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Inspire Moment #86: Sticky Notes in Your Mind

You know when you have sticky note on your desk or at home as a reminder of the task you have to do or person you need to connect with?  You eventually get to it (hopefully) and probably throw the sticky note in the garbage once you do, no?

Inspire Moment #86 is about the Sticky Notes in your Mind.  Do you take time to address them or they have been up there for a very long time?  Maybe it’s been stuck for too long that now you have a couple of duplicate up there.

This morning I addressed a sticky note that had been in my mind for awhile, which was contacting a friend that I haven’t spoken to in awhile.  What I did and what could potentially work for you was to send an email to that person right away as it came to the forefront of my mind this morning.  It didn’t take long.  It didn’t have to!  I didn’t get my computer out.  It came to my mind again so I grabbed my iPhone and did it.  Simple as that.  As soon as I was done writing, it was like throwing the note in the garbage.  Task completed.  It made me feel content on the inside, which leads to balance.  So let me ask, do you have any Sticky Notes in your Mind to address today or this week?  Get the message/clutter out of your mind and sent it to the person, complete the task, or just start with a baby step.

When you release it and throw it away upstairs (in your mind) it’s one less sticky note and thing to do.  Less clutter on the inside means more balance as a whole.

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