In the Zone

Inspire Moment #69: Stay Hydrated

Life is a journey!  Make sure to take time along the way to refuel.  Whether you’re walking, biking, running, or hiking, remember Inspire Moment #69: Stay Hydrated.

Now, you are probably thinking I’m talking about drinking enough water.  Well yes that’s important, but it is not the inspiration behind #69.  What I am suggesting is for you to Stay Hydrated mentally.  OK, so what does that mean?!  It means shake up your routine, take more time-outs in the game of life to re-think about WHAT you are doing with it, look at how you use your time (like I blogged about recently Magnifying Your Time), step into the uncomfortable zone once a week, make the procrastination list of things to do the top priority tomorrow.  Stay hydrated!

Just like you stay hydrated physically you must Stay Hydrated mentally in your journey!

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