Time is Now

Inspire Moment #88: Sink In

Imagine your hand tightly curled up in a fist. You slow unravel your hand one finger at a time starting with your pinky finger, eventually opening up to a vulnerable position where there is nothing to hold onto anymore.  It’s like you have let go of what you were holding on to.

So let me ask you this, how can you open up your heart and/or mind and let go of something today? What do you have a grip on in life and what would happen to you or it if you just let it go now?  I can’t assume, but I would say you would probably begin to Sink In and that is what Inspire Moment #88 is all about, Sinking In.   You could Sink In to what was supposed to happen to you instead of having control.  You could Sink In more of who you are supposed to be instead of who you think you need to be.  You could Sink In to knowing yourself better and accepting and loving that.  You could Sink In you your own skin and letting go of what is keeping you stuck in one spot in life.  Simply, you could be Sinking In to who God made you to be.  It’s an unfamiliar place to let go and let God.  We have to trust that when we do let go that is what we would want to happen.  But you know what, our way and our thinking isn’t even the best there is!  Someone bigger, powerful, and almighty already has it figured out for us and all we have to do is Sink In and let him take over.

I know it’s scary to let go, but take it from me…once you do you will learn that it’s exactly where you are supposed to be and then that is when the journey truly becomes more joyful.

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