Inspire Moment #80: Toxins in Your Mind

This Inspire Moment #80 came to me on Sunday afternoon when I was relaxing and it got me thinking to write about Toxins in Your Mind.  You are probably familiar with toxins in your body that come from food, the environment, etc.  Well, just like toxins in your body vary in severity and can range from minor to taking over your life and almost deadly, so can the Toxins in Your Mind.

So my goal for you with my Inspire Moment #80 is to help you start to identify the Toxins in Your Mind and release them.  Simply start the process by thinking and answering the questions below.

Is there anyone/anything in your life that you are spending time doing that you don’t enjoy?  If so, you are probably spending time thinking about how you don’t enjoy it, or that person, and those thoughts alone are toxic.  Action plan = Remove the things/person from your life and/or change your thought pattern about that thing/person.  Change!  Find and think the positive.  Start now.

Are there areas of your life that don’t make you feel at peace or at rest?  Home, office, bedroom, etc.?  If so, you are probably spending time thinking about how you don’t feel at rest/peace when you are there and that is toxic.  You spend all of your life going to and from these places so make sure it brings peace and rest.  Action plan = Add your favorite color to the location, organize it differently, re-decorate, throw things away.  Change!  Find and think the positive.

It may just be minor toxins in your head now, but they will add up quickly  into something much bigger if you do not take care of it now. You will continue to struggle for balance and feel discontent if you don’t identify and release them.  Inspire Moment #80 is coming at you head on!

Think about what you are thinking about, FLIP THE SWITCH™, and release them now because there is no sense in harboring toxic waste in your mind one more day!

Inspire Moment #79: The Root of You

The Root of You is your heart and since that root of who you are lies in your heart (why you do what you do every day, what you are living for, etc) are you watering your roots enough so that you will grow into your full potential?  Do you need to pick any weeds that are popping up around your root?  Does it need landscaping or a completely new design?  It’s okay if it does!  My inspiration for your today is to bring awareness to Inspire Moment #79 The Root of You.

My roots bring inspiration into the lives of others and offer a different perspective on looking at things in life.  With that being said, I need to encourage you today to take a really close look inside of your heart to get in touch with your roots.  Evaluate the “what” and question the “how.”  Example – What is the benefit of your root?  What makes your root special?  What does your root bring to this world?  What are your roots living for?  How can your root impact or influence someone else to water their root?  How does the root of you play a role in this world?

Lots to think about but that is the point…to get you thinking, to help you experience an Inspire Moment today because when you get to the root of things, everything will begin to grow!

Inspire Moment #78: Tomorrow is the Weekend Mindset

Inspire Moment #78 Tomorrow is the Weekend Mindset came to me again this morning.   This inspiration comes to me every Friday and I am excited to finally share it with you.  So let me ask you this, how can you “flip the switch” in your head so that you have your “TGIF attitude” not just on Friday, but Monday through Thursday also?

First, let’s think about how you feel on Friday morning versus all the other days of the week.  Acknowledge it now.  Re-think it now.   It’s probably because you have the weekend to look forward and that usually means less stress, more relaxation time, plans with family or friends, compared to others days of the week when you are working, right?  So how will you “flip the switch” in your head to have that Tomorrow is the Weekend Mindset come Monday morning?  What needs to change in your thinking now?  What thoughts do you consistently dwell on Friday morning and how can you build a habit to dwell on those same Friday thoughts on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday?

Take a moment now to get those Friday morning feelings out.  Write it down. Get it out of your head so you can see it.  Now go read Inspire Moment #77 because The Plan has to be Action.

You have to act on thinking about the Friday feelings every other day of the work week even if you don’t feel like it!  You have to take action because Tomorrow is the Weekend Mindset is a less stressful way to live and who doesn’t want that?

Inspire Moment #77: The Plan has to be Action

You probably spend time writing a “to do” list and thinking things through in your head of stuff that you need to complete for work or in your personal life.  We all do.  First thing I want to ask you is this…why is “it” on the list to begin with or why is “it” taking up space in your head to get done in the first place?  Would life fall apart if “it” never got done?  Probably not!   Is it worth your time thinking about it anymore?  Inspire Moment #77 is The Plan has to be Action.

It’s simple. Stop re-writing your list now and stop thinking about it and start taking action today, even if you don’t know where to start.  Period.  You could think about it until your head explodes and you could write it down until your hand falls off or you could just start taking action.  Take a first step now.  The baby step is to simplify it in your head because it’s only as big of deal as you think it is.  The key – one…step…at…a…time.

