Inspire Moment #44: You Never Know

Inspire Moment #44 is You Never Know.  You Never Know what can happen when you step outside of your comfort zone.  You just Never Know!

The comfort zone is what is familiar. The comfort zone is safe.  I mean, the comfort zone is comfy, right?!  BUT if you want to grow and achieve your full potential of inner contentment and balance in your lifetime , you are going to have to step outside of that comfort zone.  It’s not that hard if you take one step, or one day, at a time.

Ok, so how do you do that?  You take the next step even if you aren’t sure if it’s right…or left.  Make that move without all the information.  Go up to him or her that you are attracted to and ask how they are doing.  Talk about the promotion you have worked hard for with your superior.  Introduce yourself to the person at the table next to you at the cafe.  Smile at a that cute stranger you keep noticing.  Go to the event by yourself. You Never Know where it will all lead.  You Never Know what and who it will lead you to.

So, be confident in knowing that the next moment you step outside of your comfort zone today could very well be one of the best moments of your life, You Never Know!




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