Inspire Moment #100: Footprints

As I walked on the beach early this morning close to the ocean I noticed a long path of footprints in front of me.  They were going in a straight line.  There was only that one trail at first, but as I kept taking steps forward another path came into the picture and intersected with the original trail, and then took its own course into the ocean.  There weren’t any people in sight.  It was in the quietness of this morning staring at the two different paths that Inspire Moment #100 hit me, Footprints.

We are all moving in a direction.  Sometimes we don’t know where we are headed and other times we know exactly where we are going.  A couple questions for you to ponder are 1) What is leading you in your life?  2) What is tugging at your heart for you to go one way or the other?  We are all on a different path and my last question for you is this, when your journey isn’t turning out the way that you envisioned it to be, would you trust something or someone to lead you along a different way?  A way, a path, that just feels like it fits for you.

The inspiration behind Inspire Moment #100 is to encourage you to take some rest this week and to think about what is leading you.  Think about what is important to you on this journey.  You are making Footprints every day so if you aren’t going in the direction that you planned, trying opening up and intersecting with a new path to help get you on your way.

Know that along your journey people will come into your path, your life, for a just a couple steps or maybe for a couple seasons.  They bring something to your journey.  They could bring comfort.  They could bring support.  They may bring hardship.  They could bring negativity.  They should bring love.   They might just bring you joy.

The key is to make a strong Footprint in your life every day because the journey that you’re on does have a direction, you just have to trust it and be a good passenger.

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Inspire Moment #99: Sunny-Side Up

How do you want your eggs?  I’m sure we have all been asked that question before at breakfast.  Maybe you like them scrambled, over-hard, sunny-side up, or over-easy.

Now ask yourself that same question but replace the word eggs, with life.  How you do want your life?  Scrambled, over-hard, over-easy, or sunny-side up?

Inspire Moment #99 is to help bring happiness to you today and suggest the Sunny-Side Up way for life.  If life is over-hard or scrambled for you right now, Sunny-Side Up could just be the approach to take.  If life seems way over-easy and you need more motivation or balance in your life, Sunny-Side Up could be just the answer for you.

Here a few suggestions on how to begin living Sunny-Side Up…

Try different things in life.  Example- Maybe the scrambled eggs you got at that diner weren’t that good, so instead of ordering the same dish the next time you go do something different and order Sunny-Side Up.  Try something different in your life today.  It could be very simple.

Be open to life and don’t be afraid to ask. Example-Maybe you already like Sunny-Side Up eggs but you don’t feel full when you are done and it doesn’t taste as flavorful of a dish anymore.  Usually there are some potatoes or bread on your dish to dip into the yolk, but lately it’s just been the eggs at the diner.  Next time you’re there be open to ask for a side of bread or more potatoes.  Don’t be afraid to ask!  You never know unless you ask.  You could even be open to spicing it up by putting some hot sauce on those eggs.  Test out something new and see how it sits with you.  Try to be open to life and all the different results you will feel when you try new ways.  Remember, you can’t experience what you don’t know.

Just like you have a choice on how you want your eggs cooked, you also can make a choice on how you want to live your life.  Ready.  Set.  Go…for Sunny-Side-Up!

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Inspire Moment #98: Permission Slip

Remember when you were a kid you had to get a permission slip to go on a school field trip?  Maybe sometimes you would get one from your mom or dad to take a different bus home with a friend or to have another friend’s parent pick you up after school?  Remember those days…when you got the approval to take some time and do something fun, something different, something you needed to do?

Inspire Moment #98 is about your Permission Slip in life now.  It’s often hard to give ourselves the permission to take a break from the busy life most of us lead.  The approval to know that it’s ok to go out and have some fun during the week or to stay in and rest, to take time off from work for a vacation, or go out to lunch instead of staying in having a working lunch in the office or simply  just taking time to eat lunch!  Why are we so hard on ourselves?

We had to get a Permission Slip when we were younger and so it gets your Coach thinking that maybe some of us still need a Permission Slip to do things in our life today.  If you struggle with that then it’s time to “Flip the Switch™” in your mind and create your Permission Slip.  Please keep reading for a suggested action step on where you can start.

