Inspire Moment #87: Embrace the Unexpected

Unexpected events can occur in our life at anytime.  Some can be wonderful and other can be very traumatic and damaging.  Often times when the unexpected occurs in our life we don’t understand why it happened to us, and not the other guy.  Sometimes we can try and understand it and others time we cannot.

Inspire Moment #87 is advice from me, Coach Angie, suggesting that when those events occur today, tomorrow, etc., to Embrace the Unexpected.   I have a lot of experience in this area of life and I want you to trust me in knowing that no matter how difficult the circumstances are in your life right now, how hopeless you may feel, how easier life would be if you just threw in the towel and gave up, how lonely, how disappointed, how different, how lost, how threatened, how dark, how low, etc. (I hope you are getting the point) to NEVER lose the ability to embrace it and see it as a bigger part in your life journey.  Hope is something you always have and the level of how much you have stored in your heart is controlled in your mind.

Rather than ask why when the unexpected happens, ask what.  Flip the Switch example – instead of why did this happen to me, ask yourself what can I do about this now?  Instead of why me, ask what can I learn from this?  Instead of why me, ask what is God trying to teach me here?  Instead of why me, state that what an opportunity it is for you to Embrace the Unexpected no matter how hard it is.

You have a choice today and I want you to choose to Embrace the Unexpected.  The journey will be probably be bumpy when the unexpected comes into your life, but it doesn’t have to damage your mind during that season because the hope that you need is always with you, you may just have to let go and let God.

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