Inspire Moment #30: Head Out the Window

Have you ever seen a dog with it’s head out the car window while the car is travelling?   They just look like they are in heaven with their tongue flopped to the side, eyes wide open, fur tight against their face, moving forward with the wind blowing.  They don’t care how they are acting, what they look like, etc. They just look joyful!  What a feeling it must be for them!

Inspire Moment #30 is about experiencing that feeling of having your Head Out the Window.  The feeling to just let everything go to be you and to keep moving forward no matter if your “tongue flops to the side” or your “eyes are wide open.”  Just take that risk today and get your Head Out the Window.  Heck, if you want to physically do it, it might be exactly what you need today!

Inspire Moment #29: Make Your Moment Count

I love to journal every morning if I get the chance.  Get all that “stuff” that’s in my head out, whether it’s inspiring and positive or not!  It’s therapeutic for me to do it and when I go a couple days without writing I feel like I’m overflowing.  So, as I was writing this morning I came to Inspire Moment #28 Make Your Moment Count.

Life gets so busy.  We rush around from one task to the next, one appointment to the next.  You may feel in a rush to get stuff done before you can take a break or relax to feel better.  We won’t every be able to get everything done that we want to get done throughout the day BUT what we can do is put forth the best effort we can with the time we have and MAKE the MOMENT COUNT.  The moment you have may only be ten minutes or it could be an entire day.  What I need to inspire you to feel and LIVE is to MAKE YOUR MOMENT COUNT in your life.  Really think about being present in whatever you are doing for that moment.  Whether it’s doing the dishes, driving to work, folding laundry, hugging a loved one, giving someone a compliment, buying lunch, whatever.  MAKE YOUR MOMENT COUNT because your heart is beating and time is passing by, tick-tock-tick-tock, so why not be as present as you can be on that specific task you are doing just for that moment? 

It’s your life.  They are your moments.  Make them count today!


Inspire Moment #28: Chance for Happiness

It’s everywhere you look!  I’m talking about the opportunity for happiness.  Inspire Moment #28 is a Chance for Happiness.  Did you know that you have been given chance after chance to feel happiness constantly throughout your day?  I bet you didn’t know that.  See the key is to look at those “things”, events, appointments, meetings, etc. that way!

Here is what I mean…whether you are driving to work in the morning, in the office, at a cafe doing your work thing, going on a lunch break, heading out to the gym for exercise, picking up stuff at the grocery store, bringing the kids to practice, etc. there is an opportunity for happiness in your life…if you look for it.  It doesn’t have to involve someone else so there is no excuse that you need something or someone to experience it.  In order to get the chance for it in life, you HAVE TO look at those task/chores/jobs as an opportunity for it…and the cool thing is you GET TO to do those things every single day.  You don’t HAVE TO….you GET TO find a chance for happiness every new day.

Starting thinking and speaking differently and your world will change.  Don’t believe me…test it out!


Inspire Moment #27: Break the Bubble

This week the theme has been getting out of your comfort zone.  Inspire Moment #27 is about Breaking the Bubble that you are in to see an entire different perspective outside of that comfort zone.

Inspire Moment #26: Step INTO the Uncomfortable Zone

Inspire Moment #26 is a video to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone this week. 

Imagine your potential to grow when you step into the uncomfortable zone!


Inspire Moment #25: Keep In Touch

Life gets busy and before you know it another week or month has gone by.  Time flies by and it becomes difficult to keep in touch with family and friends.  I want you to know that you have a choice in how you use your time.  Did you know that?  YOU decide how YOU use YOUR time.  In fact, you may have already made the decision that “life is too busy and I don’t have time now” to call that someone back.  You already created that negative mindset, so the likelihood of keeping in touch now is very slim because you are already thinking you don’t have time.  It goes back to you.  You have a choice.  CHANGE your thinking!

Inspire Moment #25 is to Keep In Touch.  It takes effort AND you have to.  Are you going to let your relationships suffer because you are too busy with work and doing other stuff?  When the credits role at the end of your movie, are you going to think…”I wish I spent more time working.”  Probably not!  You will probably think “I wish I spent more time getting to know so & so….or I never knew how important x,y,z is to Mom because I never made time to ask her about it.”  Take the time.  Make the time.  Keep in touch!  Maybe you are waiting for that person to return your call before you call again.  I say, call them again.  Who cares!  If it’s on your heart to reach out…again, then follow your heart.  Eventually that person will call you back and when they do, share how you feel about the disconnect.  It could touch their heart and help them get better at reaching out more.  A little goes a looooooong way.

When you begin to Keep In Touch, the touch that you have on someone else’s heart is incredible.  Make a difference.  Make the time! 

Inspire Moment #24: Ride the Wave

Whether you are riding a wave in the Pacific Ocean or trying to manage the ups and downs of your professional life to stay afloat, you have to have BALANCE.  Inspire Moment #24 is one you can watch to learn how to Ride the Wave.  Enjoy!

Inspire Moment #23: Vulnerability

You are one of a kind.  There is no one in the world who is exactly like you.  How special is knowing that!  How liberating would it be to live exactly who you were made to be.  All you have to do is be you.  Simple as that!

Inspire Moment #23 is Vulnerability.  Be free to be you.  Don’t worry about what someone else may think of you and let it ruin your day.  Let them ruin their own day by wasting time judging others.  Let them own their own feelings.  Don’t try to do it for them.  Please don’t welcome their negatives feelings about you into your own life, because you know what?!  They aren’t even your feelings to begin with, so stop being so nosy!  Here is what I mean…

You are out a party/work/social event enjoying yourself and doing your thing.  You get this feeling that someone across the way is talking about you and it doesn’t feel positive.  It begins to bother you inside, in your head.  When that begins to happen you need to  first STOP the voice inside your head.  (p.s- I’m the coaching expert on this so if you want help, enroll in a session). Next thing…put up your “mental shield” to block those negative thoughts from coming across the room and getting in your head.  Get them to bounce off the “mental shield.”  Visualize it and remember…just be who you are.  Be who you were made to be!

Let them have their own “negative thoughts about other people party” because you know what…you’re not invited!

Inspire Moment #22: Dress Your Part

Ever feel like you get stuck wearing the same clothes in your wardrobe every week?  You have plenty to choose from, but you always go to the same or similar outfits?  There is nothing wrong with wearing what is comfortable and what you have been in the comfort zone of wearing.  What I want to encourage you to do is to make certain that what you are wearing everyday is a true reflection of you, your inner you.

Inspire Moment #22 “Dress You Part” came to me this morning when I was thinking of what to wear.  I began to put on what has been a staple piece in my wardrobe and then I thought, “time for a change and to shake it up.”  I thought, “is this outfit a true reflection of who you are Ange?”  I then thought “no, it isn’t anymore.  It is boring! Time to mix it up.”  I don’t feel boring, so why am I going to dress “boring.”  I hope this story encourages you today to dress your part.

Remember that this life you are living is not dress rehearsal, so make sure you are dressing your part everyday!

Inspire Moment #21: Baby Step for Change

Inspire Moment #21 is about taking a Baby Step for Change.

The clients I coach tell me that staying in their comfort zone is so much easier than stepping outside of it and adapting to change in their life.    I tell my clients staying in my comfort zone is so limiting because you risk staying the same for the rest of you life. Who wants that?!  I sure hope you don’t because you know what?  You only have one chance to live your life.  This isn’t a dress rehearsal people. Carpe Diem!

You don’t have to take a HUGE step to see change, simply start with a baby step today and see how you do.  You may fall, but get back up and keep trying!