Courage In the Zone

Inspire Moment #90: Stuck in Comfort

Let’s think of the “comfort zone” as always driving around in the neighborhood and never getting on the highway to venture out to experience new things in life.  The comfort zone is a place that many like to hang out.   Things are familiar.  You know people in town.  It feels safe.  You know best the route to get around town.   It’s a good place to be and it’s easy to stay put when everything is comfortable, right?

Hopefully I ignite something inside of you by introducing you to Inspire Moment #90, Stuck in Comfort.  Sure it’s comfortable to stay in that “zone” but isn’t it also a place where you can get complacent?  And isn’t being complacent a place that gets comfortable too?  My motivation today is to get you “un-stuck” and onto your highway of life!    Not someone else’s!  The highway you get on might be five or six lanes like the expressways in Southern California or could be two lanes, and just that small lane change is intense enough for you now.  And you know what? That’s okay!

My suggested action step is to get you onto your highway on-ramp today, tomorrow, or this week!  Ok, so how do we do that?  Maybe that means venturing on your highway without a specific destination in mind.  Just go! Maybe it means traveling on a different highway that has a construction zone to help you slow down your life.  Just go!

Sometimes the first step is the hardest, but please know that this step outside of your “comfort zone” and into your new “venture zone” is one of the best steps you can make for balance in life.  Take from me, Coach Angela!