Opportunity Knocks

Inspire Moment #83: The Best Investment

The stock market fluctuates day to day.  High’s and low’s.  Good times and bad.  You still make a decision to invest in though even with the risk involved.  Kind of like we need to do in life, right?

Inspire Moment #83 is about The Best Investment.  I’m talking about YOU!  If your life was “the stock market” would you make an investment in it?  Would you take a leap of faith and buy stock in it?  YOU are the best investment!  With that investment comes highs and lows.  Good times and bad.  Your “interest rate” could be down for a quarter.  But you know what?  That’s ok!  The market will fluctuate and go back up.  The key is to make The Best Investment in YOU today and not wait around for things to fall into your lap.

Ok, so what does that mean?  It means running five minutes longer.  It means reading five minutes longer.  It means resting for five minutes longer.  It means a lot of things because there is a lot to invest in your market.  You know the market best so take a closer look at the needs and make the The Best Investment in you today!

Inspire Moment #51: Reevaluate Your Time

Inspire Moment #51 is to encourage you to Reevaluate Your Time.  Is it time to reevaluate how you are spending your time?  Do you need to take a closer look and assess your time spending?  We assess our financial spending, or we should…but what about our time spending? How do we allocate that?  Is WHAT you are doing everyday HOW you want to be spending your time?  Why are you spending time on doing the things you are doing everyday?  Please THINK about that.  Can you answer that question?  What does spending time on doing those things bring you?  If you are unable to answer those questions, it’s probably the first indicator that you might be wasting you time on something.

Take the time to Reevaluate Your Time.  Even it’s if it’s JFT…Just for Today!


Inspire Moment #47: You Have to Start Somewhere

Check out Inspire Moment #47 You Have to Start Somewhere!

Inspire Moment #1: Fresh Start

Happy New Year everyone!

You have a fresh clean plate…what are you hungry for?

Your canvas is blank…what creative juices are flowing inside of you to paint?

You have a full tank of gas in the car…where have you been dreaming of driving to?

You just received a airline voucher to travel anywhere in the world…where are you going?

Today is a fresh start and my (IN)spire Moment for you is to look (in)side you to take time and think about how you would answer those questions.  Let your imagination run wild. No one is stopping you from thinking big, only you.  The more your thoughts are in line with the answers to these questions (which you will find in your heart), the more likely they are to happen.  Go ahead, test it out!