From the Inside Out

Inspire Moment #95: Dimmer Switch

You may not have one in your bedroom or family room, but you certainly have one in your heart.  Let’s learn a little more about Inspire Moment #95, your Dimmer Switch.

How bright is the light inside with where you are in your life today?  Is it a little dim, perhaps like the setting you would use after eating a nice dinner in your home?  It’s not dark but it’s also not as bright as maybe you would like it to be.  Or is your switch all the way up as bright as the light can shine in a room? Maybe it gets dim for a second but it’s always bright because of the joy in your heart.  Perhaps it is completely dark in your life today and you can’t even find the switch.  You don’t even care to look for the switch anymore.  You think to yourself “is there any hope for light?”

Maybe your Dimmer Switch won’t go up to full brightness today, but I want to help you see more light just for today. Ok, so let’s do a little strengthening by putting some weight on your heart.  I am your strength and conditioning coach for the MIND and I want you to take an Inspire Moment now to please ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly…

1- Why is it dark in the first place?  Was it always dark or did you intentionally dim the light?

2- Is there a possibility for it to get brighter?  Do you even want it to be bright?

3- If the light could always remain brighter than where it is now, would you even want it to be?

Think about the answer. Think about your Dimmer Switch because many things can turn the lights out in life, but you are the only one that can operate that switch in your heart.  Let your light shine from the inside out.




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