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Inspire Moment #80: Toxins in Your Mind

This Inspire Moment #80 came to me on Sunday afternoon when I was relaxing and it got me thinking to write about Toxins in Your Mind.  You are probably familiar with toxins in your body that come from food, the environment, etc.  Well, just like toxins in your body vary in severity and can range from minor to taking over your life and almost deadly, so can the Toxins in Your Mind.

So my goal for you with my Inspire Moment #80 is to help you start to identify the Toxins in Your Mind and release them.  Simply start the process by thinking and answering the questions below.

Is there anyone/anything in your life that you are spending time doing that you don’t enjoy?  If so, you are probably spending time thinking about how you don’t enjoy it, or that person, and those thoughts alone are toxic.  Action plan = Remove the things/person from your life and/or change your thought pattern about that thing/person.  Change!  Find and think the positive.  Start now.

Are there areas of your life that don’t make you feel at peace or at rest?  Home, office, bedroom, etc.?  If so, you are probably spending time thinking about how you don’t feel at rest/peace when you are there and that is toxic.  You spend all of your life going to and from these places so make sure it brings peace and rest.  Action plan = Add your favorite color to the location, organize it differently, re-decorate, throw things away.  Change!  Find and think the positive.

It may just be minor toxins in your head now, but they will add up quickly  into something much bigger if you do not take care of it now. You will continue to struggle for balance and feel discontent if you don’t identify and release them.  Inspire Moment #80 is coming at you head on!

Think about what you are thinking about, FLIP THE SWITCH™, and release them now because there is no sense in harboring toxic waste in your mind one more day!

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