #69: Stay Hydrated

Life is a journey!  Make sure to take time along the way to refuel.  Whether you’re walking, biking, running, or hiking, remember Inspire Moment #69: Stay Hydrated.

Now, you are probably thinking I’m talking about drinking enough water.  Well yes that’s important, but it is not the inspiration behind #69.  What I am suggesting is for you to Stay Hydrated mentally.  OK, so what does that mean?!  It means shake up your routine, take more time-outs in the game of life to re-think about WHAT you are doing with it, look at how you use your time (like I blogged about recently Magnifying Your Time), step into the uncomfortable zone once a week, make the procrastination list of things to do the top priority tomorrow.  Stay hydrated!

Just like you stay hydrated physically you must Stay Hydrated mentally in your journey!

In the Zone

Inspire Moment #65: At the Peak

The best time to switch things up and try something new in your life isn’t always when you are at the bottom and desire, crave, or need change, but rather when you are At the Peak and things are going really well in your life.

Inspire Moment #65 is At the Peak and I hope it encourages you to try something new and shake it up when you are “in the zone” and at a happy content place in your life.  At the Peak is a place where you will perform higher and begin to see and live in your full potential.

Things have to change sometime in order to grow and whether you want to grow or not, things will change.  Inspire Moment #65 is suggesting At the Peak!

Confidence In the Zone

Inspire Moment #62: Life is Simple

Inspire Moment #62 is easy…Life is Simple.  Repeat after me, Life is Simple.

Now, we all have stress in our life.  That is a given.  It’s a fact of life.  However, the way we handle stress is something we can manage. What do you think about that?  Maybe you aren’t sure what the best way is to manage your levels of stress but here is one thing I want you to think about…maybe what is causing the stress on you is you, your mind, and what’s in your head?

What if you began saying and thinking “Life is Simple?”  Even with all the deadlines, errands to run, obligations, list of things to do, etc., what if you just told yourself that?  I have “tested it out” and when I begin to feel overwhelmed I just double the dose.  Because you know what?  It’s all in your head!  The circumstances that are bringing the stress to your mind and body sometimes cannot be changed.  You might be stuck in a situation that you cannot control.  What can change and control is how you manage the way you think about the circumstances, deadlines, errands, obligations, lists, etc.  Are you catching my drift?!  Try it out!

Life is Simple.  Life is Simple.  Life is Simple.  Don’t let another day go by in your life, in your head, telling you otherwise.

In the Zone

Inspire Moment #53: Knockout Punch

A knockout punch can finish a fight in the boxing ring.  It can end things in your favor and it can end things quickly.  The knockout punch is a tool that every fighter has in their bag.

So let me ask all you contenders in this ring of life, do you have the knockout punch in your bag?  This is the first round of the fight this week and I want to introduce to you Inspire Moment #53 Knockout Punch.  Are you prepared when you go into the ring to handle your competition?  If your competition is the negative thoughts floating around in your head, are you going to throw a jab or a KNOCKOUT punch to win the fight?

The competition will throw jabs at you left and right, round after round to bring your confidence down, deplete your self-esteem, etc.  Your competition will do everything it can to bring you to a place that is dark and lonely.

Recognize that TODAY.  As I have blogged about before, it’s all in your head.  I AM your strength and conditioning coach for your mind and I’m encouraging all of you fighters out there to throw the Knockout Punch.  If it’s been awhile since you’ve used it to knock out the negative thoughts, practice it this week, punch after punch until it’s second nature.  See it visually in your head and move forward to take the title today!