Inspire Moment #10: Looking Forward

As Achievers we are usually focused on the things we need to to get done to meet a deadline at the office, at home, for the family, etc.  We can easily get caught up with all of that and it can sometimes change our attitude during the day.  We need something to bring us back to self and I have just the trick.  Please read on…

Today’s (IN)spire Moment is to suggest that you find something to look forward to over the next couple of days.  Whether it’s catching a movie after work, going for a walk by yourself early tomorrow morning, or going to bed earlier tonight, find something to look forward to this week.  Think about looking forward to something that gets you excited that has nothing to do with work or those other errands and things you have to do.  By simply dwelling on the answer to that question it will get you thinking positive and get you to look (in)side…and we know that is why I love coaching, blogging, speaking-to get you to look (in)side and dig a little deeper into who you are.

So, it’s time to get excited about something in your life this week and it starts right now!  Enjoy today!






Inspire Moment #9: You Are Capable

Whether you are the Achiever, the Blissful type, you have on The Mask or The Happy Face today, you are capable of doing anything!  Today’s (IN)spire Moment is to encourage you that you can do it!  You are capable and IF you’re on the fence about the likelihood of meeting your goal, just look at the word (IN)spire. You have to look IN to feel any inspiration and hope to know that you really can do it.  Sometimes our mind plays tricks on us and gets us thinking that we can’t be successful, we can’t have balance, etc.

I’m letting you know that I am the coach for your team in this game called life.  That is a bold statement but not as bold as this one…I consider myself the expert to help strengthen and condition your MINDSET.  I am the “go to” to help you see your full potential, especially those that have the Achiever Syndrome, to truly come to a deeper level of balance in life.  It starts with what is upstairs, and I’m not talking about what it is in the attic of your house.  I’m talking about your thoughts, your mind, your mental health.  You are capable…you just might have to think about it differently.


Inspire Moment #8: The Blissful

“Life is good.  Heck, give me another glass of wine!  I’m pretty happy with how things are going.  I mean, I would like to do more and achieve more in my life but I’m just not sure where to start.  I think I need some motivation.”

Does any of that sound familiar to you?  You don’t have to be this “driven, work all the time, no time for me” Achiever to have symptoms of the Achiever Syndrome.  In fact, you COULD BE the complete opposite, what I have dubbed the Blissful type.

Today’s (IN)spire Moment is to educate you to look inside and learn if you are the Blissful type for the syndrome.  This is someone who is content and somewhat comfortable with where they are in life, but lack ability to get to the next level and truly feel the achievement-contentment balance that is missing from their life.  That missing achievement could be financial security, a significant other, or emotional health and well being.  If you ask the Blissful, if where they are at in their life is really where they want to be, they would probably respond with a yes.  However, a daily struggle for the Blissful is a lack of motivation to strive for any accomplishment because life seems to be alright.

So how does the Blissful type get to the motivation to have more balance?  By coaching with me, the creator of the face for the syndrome.  I know asking for help isn’t what most people, including the Blissful type, like to do.  My question is, why do you want to be like most people and not ask? By doing that you are only keeping yourself back from reaching your full potential and why do you want to do that when you only have one life? Just saying…so when you are ready you can find me here.

Inspire Moment #7: The Achiever

Do you consider yourself an Achiever?  I know I am! That’s how I always saw myself growing up.  I believe that your thought patterns will lead you to what you think about.  It certainly did for me to the point where it became something more that I created the Achiever Syndrome brand and registered trademarked name.  It’s not a bad thing to have the Achiever Syndrome.  In fact, it’s good IF you take the necessary steps to strengthen and condition your mindset to have a true level of balance in your life.  That’s where I come in as your coach and I am the expert.

Today’s (IN)spire Moment is to educate you to see if you might be suffering from the Achiever Syndrome.  If you can identify with three or more of the following statements you might just have it..

-Needing quality time for yourself outside of work.

-Putting more drive into succeeding at your life goals.

-Finding any balance within your everyday work and life routine.

-Taking on too much responsibility that there is no time for you.

-Needing motivation and drive to take that next step in your life.

-Putting on a “game face” to try to be everything to everyone, at work or in your personal life.

Remember, it’s never too late to change your life, or your perspective.  YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK.  So take off The Mask, put on The Happy Face and get some help for the Achiever Syndrome.  You can start today!

Inspire Moment #6: The Happy Face

Today I would like to motivate you to wear your Happy Face. Let’s begin…

What makes YOU happy (in)side?  I mean, do you REALLY know what makes you happy? Have you thought about it deep inside?  Is it shopping, playing golf, etc. Those are great things that give you fulfillment, but are they YOU?  How about thinking about it this way…what about YOU, what about those “things” makes YOU happy (in)side?  What are the sensations (in)side when you smile and feel happiness?  When you know that, you have found your Happy Face.

So, maybe you’re asking yourself…”do I need to BE happy everyday?”  No, but why not?  You can CHOOSE TO be and wear The Happy Face out there in the world every day.  Some questions on getting you to CHOOSE TO wear The Happy Face are below…

How often do you wear it now?

Do you let your circumstances determine if you are going to wear it or not?