Could your Permission Slip be a reminder on your phone?  If so, what does it say?  How often do you see it?  Could is be something you write out on an index card that says “Permission Slip?”  Is it a check mark you put in your calendar that allows you permission twice a week to do “those things” to bring you back in balance?  If so, how do you remember to check it off?  Take an Inspire Moment now to think about what action step you will take today or next week to remember to give yourself a Permission Slip

Because allowing yourself to do what you need to do in order to feel truly in balance with who you are on the inside is the most important authorization you can give yourself in life.

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Inspire Moment #97: Jogging in Place

There will be times in our journey that we will feel unsure of what the next step is to help us reach our goals in life.  Whether it in our career, our personal life, the steps to pursue our dreams, etc., it can feel overwhelming and often times we don’t take a step at all and get stuck in one spot…and for a long time.  I have been there before!  Are you familiar with that feeling?  Well, Inspire Moment #97 is about Jogging in Place and I want to motivate you today to keep moving, even if it’s jogging in one spot for a long time, instead of completely stopping in your tracks.

So let me paint this picture…imagine you are off on a run or a brisk walk this afternoon.  You have a great pace going, heart rate is up and you’re feeling good.  You see up ahead a crossroad and so you start to think about which way you want to turn before you get there.  You know your options are that you can step and turn left or you can step and turn right.  Simple.  Maybe you realize as you get closer that you are unfamiliar with the area and so your pace begins to slow down.  You feel that you want to stop in your tracks because you don’t know what decision to make.  At that moment is where I want to motivate you to “Flip the Switch™” in your head and use Inspire Moment #97 to keep Jogging In Place instead of stopping in your tracks.  Did you know that Jogging in Place is also an option?  You know you don’t always have to make the decision right then and now.  Maybe you aren’t ready!  And you know what?  That’s okay!  Maybe you need to jog in place for awhile and think things through until you feel confident to take your next step in the run, in life, at work, etc.

Whether you are on a run/brisk walk, in your professional life or personal life the goal is to keep moving, even if it’s in the same spot.  Don’t let your mental pace stop because you don’t know the right decision, the next move, the perfect plan, etc.  The goal is to keep your pace.  Get it, YOUR pace!  That could mean on that run that you jog in one spot to keep your heart rate up.  It could mean at work that you assess all the options (keep moving) instead of just throwing in the towel and giving up on leading the project.  It could mean in your personal life to test out that new thing, idea, location you want to move to, etc (keep moving) instead of throwing your idea in the garbage and forgetting about it.  It could mean continuing to strengthen and condition your mindset (keep moving) even though life is great and no curve balls have come your way.

It’s better to keep Jogging in Place without a clear sense of when your next step will be taken, than to stop in your tracks and then have no clue where you are going.  Keep your head up and keep up your pace!

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Inspire Moment #96: Temperature Control

Since I have been “under the weather” the past couple days it made me think about the weather conditions in one’s personal life and how to control and balance that thermostat when circumstances and conditions change.  Welcome to Inspire Moment #96: Temperature Control.

Since you aren’t able to control the circumstances and weather that you live in, what about trying to have a better handle on the temperature of the person, yes you, living in the conditions?  Let’s think of your temperature thermometer as your heart and your mind.  How are they doing?  Are they balanced?  Do you have the right mindset?  Are they overwhelmed or is it stifling hot?  Is it just too cold or dreary to even deal with current the circumstances outside?  Stop and think about those answers for a minute! 

The conditions you live in will always change.  Thank God for that because change is good!  One day it could be gorgeous, blue skies, and the sun is shining in your life.  You feel happy as can be!  The next day it could be hot and humid with afternoon thunderstorms.  Your thoughts change and you get down and out because it’s a downpour outside and the lights just went out.  All that changed was the weather…and your mood!  The motivation here is to inspire you not to let your current circumstances take control over the Temperature Control in your heart and head!  If you begin to feel loss of control and your inner temperature begins to rise or drop drastically, take a minute and re-balance.  Re-set the temperature!

