Inspire Moment #25: Keep In Touch

Life gets busy and before you know it another week or month has gone by.  Time flies by and it becomes difficult to keep in touch with family and friends.  I want you to know that you have a choice in how you use your time.  Did you know that?  YOU decide how YOU use YOUR time.  In fact, you may have already made the decision that “life is too busy and I don’t have time now” to call that someone back.  You already created that negative mindset, so the likelihood of keeping in touch now is very slim because you are already thinking you don’t have time.  It goes back to you.  You have a choice.  CHANGE your thinking!

Inspire Moment #25 is to Keep In Touch.  It takes effort AND you have to.  Are you going to let your relationships suffer because you are too busy with work and doing other stuff?  When the credits role at the end of your movie, are you going to think…”I wish I spent more time working.”  Probably not!  You will probably think “I wish I spent more time getting to know so & so….or I never knew how important x,y,z is to Mom because I never made time to ask her about it.”  Take the time.  Make the time.  Keep in touch!  Maybe you are waiting for that person to return your call before you call again.  I say, call them again.  Who cares!  If it’s on your heart to reach out…again, then follow your heart.  Eventually that person will call you back and when they do, share how you feel about the disconnect.  It could touch their heart and help them get better at reaching out more.  A little goes a looooooong way.

When you begin to Keep In Touch, the touch that you have on someone else’s heart is incredible.  Make a difference.  Make the time! 

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