Lost Identity in Your Achievements? 

You are suffering from the Achiever Syndrome® if  you answer “yes” to three or more of these questions…

  • Work too much or know someone who does? 
  • Relegated personal health to the back burner?
  • Feel overwhelmed by your work or personal challenges?
  • Addiction related issues or challenges?
  • Need more time for yourself outside of work or school?
  • Desire a better balance between your work and personal life?
  • Taking on too much responsibility?
  • Lost your identity in your achievements?
  • Focused on helping others to your own detriment?
  • Lacking contentment in your current circumstances? 

Keep reading to learn more about the Achiever Syndrome® or if it already seems clear that you have it,  Click Here to take action and change your life now!

The Achiever Syndrome® is concept I trademarked in June 2013 through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The syndrome is serious and many people identify with it. Ultimately, The Achiever Syndrome® is believing that your achievements define your self-worth. The myth is, if you achieve more you are loved more. Sorry to break the news, but that is NOT the case. I defined the concept in my 30’s and suffered from it since my high school days. Listen, it doesn’t matter how many goals you’ve reached, how much money you have in the bank account, how you’ve climbed the corporate ladder of success, won all the trophies, raised perfect kids, etc., your self-worth and value is never found in those achievements or anyone’s approval or anything else. Period. There are hundreds of thousands people in the world that have no self-love, because they never learned what love it. I was one of them! I wasn’t loved the way I needed when I was younger, and so my mind decided and my brain built a connection that if I achieved more I will be loved more. I was constantly in a striving mindset, which wasn’t healthy for my nervous system. If I finished first, hit the sales quota, reached every goal, then I would receive the love I seek. Nope. Never came, it never will. It’s the same for you. That’s because achievements and success is not equal to love. It’s no ones fault you weren’t loved the way you needed. It is your fault if you choose to believe the lie that your successes determine and/or decide your worth and if you are loved “enough” by others. If you are unable to BE STILL and rest your mind and know within yourself that you are enough and loved without any the accolades, money, successes, cars, nice things, you have The Achiever Syndrome® and you can get help.

The Achiever Syndrome® is the outcome of having an unhealthy focus of accomplishing professional and personal goals, that results in inner discontentment and an unbalanced life.  There is little time “outside of work” because the “work” whether it’s in the office or at home taking care of a family, has become your identity.  When that happens there is a strong disconnect between what you are doing with your life everyday, and what you truly desire for your life and how you want to live it.  You know when you have the Achiever Syndrome® because you have lost yourself in the work, the kids, the money, the success, etc. and you experience inner discontentment, despite the achievements.

The Achiever Syndrome® first began in the Spring of 2011.  It personifies people like Coach Angie, a former “Double Alpha.”  The Double Alpha is an Achiever.  Someone focused on achieving goals, personal and/or professional, that other key areas of life get put on the back burner.  The unhealthy focus on outer achievements can lead to an unbalanced life.  They are successful and often find themselves feeling unsettled until everything on their ”to do” list is accomplished.  The Double Alpha is always striving and they find it difficult to relax.  Their personal and/or professional goals and commitments are somewhat fulfilling, but a deeper level of personal joy and happiness is difficult to find within the soul of this Achiever.

If you do not identify with the Double Alpha, then perhaps you relate to the other face of the Achiever Syndrome®, called the Blissful.  The Blissful is an Achiever who is content and comfortable with where they are in life, but lack the motivation, guidance, and drive to meet their goals and/or take that next step in life.  A daily struggle for the Blissful is a lack of assertiveness to take that next step.  They “feel lost” and desire a change in their life.

We can all relate to a face of the Achiever Syndrome® and Angela describes other types of the Double Alpha and Blissful types as the Go-Getter, Activator, Pleaser, Burn Out, Competitor, Tunnel Vision, Bubble, & Blurry.

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