Out of Left Field

Inspire Moment #30: Head Out the Window

Have you ever seen a dog with it’s head out the car window while the car is travelling?   They just look like they are in heaven with their tongue flopped to the side, eyes wide open, fur tight against their face, moving forward with the wind blowing.  They don’t care how they are acting, what they look like, etc. They just look joyful!  What a feeling it must be for them!

Inspire Moment #30 is about experiencing that feeling of having your Head Out the Window.  The feeling to just let everything go to be you and to keep moving forward no matter if your “tongue flops to the side” or your “eyes are wide open.”  Just take that risk today and get your Head Out the Window.  Heck, if you want to physically do it, it might be exactly what you need today!

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