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Inspire Moment #94: Construction Zone

I am sure we have all passed or driven through a construction zone on the road once or twice.  Orange signs that tell us the area is under construction and to slow down. We probably even look more closely at the road and our surroundings to see what the construction is all about and what is being developed, no?

Inspire Moment #94 is about your Construction Zone and this summer I want to encourage you all to tear down, re-develop, and re-build your life in an area that needs focus just for this season.  Maybe there needs to be a Construction Zone in your personal life.  What that could mean is quitting some bad habits that don’t make you feel right inside.  Get rid of them!  It could also mean doing a cleanse of some sort…your body, your mind and emotions, your closet, whatever is not making the foundation (you) stronger, healthier, and exactly the way it feels inside.  There must be a balance!  Or maybe the job site for this summer for construction is in your professional life and not your personal life.  That could mean that the foundation is poured but your framework isn’t sturdy.  You may have to re-frame your thoughts in the professional Construction Zone by getting out of your own head.  Maybe it means looking at different blue prints, exploring different job sites, or working longer hours to see what steps to take in the development stage.

Being in the Construction Zone is a time to slow down and look closer into what is going on in that area of your life.  Please take some time this short summer season to tear down, re-develop, and re-build any areas that need construction because it’s all about have a solid foundation!

Inspire Moment #93: Different Ways for Change

There are 293 different ways to make change for a dollar.  Did you know that?  Did you also know that there are hundreds of different ways to make change in your life?  Inspire Moment #93 is about Different Ways for Change and I want to plant some seeds in your mind on where to start.

The first step is to notice that you need or desire the change.  Know the goal!  It’s like being in your car knowing that you need to park it somewhere close.  There is only metered parking in the close area and all you have are dollar bills, no coins.  You are aware that you need some quarters, dimes, etc.  The goal is to make change for that dollar and get coins so you can park.  Now, if you can’t find a place to make change for that dollar then maybe that isn’t the right spot for you to park close.  Maybe that isn’t the right goal to set.  Maybe the goal isn’t to get coins but rather go to the parking garage where you can pay with dollar bills in your pocket.  Coach’s point – know the goal AND know that if one way doesn’t work then there are hundreds of other Different Ways for Change.

Step 2 is to see what you have to do accomplish that goal.  It’s one thing to know the goal.  It’s another to know what you have to do to get to the goal and steps to take.  So if you are able to get change for the dollar, now it’s figuring out what coins you are going to use.  Do you have all quarters?  Did you need any dimes?  Are there enough nickels if just want to park for thirty five minutes?  Coach’s point – acknowledge what you have now to meet the goal.  Do you have enough of….?  Courage?  Enough confidence?  Do you have enough support emotionally, mentally, and physically if you don’t?

Lastly, it’s important to acknowledge that you may need to make change to get change in your life.  Understand that you can make the change you desire but it might take you four steps or one hundred steps, and just like the quarters and pennies to make change for one dollar, there are Different Ways for Change!


Inspire Moment #92: Get In-Focus

You know when you quickly snap a photo on your digital camera or push the button on your Smart Phone to take a photo that sometimes the image is not in focus?  It comes out blurry.  You probably then take time to adjust the lens or wait until the image is clear on the Smart Phone before you click the button again, right?  Well, sometimes in life we can get out of focus too. We may know the goal(s) we want to achieve, or the picture we want to shoot, but they may be a little blurry so we must take some time to Get In-Focus, like Inspire Moment #92 suggests.

Whether in your personal life to lose weight or professionally to get back in the saddle to get your business organized, we all need to Get In-Focus sometimes.  So how do we do it?  Here are a couple of Coach’s suggestions to start –

1. Think about your thoughts of what you want to accomplish and write them out as goals.  Get them out on paper.  It doesn’t matter how messy your handwriting is or even if you are jotting them down on a paper napkin, get them out!  You wouldn’t carry your camera around with you all day at the zoo just thinking about taking photos.  You would actually take photos so you can see and print them.  Again, get the goals out!

