From the Inside Out

Inspire Moment #91: The Spirit Inside You

It takes you over like a blustering gust of wind.  Sometimes you don’t feel it coming but when it hits, it sure is powerful.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  That feeling that comes over you to ignite your entire being.  Pushing you to take that step to do something for someone or about something, in your own life or the people around you.  If you don’t know what that feeling inside of you is called, welcome to Inspire Moment #91, The Spirit Inside You.

The spirit just came alive in me at Panera Bread just now when I saw an older lady with an O2 tank and cane waiting for her food at the counter.  I glanced because I was just going to the counter to a napkin to wipe down my table.  As I went back to my table The Spirit Inside of me pulled me over like a police officer pulling over a speed racer on the NJ Turnpike.  It slapped me with the feeling of “you can help her. Go back and see if she needs help Angie.  Go ask her now.”  So I listened to it, went back, and I learned that she didn’t need my assistance but she appreciated and thanked me for the kind gesture.

So enough about me and The Spirit Inside me, let’s learn how you find The Spirit Inside You or re-kindle that relationship!  First step is to begin noticing your thoughts.  It seems like these days we are too busy in our own lives to even notice our own thoughts.  Action – slow down now, right now, and take notice.  Second step is to acknowledge what the thoughts are telling you to do.  Action – listen closely and listen often.  Third step is to follow what the spirit is telling you to do.  Action – give yourself the permission to follow that leader.  Trust it.  It’s all about becoming MINDFUL.

The Spirit Inside You has always been there and today it welcomes you to its divine place.

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