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Inspire Moment #84: Keep Your Head Up

On my drive home today I saw a guy on his bicycle pedaling on the side of the road with his head down.  So I thought to myself, “he should pick his head up and watch where he is going.”  Then Inspire Moment #84 hit me to pay it forward to you…Keep Your Head Up!

Keep your head up on your journey through life.  If you look down you won’t be able to see what’s coming your way, good or bad.  Isn’t it better to keep your head up no matter how heavy it feels some days?  See, the key is to keep it up to anticipate if you need to slow down, stop, or change direction in life.  It sure beats looking down and never having any hope or idea of where you are going in your life.  It’s better to anticipate when to slow down or stop then to run right into something you want nothing to do with, right?

I hope the wheels are spinning in your head because that is the point of these Inspire Moment posts.  If you have been feeling down lately, a way to remember to Keep Your Head Up is to put a uplifting reminder in your cell phone or just keep reading my Inspire Moment posts.  If your head is already up and you’re feeling pretty good, increase you awareness and take notice of ways on how to grow deeper into that feeling.  That could be as simple as jotting down those ideas and letting them come to life.  See what happens!

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