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Inspire Moment #86: Sticky Notes in Your Mind

You know when you have sticky note on your desk or at home as a reminder of the task you have to do or person you need to connect with?  You eventually get to it (hopefully) and probably throw the sticky note in the garbage once you do, no?

Inspire Moment #86 is about the Sticky Notes in your Mind.  Do you take time to address them or they have been up there for a very long time?  Maybe it’s been stuck for too long that now you have a couple of duplicate up there.

This morning I addressed a sticky note that had been in my mind for awhile, which was contacting a friend that I haven’t spoken to in awhile.  What I did and what could potentially work for you was to send an email to that person right away as it came to the forefront of my mind this morning.  It didn’t take long.  It didn’t have to!  I didn’t get my computer out.  It came to my mind again so I grabbed my iPhone and did it.  Simple as that.  As soon as I was done writing, it was like throwing the note in the garbage.  Task completed.  It made me feel content on the inside, which leads to balance.  So let me ask, do you have any Sticky Notes in your Mind to address today or this week?  Get the message/clutter out of your mind and sent it to the person, complete the task, or just start with a baby step.

When you release it and throw it away upstairs (in your mind) it’s one less sticky note and thing to do.  Less clutter on the inside means more balance as a whole.

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Inspire Moment #66: Just Like the Clouds

Look up in the sky on an overcast day and you will notice some clouds.  Clouds don’t stay in one spot.  They keep moving forward in a direction and they sometimes move so fast that before you know it their is a blue sky and you don’t see any at all!

Inspire Moment #66 is Just Like the Clouds.  How can you have a pace Just Like the Clouds?  A pace that is always moving.  Each cloud moves at it’s own pace and sometimes how fast it moves depends on the weather conditions.  You can be Just Like the Clouds!  The inspiration to share is for to keep moving forward at your own pace no matter what the conditions are in your life.  No sense in keeping up with everyone else.

Even though the weather conditions may change in your own life, be Just Like the Clouds, and keep moving!

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Inspire Moment #63 : No Retaliation Needed

When you retaliate against someone, try to make a point, prove yourself, whatever it is, it could really throw you off balance emotionally and mentally.  You begin to over-think things which could lead to a congested mind.  After last week’s Inspire Moment about the Congested Mind we know it has many of unhealthy characteristics.  Think about it… if you go out of your way to prove your point you ultimately are putting more energy and effort just trying to get things to go your way than you did before when you just left it alone.  That extended effort alone will throw your balance off!  It probably already has for years now.  So let me ask you this, is that worth it to you?

Inspire Moment #63 is No Retaliation Needed.  Whatever the issue is with something or someone, let it go this week.  Let it rest.  Let it fly away today in the wind.

Even if it’s Just For Today, there is No Retaliation Needed.

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Inspire Moment #58: The Congested Mind

Many people have been coming down with a cold this allergy season.  Lots of sneezing, watery eyes, and head congestion.  Many symptoms!  What most people would do when they aren’t physically feeling well is probably take some cold medicine, get some rest, maybe even go see the doctor.

So let me ask you this, what you do you when aren’t feeling mentally healthy?  Do you get some rest?  Do you go talk to someone about it?  Do you do anything or do you ignore it?  Inspire Moment #58 is about The Congested Mind.  When you have the symptoms of being mentally drained and congested what are you doing about it?  That’s it…WHAT are you doing about it?!  If the answer is nothing then something needs to change.  Something must be done if you have The Congested Mind.  Your mental health is just as important, if not more, than you physical health.  I want to encourage all of you at 12pm today, wherever you live, to go take the first step and become aware of your mind.  What is it congested with?  What kind of thoughts?  Please take a moment and listen to your inner thoughts.  You can get some of it our by writing it down, crying it out, or telling a loved one what’s all the congestion is about.

First step is to figure out today your state of awareness because The Congested Mind leaves no room for a joyful soul.





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Inspire Moment #54: When it’s a Blizzard Outside

When it’s blizzard-like conditions outside of the home often times when you come back inside the home things can become a little messy.  Snow gets inside.  You bring the cold in with you.  The floor can get wet.  Maybe even can get a little dirty too.  The conditions inside can change because of the conditions outside.

Inspire Moment #54 is When’s It’s a Blizzard Outside.  What I would like you to do is think of the blizzard as the world you live in and think of inside where it’s nice and warm, as your heart and head.  The inspiration I want to encourage you with is to leave the blizzard conditions outside.  Leave it at the door!  No need to bring them into your home.  Try not to let the rough conditions of a blizzard (the world and all the things in it) sneak inside your home, that being your heart and your head.

If that means leaving your briefcase in the car, shutting your cell phone off at 7pm every night, shutting down your computer before dinner, whatever it takes to keep the blizzard outside, then do it.  Even if it’s J.F.T…just for today!


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Inspire Moment #48: Go WITH the Flow

Guess what Achievers? There are other ways to do and achieve things in life other than your way.  Some of us need to let go of that control and follow the suggestion for today’s Inspire Moment.

Inspire Moment #48 is to encourage you to Go WITH the Flow.  The “flow” may not be your way, but it is a way.  It may make you feel uncomfortable.  It may be hard for you to let go of the control and adapt to a new way, but you can…if you THINK you can.  Think of it this way, you “get to” learn a new way, you “get to” make a small change, you “get to” give someone else the control.  It’s not “have to” it’s “get to!”  So for all of you Achievers out there who like having control, Go WITH the Flow today. Join in with the Flow and give your way a break.  Learn something new about yourself and change it up a little bit.

Change breeds growth and don’t we all want to grow into our full potential?  It can start right now.  J.F.T. Just for today Go WITH the Flow.

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Inspire Moment #35: It’s ALL In Your Head

It all starts with what’s going on upstairs…and not I’m talking about what’s in the attic.  What I am talking about today is what is going on between your ears.  What are those thoughts sounding like upstairs in your head?  Are they old and dusty like the stuff in the attic or are they new and fresh…just for today?

Inspire Moment #35 is to tell you that It’s ALL In Your Head.  If your day isn’t going as well as you would like it to be, do a check up from the neck up and think about what you are thinking about.  If they are negative, FLIP THE SWITCH.  You can change your thoughts, did you know that?  It’s one of the few things in life you have control over.  It’s not always easy to change them, but you can.   If you need a coach to help you along the way, you know who to call…me, Coach Angela.

Make sure that whatever is in your head is as healthy and positive as it can be…just for today!


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Inspire Moment #32: Change Your “Feeling” Filter

A filter can help catch the “inner voice” impurities that are harmful to your mental health that keep you from feeling and living a balanced life.  Inspire Moment #31 suggests to Change Your “Feeling” Filter today.  Earlier this year I blogged about doing a maintenance check and if you didn’t get around to that, maybe today you can take this action step. Has it been the same negative tone inside in your head for the past couple weeks?  Maybe not ALL your thoughts but a big portion of them?  Complaining about the same things.  Stuck in the same spot.  Well, maybe it’s time to change it and get all the stuff cleaned out of our head by taking an action step today to Change Your “Feeling” Filter.

A clean “Feeling” Filter can lead to a cleaner attitude and improved energy!