Take an Inspire Moment now to think about your Temperature Control!  Are you letting the conditions of your circumstance and the world you live in to control the climate of your heart and head?

Remember, if you can change your thoughts you can change your mood!  Set your Temperature Control today!

Inspire Moment #95: Dimmer Switch

You may not have one in your bedroom or family room, but you certainly have one in your heart.  Let’s learn a little more about Inspire Moment #95, your Dimmer Switch.

How bright is the light inside with where you are in your life today?  Is it a little dim, perhaps like the setting you would use after eating a nice dinner in your home?  It’s not dark but it’s also not as bright as maybe you would like it to be.  Or is your switch all the way up as bright as the light can shine in a room? Maybe it gets dim for a second but it’s always bright because of the joy in your heart.  Perhaps it is completely dark in your life today and you can’t even find the switch.  You don’t even care to look for the switch anymore.  You think to yourself “is there any hope for light?”

Maybe your Dimmer Switch won’t go up to full brightness today, but I want to help you see more light just for today. Ok, so let’s do a little strengthening by putting some weight on your heart.  I am your strength and conditioning coach for the MIND and I want you to take an Inspire Moment now to please ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly…

1- Why is it dark in the first place?  Was it always dark or did you intentionally dim the light?

2- Is there a possibility for it to get brighter?  Do you even want it to be bright?

3- If the light could always remain brighter than where it is now, would you even want it to be?

Think about the answer. Think about your Dimmer Switch because many things can turn the lights out in life, but you are the only one that can operate that switch in your heart.  Let your light shine from the inside out.




Inspire Moment #94: Construction Zone

I am sure we have all passed or driven through a construction zone on the road once or twice.  Orange signs that tell us the area is under construction and to slow down. We probably even look more closely at the road and our surroundings to see what the construction is all about and what is being developed, no?

Inspire Moment #94 is about your Construction Zone and this summer I want to encourage you all to tear down, re-develop, and re-build your life in an area that needs focus just for this season.  Maybe there needs to be a Construction Zone in your personal life.  What that could mean is quitting some bad habits that don’t make you feel right inside.  Get rid of them!  It could also mean doing a cleanse of some sort…your body, your mind and emotions, your closet, whatever is not making the foundation (you) stronger, healthier, and exactly the way it feels inside.  There must be a balance!  Or maybe the job site for this summer for construction is in your professional life and not your personal life.  That could mean that the foundation is poured but your framework isn’t sturdy.  You may have to re-frame your thoughts in the professional Construction Zone by getting out of your own head.  Maybe it means looking at different blue prints, exploring different job sites, or working longer hours to see what steps to take in the development stage.

Being in the Construction Zone is a time to slow down and look closer into what is going on in that area of your life.  Please take some time this short summer season to tear down, re-develop, and re-build any areas that need construction because it’s all about have a solid foundation!

Inspire Moment #93: Different Ways for Change

There are 293 different ways to make change for a dollar.  Did you know that?  Did you also know that there are hundreds of different ways to make change in your life?  Inspire Moment #93 is about Different Ways for Change and I want to plant some seeds in your mind on where to start.

The first step is to notice that you need or desire the change.  Know the goal!  It’s like being in your car knowing that you need to park it somewhere close.  There is only metered parking in the close area and all you have are dollar bills, no coins.  You are aware that you need some quarters, dimes, etc.  The goal is to make change for that dollar and get coins so you can park.  Now, if you can’t find a place to make change for that dollar then maybe that isn’t the right spot for you to park close.  Maybe that isn’t the right goal to set.  Maybe the goal isn’t to get coins but rather go to the parking garage where you can pay with dollar bills in your pocket.  Coach’s point – know the goal AND know that if one way doesn’t work then there are hundreds of other Different Ways for Change.