Does it depend on your mood, how you slept, the weather, etc., if you are going to wear it today?

Does the environment and the people around you determine what “face” you are going to wear?

If you answered yes to those questions then it’s time to look in the back of your closet to find your Happy Face and dust it off.  I’m wearing mine! How come you aren’t wearing yours?  Your ALIVE!

As your coach for the Achiever Syndrome, I am here to share my (IN)spire Moment to you so you know that The Happy Face is accepted where all major credit cards are accepted and THAT IS ALL OVER THE WORLD.  🙂 So smile and put it on. No sense it saving it for tomorrow when we aren’t guaranteed that. Wear it today!


Inspire Moment #6: The Mask

Welcome to today’s (IN)spire Moment.  Below are some questions I would like you to ponder.

Why do you do what you do? To look successful in the eyes of others? Do you do “it” to fit in?  Are you part of that association/group because that’s what you should be doing at your age?  Does it make you feel like you are involved in something successful but you really don’t care about it at all?  Do you do things and act a certain way because you just want to be included?

If so, let’s talk about the mask you have on.  Maybe it’s not on for the entire day, but when you go to lunch with your co-workers and say things you think people want to hear about you instead of just being yourself, it’s on. Or when you are out in a social setting you wear it because it’s better to do that and fit in and liked and not judged, then to risk wearing your truth.  It would just be too risky to take off the mask and show them who you really are.

I am blogging to tell you that it’s OKAY to take off the mask and just be you.  Why don’t you try just wearing the FACE you were born with for this game of life?  I’m saying for the entire day!  At lunch with co-workers tell them what you really think, at Yoga with your girlfriends, at the 9th hole with your buddies. Take off the mask and see what happens!  They might just feel inspired to take theirs off to.


Inspire Moment #5: Change Ahead

I threw the change up this morning and I stayed in bed until 10:20am.  Didn’t turn my cell phone on until after 9am.  Haven’t done that in a very long time.  Have you?!

The (IN)spire Moment for today is to encourage you all to take a different approach for tomorrow morning.  See the sign, CHANGE AHEAD and give yourself the permission to lay in bed an hour longer without feeling guilty (even if you aren’t tired), read for an extra thirty minutes, don’t get up to turn your cell phone on until mid-morning and…SEE WHAT HAPPENS.  See what the change feels like.  It may make you feel unproductive to lay in bed but that is the point, to get all of you Achievers to feel a little uncomfortable.  It’s change and change breeds growth. Those uncomfortable feelings of “unproductive” will help you to get acclimated to have more balance in your life and to learn to take time for you.  You give yourself time to do things for other people, other tasks, other obligations, what about giving yourself the time for you in the morning? Something to think about…

Inspire Moment #4: Look (IN)side

The Achiever Syndrome is a pattern of behavior that is solely focused on achieving (anything) and any presence of a healthy balance in the mindset and actions, is non-existent.  It may affect you daily, it could be for weeks on end when things are stressful at work, it could be for months on end because of projects at home that there is no time for you, or it could just be WHO YOU ARE.  Heck, I created it because that’s who I was…and sometimes still struggle with.  Stay at home moms, entrepreneurs, lawyers, college students, etc. can all suffer.  If you have your eye on a prize/goal (achieving something/anything) then there is great potential for the syndrome to affect your livelihood.

My (IN)spire Moment for all of you Achievers out there is to encourage you to stay healthy…mentally! Take that time in the morning to see how you are feeling on the (in)side.  Look IN!  We take time to look good on the outside before we head out, my question is…how are you feeling on the (in)side before you step out into the world?  Check-up from the neck-up!  Start today!

Inspire Moment #3: Maintenance Check

We are told to bring our automobile in for an oil change and maintenance every 3,000-5,000 miles to keep our automobile running smoothly.  When we neglect to keep up with proper maintenance, we are more likely for problems to arise.  When problems arise, we usually aren’t happy and it often means we have to pay more for issues to be resolved and parts to be replaced.

My (IN)spire Moment for today is to encourage you to set an appointment with yourself for a maintenance check.  When was the last time you checked (IN)side your engine (otherwise known as your head & heart) to see how it’s operating?  Are you due for a maintenance check?  Is there too much pressure weighing on you?  Is there congestion in some of the gauges?  Do you have anymore brake fluid left or are you in overdrive?  How is your engine filter?

NOW is the time to do a check-up from the neck up and to look (IN)side your heart and what’s going on in your head to get your engine ready for 2013!  Ready…set…go!

Inspire Moment #2: Throw the Change Up

Okay, so it’s the day after New Year’s Day and you are probably back into your routine.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  I think routine is good, but I also think it could potentially keep us from the opportunity to grow a little bit each day.  My (IN)spire Moment for today is to suggest looking (in)side and throw the change up in your routine.  Okay, so what does that mean?  That could mean taking a different route to work, heading in an hour earlier and leaving earlier, sitting down to eat breakfast instead of grabbing a coffee to go, not hitting the snooze button…

Throw the change up!  You may realize during the change up that you feel better when you take time to eat breakfast, you may learn that the new way to drive to work is more scenic or it is faster.  You just never know…until you try.  So, throw the change up!