Inspire Moment #33: Just for Today…

Inspire Moment #33 is to encourage you to focus only on what’s on your daily agenda just for today.  That’s it.  Just today!  No sense in worrying about what you have to do tomorrow, today, when you will have plenty of time to think about those things tomorrow.

Repeat at the beginning or the end of your sentence “just for today” and see how it changes how you feel.  Maybe you will feel like you are putting less pressure on yourself?  Examples…I’m going to do try to do my best to get everything done…just for today.  Just for today…I’m not going to complain about x,y,z.  I’m going to focus 100% on that specific project…just for today.  Just for today…I’m not going to indulge in any unhealthy foods.  Are you getting the point?  Catching my drift?  Hope so! 

Now, just for today go try it out.  Good luck!

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