The less room we take up in our head for “noisy stuff” that needs to get done, the more room to experience balance and joy in life. 

Inspire Moment #76: Offer to Help

Take the focus off of you today and check out Inspire Moment #76 Offer to Help!

Inspire Moment #75: Every Day Matters

When you read Inspire Moment #75 Every Day Matters, what first comes to  mind?  Is it your work and making sure you get all things related to work, whether that is being a mother or an attorney, done by a certain time in the day?

I want you to take an Inspire Moment right now and read it again, slowly. Every. Day. Matters.  What matters is that you have balance in your life every day.  What matters is that your life is not all about your work every day.  What matters is that there is purpose in what you are doing with your life every day.  What matters is that you take time to live differently every day.  What matters is that you embrace every day for what it is.  What matters is that you get a new chance to be the best you can be for yourself and to other people in this world every day.  What matters is that there is balance of outer achievement and inner contentment every day.

And lastly…what matters is that every day could be your last day so make every day count! 

Inspire Moment #74: Bold as a Lion

We all have it inside of us.  Some of you haven’t used it in awhile.  It’s like that old shirt in the corner of the closet that is half way off the hanger that you haven’t worn in awhile because you don’t know what people would think or say about you if you wore it.  It’s just there, collecting dust.  You want to wear it, you’re just a little timid.  It’s the same for your courage. It’s in there, it just hasn’t been used in awhile.

Inspire Moment # is to be Bold as a Lion.  In order to do that you need to find your courage.  Yes, courage!  I have blogged about this before but I need to mention it again because there are too many people going through life just sinking into what the world thinks they need to be instead of sinking in to WHO YOU WERE MADE TO BE!

I need to inspire each and every one of you to find your courage today and use it!  OK, so here is the how-to really start using it.  Step 1-prep yourself in your head before the act.  Almost like a run through of what you will say/do, etc.  Step 2-remember your confidence.  You are one of a kind and no one has what you have to offer so when you get to the place/point where you are nervous, tell yourself “I’m confident and I know I can do this.”  Step 3-take an action step.  Whether that means giving someone your contact information, inviting them to join your group of friends, stating you enjoyed their time and asking if they want to do it again, the key is ACTION.

Be bold as a Lion this week.  Find your courage and use it today!

Inspire Moment #73: Schedule Your Pace

Take some time this week and slow life down.  Check out Inspire Moment #73: Schedule Your Pace!

Inspire Moment #72: Pivot Foot

For those of you that know anything about basketball, I’m sure you know what your pivot foot is.  For those of you who don’t, it’s when you stop your dribble you can move but only by using one foot, your pivot foot.  You can step with the other foot as long as the pivot foot is planted, you can spin on your pivot foot to see different parts of the court and to see what teammate is open to pass the ball to, etc.

Well, Inspire Moment #72 is Pivot Foot.  Imagine you are the one with the ball that has stopped the dribble.  You might be thinking you’re stuck and helpless, but I want you to “flip the switch” and change your mind-set.  You aren’t stuck.  You just have a new way of looking at your circumstance.  You now have your Pivot Foot and you can spin, step, etc. to see a new perspective in this game of life.  It may not be the way you are used to playing, but the game isn’t over.

The Pivot Foot is a great tool to have in your bag.  So whenever you feel stuck, just rely on and use your Pivot Foot to keep the ball moving in your game of life.

Inspire Moment #71: Indulge in Life

Inspire Moment #71 is to Indulge in Life.  Ok, so imagine your mind is going to a buffet.  You are ready to take it all in.  Take in as much as you want.  Over-induldge.  Embrace each opportunity to try something new that you haven’t had before.  Along the way, you might learn as you open your mind to different flavors aka experiences in life, that you learn something new about yourself that you didn’t know.  You might actually like the green beans aka a new experience you once thought you hated.

I might be going a little far with this one but think about it…if your mind is at the buffet it wouldn’t just indulge in the buttered rolls would it?  It would probably try the eggplant, some fish, probably pasta, and save room for swirls of ice cream with toppings.  You would probably go back for seconds!

So let me ask you, can you “flip the switch” in your head to imagine that your mind is at the buffet every day?  Could you?  Could you be even more open to the different experiences and opportunities that present themselves?  Could you feel safe in knowing that having an open-mind into try new experiences can bring more balance into your life?  Could you feel confident in knowing that indulging in life is okay and that it helps you get to know who you truly are?

If you have to put on an elastic waistband to remember to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your mind, then do it today and Indulge in Life.  Remember, you’re at the buffet!