2. Let go of any noise or mental waste that will keep you from focusing on the goals.  If you don’t like the backdrop of the photo you are taking at the zoo, don’t take the photo there.  Move over to the right a little more or go to the Lion’s Den where you know you love to shoot photos and feel your best.  Example- Don’t ever say “I could never do that.  That’s way over my head.”  If the mental waste is in your head it will be harder to get through it.   Just get rid of all of it by changing what you are thinking about and Get In-Focus.  No need for extra noise in life!

3. Hydrate your mind with In-Focus thoughts and ideas.  If your camera is out of film, you have too many photos on the card, or your Smart Phone doesn’t have enough memory to take pictures of the Shark Tank at the Zoo, then delete old photos so you can take new shots to Get YOU In-Focus.  Sometimes goals that are in our head on the back burner need to be tossed out or they just still need to simmer on the back burner for some time.  The goal of step three is to hydrate your mind with current, right now, this is what I want to accomplish, goals and objectives.

Inspire Moment #91: The Spirit Inside You

It takes you over like a blustering gust of wind.  Sometimes you don’t feel it coming but when it hits, it sure is powerful.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  That feeling that comes over you to ignite your entire being.  Pushing you to take that step to do something for someone or about something, in your own life or the people around you.  If you don’t know what that feeling inside of you is called, welcome to Inspire Moment #91, The Spirit Inside You.

The spirit just came alive in me at Panera Bread just now when I saw an older lady with an O2 tank and cane waiting for her food at the counter.  I glanced because I was just going to the counter to a napkin to wipe down my table.  As I went back to my table The Spirit Inside of me pulled me over like a police officer pulling over a speed racer on the NJ Turnpike.  It slapped me with the feeling of “you can help her. Go back and see if she needs help Angie.  Go ask her now.”  So I listened to it, went back, and I learned that she didn’t need my assistance but she appreciated and thanked me for the kind gesture.

So enough about me and The Spirit Inside me, let’s learn how you find The Spirit Inside You or re-kindle that relationship!  First step is to begin noticing your thoughts.  It seems like these days we are too busy in our own lives to even notice our own thoughts.  Action – slow down now, right now, and take notice.  Second step is to acknowledge what the thoughts are telling you to do.  Action – listen closely and listen often.  Third step is to follow what the spirit is telling you to do.  Action – give yourself the permission to follow that leader.  Trust it.  It’s all about becoming MINDFUL.

The Spirit Inside You has always been there and today it welcomes you to its divine place.

Inspire Moment #90: Stuck in Comfort

Let’s think of the “comfort zone” as always driving around in the neighborhood and never getting on the highway to venture out to experience new things in life.  The comfort zone is a place that many like to hang out.   Things are familiar.  You know people in town.  It feels safe.  You know best the route to get around town.   It’s a good place to be and it’s easy to stay put when everything is comfortable, right?

Hopefully I ignite something inside of you by introducing you to Inspire Moment #90, Stuck in Comfort.  Sure it’s comfortable to stay in that “zone” but isn’t it also a place where you can get complacent?  And isn’t being complacent a place that gets comfortable too?  My motivation today is to get you “un-stuck” and onto your highway of life!    Not someone else’s!  The highway you get on might be five or six lanes like the expressways in Southern California or could be two lanes, and just that small lane change is intense enough for you now.  And you know what? That’s okay!

My suggested action step is to get you onto your highway on-ramp today, tomorrow, or this week!  Ok, so how do we do that?  Maybe that means venturing on your highway without a specific destination in mind.  Just go! Maybe it means traveling on a different highway that has a construction zone to help you slow down your life.  Just go!

Sometimes the first step is the hardest, but please know that this step outside of your “comfort zone” and into your new “venture zone” is one of the best steps you can make for balance in life.  Take from me, Coach Angela!