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Inspire Moment #70: The Keep-Up Mentality

Many of us journey through our days, weeks, and even our entire life trying to keep up with something or someone.  We think that whatever that something or someone we are trying to keep up with, will serve us good AND that once we get “there” that everything will be better and happiness will take over our life.  Well, I have a little surprise…you have The Keep-Up Mentality and it’s time to flip the switch in your head right now!  That “time” of inner contentment will never come until you check-in to become aware of your current mental state and learn who you really are on the inside. 

Inspire Moment #70 The Keep-Up Mentality is unhealthy because it throws your balance off.  We all know it doesn’t feel good to feel “out of balance.”  Whether you are the Double-Alpha or the Blissful, when we try to keep-up, do things just to impress others, put on the facade or “happy face” because we want to feel accepted, it is only doing us harm internally because it is not authentic.  It isn’t WHO we are.  If what you are doing every day of your life(and how you feel) is not in line with who you are in your heart and your mind, then you have the Achiever Syndrome®.

The MOMENT is now to INSPIRE you to address The Keep-Up Mentality.  Once you come to terms with it and embrace that you feel that way (it’s okay!), then you need to release it and let go of it because it is now the past.

No sense in trying to Keep-Up anymore because now you are running your own race at your own pace.  We all win!

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