Step 2 is to see what you have to do accomplish that goal.  It’s one thing to know the goal.  It’s another to know what you have to do to get to the goal and steps to take.  So if you are able to get change for the dollar, now it’s figuring out what coins you are going to use.  Do you have all quarters?  Did you need any dimes?  Are there enough nickels if just want to park for thirty five minutes?  Coach’s point – acknowledge what you have now to meet the goal.  Do you have enough of….?  Courage?  Enough confidence?  Do you have enough support emotionally, mentally, and physically if you don’t?

Lastly, it’s important to acknowledge that you may need to make change to get change in your life.  Understand that you can make the change you desire but it might take you four steps or one hundred steps, and just like the quarters and pennies to make change for one dollar, there are Different Ways for Change!


Inspire Moment #92: Get In-Focus

You know when you quickly snap a photo on your digital camera or push the button on your Smart Phone to take a photo that sometimes the image is not in focus?  It comes out blurry.  You probably then take time to adjust the lens or wait until the image is clear on the Smart Phone before you click the button again, right?  Well, sometimes in life we can get out of focus too. We may know the goal(s) we want to achieve, or the picture we want to shoot, but they may be a little blurry so we must take some time to Get In-Focus, like Inspire Moment #92 suggests.

Whether in your personal life to lose weight or professionally to get back in the saddle to get your business organized, we all need to Get In-Focus sometimes.  So how do we do it?  Here are a couple of Coach’s suggestions to start –

1. Think about your thoughts of what you want to accomplish and write them out as goals.  Get them out on paper.  It doesn’t matter how messy your handwriting is or even if you are jotting them down on a paper napkin, get them out!  You wouldn’t carry your camera around with you all day at the zoo just thinking about taking photos.  You would actually take photos so you can see and print them.  Again, get the goals out!

2. Let go of any noise or mental waste that will keep you from focusing on the goals.  If you don’t like the backdrop of the photo you are taking at the zoo, don’t take the photo there.  Move over to the right a little more or go to the Lion’s Den where you know you love to shoot photos and feel your best.  Example- Don’t ever say “I could never do that.  That’s way over my head.”  If the mental waste is in your head it will be harder to get through it.   Just get rid of all of it by changing what you are thinking about and Get In-Focus.  No need for extra noise in life!

3. Hydrate your mind with In-Focus thoughts and ideas.  If your camera is out of film, you have too many photos on the card, or your Smart Phone doesn’t have enough memory to take pictures of the Shark Tank at the Zoo, then delete old photos so you can take new shots to Get YOU In-Focus.  Sometimes goals that are in our head on the back burner need to be tossed out or they just still need to simmer on the back burner for some time.  The goal of step three is to hydrate your mind with current, right now, this is what I want to accomplish, goals and objectives.

Inspire Moment #91: The Spirit Inside You

It takes you over like a blustering gust of wind.  Sometimes you don’t feel it coming but when it hits, it sure is powerful.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  That feeling that comes over you to ignite your entire being.  Pushing you to take that step to do something for someone or about something, in your own life or the people around you.  If you don’t know what that feeling inside of you is called, welcome to Inspire Moment #91, The Spirit Inside You.

The spirit just came alive in me at Panera Bread just now when I saw an older lady with an O2 tank and cane waiting for her food at the counter.  I glanced because I was just going to the counter to a napkin to wipe down my table.  As I went back to my table The Spirit Inside of me pulled me over like a police officer pulling over a speed racer on the NJ Turnpike.  It slapped me with the feeling of “you can help her. Go back and see if she needs help Angie.  Go ask her now.”  So I listened to it, went back, and I learned that she didn’t need my assistance but she appreciated and thanked me for the kind gesture.

So enough about me and The Spirit Inside me, let’s learn how you find The Spirit Inside You or re-kindle that relationship!  First step is to begin noticing your thoughts.  It seems like these days we are too busy in our own lives to even notice our own thoughts.  Action – slow down now, right now, and take notice.  Second step is to acknowledge what the thoughts are telling you to do.  Action – listen closely and listen often.  Third step is to follow what the spirit is telling you to do.  Action – give yourself the permission to follow that leader.  Trust it.  It’s all about becoming MINDFUL.

The Spirit Inside You has always been there and today it welcomes you to its divine place.