Inspire Moment #29: Make Your Moment Count

I love to journal every morning if I get the chance.  Get all that “stuff” that’s in my head out, whether it’s inspiring and positive or not!  It’s therapeutic for me to do it and when I go a couple days without writing I feel like I’m overflowing.  So, as I was writing this morning I came to Inspire Moment #28 Make Your Moment Count.

Life gets so busy.  We rush around from one task to the next, one appointment to the next.  You may feel in a rush to get stuff done before you can take a break or relax to feel better.  We won’t every be able to get everything done that we want to get done throughout the day BUT what we can do is put forth the best effort we can with the time we have and MAKE the MOMENT COUNT.  The moment you have may only be ten minutes or it could be an entire day.  What I need to inspire you to feel and LIVE is to MAKE YOUR MOMENT COUNT in your life.  Really think about being present in whatever you are doing for that moment.  Whether it’s doing the dishes, driving to work, folding laundry, hugging a loved one, giving someone a compliment, buying lunch, whatever.  MAKE YOUR MOMENT COUNT because your heart is beating and time is passing by, tick-tock-tick-tock, so why not be as present as you can be on that specific task you are doing just for that moment? 

It’s your life.  They are your moments.  Make them count today!


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