Change is Coming Out of Left Field

Inspire Moment #85: How Does the Green Grass Grow?

They say the grass isn’t always greener.  You may have even stepped over to the “other side” and learned/saw that yourself recently that it is not as good/green as you thought it would be.  Yes?  No?  So if the grass isn’t greener, what is it about “it” that makes us want to go there and why do we think it is greener to begin with?   That brings me to the moment I had this morning, your Inspire Moment for today #85…How Does the Green Grass Grow?

As your Mental Strength & Conditioning Coach, my thinking is this…we think it is greener because we want something to grow in our own life.  We seek change in our life.  We desire something different in our life and we desire it now.  We need growth to happen.

So if you are someone who needs the green grass to grow in their life, here are some suggestions on how to start.  It’s all about your attitude and thinking!  We’re not going to the “other side” and heading over to someones else’s lawn. Rather, we are taking care of the green we have in our own life already.  1. Hydration – are you watering it? (are you taking care of yourself the best way you know how?)   2. Landscaping – are their too many weeds and dry spots with no grass at all. (is it time to eliminate the toxins in your life?) 3. Maintenance – do you fertilize it?  (do you work on the root of you?)  4. Enjoyment – do you take time to enjoy the beauty of it? (have you made time to enjoy the present?)

Just a little insight this morning to get the wheels spinning because we all need is an Inspire Moment every day.  Make it a great way and grow away!

Out of Left Field

Inspire Moment #71: Indulge in Life

Inspire Moment #71 is to Indulge in Life.  Ok, so imagine your mind is going to a buffet.  You are ready to take it all in.  Take in as much as you want.  Over-induldge.  Embrace each opportunity to try something new that you haven’t had before.  Along the way, you might learn as you open your mind to different flavors aka experiences in life, that you learn something new about yourself that you didn’t know.  You might actually like the green beans aka a new experience you once thought you hated.

I might be going a little far with this one but think about it…if your mind is at the buffet it wouldn’t just indulge in the buttered rolls would it?  It would probably try the eggplant, some fish, probably pasta, and save room for swirls of ice cream with toppings.  You would probably go back for seconds!

So let me ask you, can you “flip the switch” in your head to imagine that your mind is at the buffet every day?  Could you?  Could you be even more open to the different experiences and opportunities that present themselves?  Could you feel safe in knowing that having an open-mind into try new experiences can bring more balance into your life?  Could you feel confident in knowing that indulging in life is okay and that it helps you get to know who you truly are?

If you have to put on an elastic waistband to remember to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your mind, then do it today and Indulge in Life.  Remember, you’re at the buffet!

Courage Out of Left Field

Inspire Moment #59: Hamster Wheel

You’re running round and round in a hamster wheel and it seems like life never slows down for you to to get out.  Well, I have a surprise for you!  The world your living in is never going to slow down for you.  Nope, never.  Here is the deal…YOU have to make the choice to slow it down.  YOU have to make a change.  YOU have to throw a wrench in your wheel to take a step of faith and get out.  YOU can step out one foot at a time AND things will then begin to slow down.  YOU are the only one who can slow it down.

Inspire Moment #59 is about your Hamster Wheel.  Your circumstances may change day to day but one thing can remain the same and that is a healthy and balanced mindset.  I’m the strength and conditioning coach for your mind and that’s what I know.  Trust me on this!  If you feel the need to get out of your Hamster Wheel today, tomorrow, on Friday, whenever, the first step is to recognize that your in a wheel.  Become aware and address it!  Say to yourself “enough of this. I need a change and today I’m going to do x, y, and z to slow my wheel and step out.”  Even if you only do “x” and forget the “y and z” that is progress!

Take one step closer to the edge of the wheel to see all the peace and freedom that is resting outside waiting for you once you are ready step off.  Tell yourself you are ready and start today!  Make the choice and slow it down!

Out of Left Field

Inspire Moment #57: We All Take the Garbage Out

Check out Inspire Moment #57 video We All Take the Garbage Out!

From the Inside Out Out of Left Field

Inspire Moment #49: Make the Time Today

You have a choice in how you use your time.  You have a choice in what you think about.  You have a choice in your attitude.  You have a choice in a lot of things throughout the day.

Inspire Moment #49 is Make the Time Today.  Make better use of your time today. Make the time to listen more intently today.  Make the time to care more today.  Make the time to choose your attitude.  Make the time to love more today.  Make the time to call people instead of text today.  Make the time to shut out the world when you need to today.  Make the time to be alone today.  Make the time to cry today.  Make the time to laugh out loud today.  Make the time to just be you today.

Once you Make the Time Today you will learn you have more of it.

In the Zone Out of Left Field

Inspire Moment #45: Trapeze Act

Inspire Moment #45 Trapeze Act is to get you to take a look at your daily life.  The day to day operations of your life.  From the minute you get out of bed to the time you rest your head on the pillow at night.  Are you swinging from one event to the next, back and forth, like a trapeze act with little or no time to pause or take a break?  Think about it!

As Achievers we are usually on the go trying to accomplish tasks and goals, and often times feeling discontent during the act. Whether it’s getting all the work done at the office or making sure everything is clean before the kids get home from school, we are always moving.  We want to try and get everything else done, but usually that doesn’t mean time for ourselves.

Your life is a circus and sometimes you need to get off the swing and take a break for intermission to re-group and re-energize.  When will you take intermission today?  Even if it’s J.F.T…just for today!

Out of Left Field

Inspire Moment #30: Head Out the Window

Have you ever seen a dog with it’s head out the car window while the car is travelling?   They just look like they are in heaven with their tongue flopped to the side, eyes wide open, fur tight against their face, moving forward with the wind blowing.  They don’t care how they are acting, what they look like, etc. They just look joyful!  What a feeling it must be for them!

Inspire Moment #30 is about experiencing that feeling of having your Head Out the Window.  The feeling to just let everything go to be you and to keep moving forward no matter if your “tongue flops to the side” or your “eyes are wide open.”  Just take that risk today and get your Head Out the Window.  Heck, if you want to physically do it, it might be exactly what you need today!

Out of Left Field

Inspire Moment #16: Chip Away

Today’s (IN)spire Moment is to encourage you to chip away at the nonsense that builds up in life.  Try to poke through all of that “stuff” so you can get back to the root of you.  The root is your center and it often times hold the WHY.  The reason WHY you are feeling a certain way, the reason WHY things aren’t working out the way you had thought, or the reason WHY you are stuck in a funk.  When you take time to chip away at all the stuff that takes your focus off of the root center (your mind and heart), you usually get back to a place that feels right.  Exactly where you are supposed to be.