Inspire Moment #74: Bold as a Lion

We all have it inside of us.  Some of you haven’t used it in awhile.  It’s like that old shirt in the corner of the closet that is half way off the hanger that you haven’t worn in awhile because you don’t know what people would think or say about you if you wore it.  It’s just there, collecting dust.  You want to wear it, you’re just a little timid.  It’s the same for your courage. It’s in there, it just hasn’t been used in awhile.

Inspire Moment # is to be Bold as a Lion.  In order to do that you need to find your courage.  Yes, courage!  I have blogged about this before but I need to mention it again because there are too many people going through life just sinking into what the world thinks they need to be instead of sinking in to WHO YOU WERE MADE TO BE!

I need to inspire each and every one of you to find your courage today and use it!  OK, so here is the how-to really start using it.  Step 1-prep yourself in your head before the act.  Almost like a run through of what you will say/do, etc.  Step 2-remember your confidence.  You are one of a kind and no one has what you have to offer so when you get to the place/point where you are nervous, tell yourself “I’m confident and I know I can do this.”  Step 3-take an action step.  Whether that means giving someone your contact information, inviting them to join your group of friends, stating you enjoyed their time and asking if they want to do it again, the key is ACTION.

Be bold as a Lion this week.  Find your courage and use it today!

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