Inspire Moment #28: Chance for Happiness

It’s everywhere you look!  I’m talking about the opportunity for happiness.  Inspire Moment #28 is a Chance for Happiness.  Did you know that you have been given chance after chance to feel happiness constantly throughout your day?  I bet you didn’t know that.  See the key is to look at those “things”, events, appointments, meetings, etc. that way!

Here is what I mean…whether you are driving to work in the morning, in the office, at a cafe doing your work thing, going on a lunch break, heading out to the gym for exercise, picking up stuff at the grocery store, bringing the kids to practice, etc. there is an opportunity for happiness in your life…if you look for it.  It doesn’t have to involve someone else so there is no excuse that you need something or someone to experience it.  In order to get the chance for it in life, you HAVE TO look at those task/chores/jobs as an opportunity for it…and the cool thing is you GET TO to do those things every single day.  You don’t HAVE TO….you GET TO find a chance for happiness every new day.

Starting thinking and speaking differently and your world will change.  Don’t believe me…test it out!


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