Inspire Moment #62: Life is Simple

Inspire Moment #62 is easy…Life is Simple.  Repeat after me, Life is Simple.

Now, we all have stress in our life.  That is a given.  It’s a fact of life.  However, the way we handle stress is something we can manage. What do you think about that?  Maybe you aren’t sure what the best way is to manage your levels of stress but here is one thing I want you to think about…maybe what is causing the stress on you is you, your mind, and what’s in your head?

What if you began saying and thinking “Life is Simple?”  Even with all the deadlines, errands to run, obligations, list of things to do, etc., what if you just told yourself that?  I have “tested it out” and when I begin to feel overwhelmed I just double the dose.  Because you know what?  It’s all in your head!  The circumstances that are bringing the stress to your mind and body sometimes cannot be changed.  You might be stuck in a situation that you cannot control.  What can change and control is how you manage the way you think about the circumstances, deadlines, errands, obligations, lists, etc.  Are you catching my drift?!  Try it out!

Life is Simple.  Life is Simple.  Life is Simple.  Don’t let another day go by in your life, in your head, telling you otherwise.

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