From the Inside Out

Inspire Moment #19: Schedule a “Me”eting

You schedule a meeting with your boss to talk about projects/goals in your professional life.  You schedule doctor’s appointments to do a check up on your physical health.  You schedule time to meet up with your family and friends.  You may even schedule a meeting with the personal trainer to get your body back in shape.  My question for you is this…when was the last time you you scheduled a “me”eting to discuss what is going on (in)side you heart and head?

(IN)spire Moment #19 is to encourage you to take a moment, whether it’s one minute or one hour today, to think about YOU and how YOU are doing.  Inspire Moment #18 was to encourage you to re-define your “me” time and my latest Inspire Moment is to make sure you schedule that “me”eting.  Put in on the calendar, set up an appointment on your smart phone, please just make sure you schedule it for later, tomorrow, or this weekend.

Without making the quality time, their truly isn’t a real “me”eting.

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